Thursday, May 10, 2018

April 2018

Almost caught up!  I don't have many pics for April, but we had a lot going on!  Easter, birthday parties, lunch dates, homemade sushi and Levi's first baseball game!!!

Celebrating birthdays for these two.  Their bdays are a week apart, so they both got to celebrate at Red Robin!

Connor's first Blue and Gold Banquet for Scouts.  Their Den made new flag stands for the Pack for one of their badges, so they presented them at the banquet. 

I didn't get a pic, but Connor was also very proud we won the dessert competition for best taste.  (There was best taste and best looking!)  We made Salted Caramel Bars...yum!!


March 2018

March brings more winter weather, Easter Egg hunts, Passion Project, birthday parties and 4 wheelers!

Annual Easter Egg hunt at the Vet School!

Last year the candy was melting...this year, we were getting ready for a big snowstorm!

Not how I imagined kicking off Spring! 

I am so incredibly impressed with this kiddo.  He watched a couple of tutorials and studied some algorithms and has taught himself how to solve Rubik's Cubes.  (I had to google how to even spell  It's fascinating to watch him!

Enough snow for some snow cream!

This stuff plus some snow...incredible!

Another proud mom moment with this kiddo.  He has worked for several weeks on a Passion Project for school.  They had to pick a subject they are passionate about  and set a goal, research it, etc.  He wants to start an anti-bullying club at his school.  He did a great job with his project and even dressed up for his presentation! 

Here is he doing his pitch for the Superintendent.  Not sure if you can tell, but he is also wearing a bow tie.  I really wanted to get a pic of the two of them, but didn't want to ask, so this will do.  He was pumped he signed his anti-bullying pledge.

Yeah...don't ask. They love them, though!  (Although, it's really Connor and Levi that drive them...Abby is still too young!)

Yeah, we have one now, too. 

And this is how we warm up from all.the.snow! 


February 2018

A while back, we found out one of our favorite singer/songwriters was going to be here.  The day tickets went on sale, I called right away and scored some pretty sweet second row seats right in the middle.  It's a small little venue.  We got a baby sitter, went out for a nice dinner and enjoyed a FABULOUS show! 

Apparently, February was the month of Abby's new shirts...Grandma made this one...

And this one!

Mommy made these!

Happy Valentine's Day!  Levi's shirt is from Grandma!  (Notice a trend?!)

I went to Morgantown and got this picture from Clay...Levi had been asking for a Guinea Pig and they got one when I was introducing S'more!

Connor had his first Pinewood Derby!!  He took the lead on the car and ended up coming in second place!!  He was so excited!

Mommy duaghter dates to Mickey and Minnie live.  She was mesmerized...makes me so excited to think about our Disney trip!!

We started getting eggs again!


January 2018

January was cold and  fairly uneventful.  No sports and ridiculously cold = lots of inside time!


At least she cleans up nice!

Shopping is brutal when the littles have Christmas money to spend! 

Someone wasn't feeling well...

Connor got a balloon making kit for Christmas...lots of balloon animals and hats have been made!

And there was some baking...

We went through a phase of the three of them sleeping together on the floor.  It was really quite sweet.  I love Abby and Levi snuggling here!