Thursday, September 25, 2008

It was worth the wait!

Who enjoyed The Office tonight? I did. Some parts were a little slow, but overall I liked it. A couple things to point out...they mentioned the Counting Crows. How great is that? (Yes, we are big fans!) And...Jim and Pam's engagement...he proposed at a gas station!?! Sound familiar? (c: Made my night.

Now time to fall asleep during ER. I wonder who it is that dies tonight!!

the office

Tonight is a night that as been highly anticipated in the Caswell house. It is the Season Premiere of The Office, Season 5. In preparation, Hubby and I are watching the last episode of Season 4. There are so many great things in this show! Other than that, I am ready for Saturday so I can go bear hunting!! (Sorry, Mom.)

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Friday night after work, Clay and I drove out to Max and Janie's to camp out. It has been great weather the last little while, and I wanted to get a trip in before it got too cold. We could not have asked for a better night! Janie made mohitos with fresh mint that Max picked is kinda crazy it just grows wild out there!! Clay grilled some steaks and we had baked potatoes and bread, too. Not exactly roughing it, huh? After stuffing ourselves, we went out by our tent and sat out looking at the stars! I was extremely happy because we saw a great shooting star!! It was a perfect night to be snuggled up in a warm sleeping bag...even aggie slept great out there!

The next morning, we explored around a bit (checking feeders, etc) before stopping by to see Max and Janie. Max continued to spoil us with pancakes with homemade apple topping. They are too good to us!

It has been a bad football week for us, with ECU and A&M both losing yesterday (and the Mounties on Thursday!) We had fun watching the game with Lou, Lista and Gary, though. Hope you had a great Sunday!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008


just talked to my mom....YEAH!!!!!!!

just another sunday...

Not too much to post today, but I have been on a roll lately, so I may as well continue. I spent the morning doing an online application for the hospital in Greenville. Sounds like they are a popular employer and get TONS of applications, so I'll just have to wait and see. We then went out to the Wine and Jazz Festival here in Morgantown for a couple of hours. It was warm, but a pretty day. We got to taste some yummy wine and food, but we didn't stick around too long. Mel brought us back some more peppers from Charleston, so we did a bit of canning tonight and now we are settling in for the evening and I am finishing the movie I fell asleep during on Friday. Oh, and I haven't been able to get in touch with my parents all day, though, so that has been frustrating!

Hope you had a great weekend!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

relief and bears!

Another random blog title, with the two words having nothing to do with each other.

I got a text from my mom this morning around 8 am, and she said the eye of Ike was going through Conroe and that so far things were OK for them. I didn't get to talk to anyone again until after 1 pm. I was glad to finally get through to Barry and to hear all was well. No power, but no complaining if that is the worst of it. (Then again...I am not the one without power!)

Now for the bears part...I mentioned a few blogs ago about evidence of bears by our feeder. Well, last week you cannot imagine my disappointment last Saturday as I opened 30-something pictures of a tree and just a tree. Ok, there was one picture of a squirrel, but that doesn't count. I was very annoyed and wishing I still had the box to the camera because I wanted to return in. So, this morning I wasn't expecting much. When I looked at the camera and there were only 7 or so new pictures, I was expecting even less. I knew a few would have been from us coming that morning. The first picture I looked at was something, but it was dark and you could not tell what the white figure was. We were progressing, though, and it was more than a boring tree. The next picture made my morning. There was clearly a bear, climbing the tree, eating corn our of our feeder!!! I am sad because it is pretty dark so it is hard to tell how big he his, but he (or she I guess) looks to be a good size. We messed with the colors in the picture a little bit in iPhoto and we could see it's outline a little better. Bear season is right around the corner! Here is the pic:

Finally, we picked some apples today at Max's and we are trying our hand at homemade apple pie. Just call me Betty Crocker. (c:

Hope you are having a good Saturday night!

PS I just looked at this post, and the picture is very hard to see on here!! Click on the picture and you will see a bigger view. Still hard to see a lot of it, but you know what it is!!

PPS The apple pie is amazing...if I might say so myself! (My hubby says it is, too!!)

Friday, September 12, 2008

ike and regrets

The title of this blog is a little misleading. For me, the two words are not related (although they may to some people who didn't leave Galveston!!) First of all..Ike. Being far away, all I can do is watch and hope phone service doesn't go out too long so I can know everyone is OK! Looks like it is going to be a bit of a mess, but thankfully my family is far enough inland that they should be OK. I was looking at pictures online earlier, and it broke my heart to see dogs left in flooding backyards. I wanted to go rescue all of them myself!

Now for the regrets part...I really have few regrets thus far in life. One of them gets me this time of the year, though. Six years ago last night I made a decision that I regret to this day. My friend, Lauren, was in the battle of her life fighting cancer. She wasn't doing well that night. Instead of driving from College Station to Houston to go see her that night, I decided to wait and go after class the next morning. Seriously? Chemistry isn't THAT hard, but for some reason I thought I needed to not miss class. Well, I missed my opportunity to see my Lauren, as she passed away the next morning when I was on my way to the hospital. My regret? Why didn't I drop everything and go home that night? Something I'll never forget and I'll never let happen again. Tell those you love that you love them. Don't go to bed mad. Make people smile. We know these things, but live them. (By the way...I love y'all!) (c:

Here is a picture of my and Lauren my last day of high school. Who can't love that beautiful smile?

Be safe if Ike is headed your way.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

for sale and signs of fall

Well, our house is officially on the market!! Keep your fingers crossed for some good luck!

I have been noticing several signs of fall lately. First of all, it is staying darker later in the mornings and getting dark earlier in the evenings. I already miss the long summer days! There are also a few leaves that are starting to show colors, and the deer are getting more active, which means hunting season is just around the corner. Another sign of fall is my worst enemy: candy corn pumpkins. Although I know they are disgustingly sweet, I have a weakness for these evil candies. It is not even mid-September and this Halloween candy is taunting me. I splurged tonight on some with my hubby, which I am now regretting.

Clay and I are catching up on The Office in preparation for season 5 starting two weeks from tomorrow!!

(wow - sorry for the boring post!!)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Obviously not in Texas.

So, one of my biggest food cravings living in West Virginia is BBQ. BBQ is a staple food in Texas, but is very hard to come by here. Just to put this in perspective, Texas Roadhouse was a recent winner in the Morgantown Rib Fest. Ok, so now that you understand how serious this issue is, you will love this story. First of all, Clay friend decided to tell us recently that there is a place close to his house called Herb's Smokehouse. I still don't know why he waited so long to mention this fact, but we'll forgive him. Anyway, we decided to go give it a try today. Well, while we were enjoying our meal (which was pretty good for this area, but wouldn't cut it in Texas!) we were entertained by the following conversation:

Person A: "The sampler has 1/2 chicken, ribs and brisket"
Person B: "What is brisket?"
Person A: "I think it is pig gristle"

Wow...they just don't know what they are missing out on! to watch some football!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

a little more...

So, I mentioned the move in my last post, but didn't go into too much detail. Clay was offered a post-doc position at ECU, which he is really looking forward to. Sounds like he gets to work with some cool stuff, but I won't even attempt to discuss Science because I know I will get it wrong. I think th most common comment I got when telling people we were moving to NC, was that they assumed we would leave WV, but assumed we would be headed to Texas. I knew that was coming! Greenville is warmer, flatter and close to the ocean, so I am excited (and will especially be come December and I am already sick of winter!) Oh, and they have BBQ. Now, I know it isn't quite what I am used to, but BBQ is something WV is seriously lacking!! Anyway, I am on the hunt for a job...what fun.

On another note, Clay and I have become professional pepper picklers in the past few weeks. Our friends gave us two cases of peppers recently, and we canned (I don't think that is technically right, but it what I say) 35 quarts of peppers!!!! Yes, that is quite a few jars. We have also made a few different kinds of jam. I got creative with some of our blackberries and peppers, and it turned out pretty yummy. It is a little sweet but spicy at the same time. It is good on crackers.

Here are some pictures of our pepper excursions...

Oh, and one more exciting story! We have had a feeder set up at Max's where we hunt for a few weeks now. A couple of weeks ago when we were out there, we saw evidence of bears!! This week when we went, the bark on the tree where the feeder is hanging from was all torn up from the ground to the feeder. Looking closer, I could see actual claw marks where a bear had been climbing to get to the corn! How exciting is that? We set up a trail camera, so hopefully we'll get some pictures of it! We'll find out on Saturday!

Night night and have a good Friday tomorrow!