Wednesday, December 31, 2008

happy new year!

Wow! I cannot believe Christmas is over and it is almost 2009!

We had a wonderful Christmas, which included many trips to the airport. We started out spending our first afternoon in Houston. Right after my dad picked us up from the airport, we headed to Kelly's house to meet Mr. Garrett. We had lunch with Kelly, John and Garrett at Wings N More. Garrett was super cute and very well behaved! I think he even liked me a little bit! (c: Kelly posted some pictures here. (She is much better at keeping her blog updated than I am!)

The next day we headed to Lubbock to see Clay's family. We spent our time in Lubbock visiting family from both of Clay's parents side of the family. We saw some of the most beautiful sunsets while we were there. Clay told me the sunrises were pretty, too, but I definitely slept through those!

The day after Christmas, it was back to the airport to head to Houston. We had Christmas with my family that afternoon. Saturday, we saw Marley and Me. This was a very good movie, and even though I knew what would happen, I bawled like a little baby! We ended the weekend going to the Texans game (they WON, which made it even more fun!) and then to the REK concert. We met Brad and Deanna for the concert, and we had a good time seeing them. The venue was standing room only, and Deanna and I ended up standing on the front row for the concert! I guess it pays to be nice to the people who were only there for the opening act!

We don't have big plans for tonight. I have never been a big new year's celebrator, though. Tomorrow we are going to drive to Wilmington to meet some of our friends. (That is a long story that I won't go into!!) Anyway, I hope you have a Happy and Healthy New Year!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Mixed feelings...

So, I am super excited because my hubby is on his way home!!! We sure have missed him. But, at the same time, I am sad because Miss Aggie has to go to the doggie hotel today. This is a new place for her, so I hope she likes it as much as she liked Mr. Jeff's (the place she stayed in Morgantown). This place is not my favorite already because they don't have Sunday drop offs/pick up and Saturday, they are only open until 1. But other than that, it looks like she will enjoy it!

Well, I better go get some stuff done before my Hubby gets here!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

I can't believe 4 years has gone by so fast! It seems like yesterday I was walking down the aisle! I truly hope all brides have as much fun on their wedding day as I did. I didn't stress...I just enjoyed the moment. Each and every one of them. I'll leave you with one picture from the day, then I will move on from my sappiness. Oh, and I LOVED that the church was all decorated for Christmas!

Clay has been in Morgantown all week, so it has been just me and Aggie. We sure miss him! But, we have had a good time and gotten a lot done around the house. I am getting adjusted to my new work set up. I just need a few things such as a desk chair (the folding chair just won't cut it!) and maybe some more desk space. I found some office furniture I like, but I don't really feel in the position to spend the money on it right now. I am making due so far, so we'll see.

Monday it is off to the great state of TEXAS!! Yipee. We will do our annual "Tour of Texas" Christmas splitting time between Houston and Lubbock. One of the many highlights of the trip will be FINALLY meeting Mr. Garrett! I am so excited to meet the little dude! I am also looking forward to an entire week of time with our family and friends.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


My blog has been a bit neglected lately. I promise it will get better now that we have internet and most of our stuff is emerging from boxes! For today, though, I am planning on meeting my hubby in DC for lunch and to swap Aggie. (YEAH!!!!!) That way she can get accustomed to the new house before we have to leave town for Christmas, and she does not move here then have to go to the Doggie Hotel the next day!