Friday, February 27, 2009

Happy Go Texan Day!

For my fellow Texans, HAPPY GO TEXAN DAY! I think this website explains it best:

It's been called a spirit. It's even been referred to as a fever. Very few individuals - if any - can explain it. People in Houston just know that there's something in the air, and they know that it arrives early in February and lasts about a month.
They smell pit-smoked barbecue for miles. They see their friends wearing jeans and boots. And while driving to work, they pass hundreds of men and women on horseback, some even in wagons.
Most Houstonians know exactly what's going on - they've been around it for many years. But "foreigners" might not realize they're being soaked in the Go Texan Spirit.

Just reading that, my mouth is watering for some BBQ! many days until my trip to Houston? Well, have a great Friday. Lunch break is over, and it's time to get back to work for a couple of hours.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

4 months!

Ok, so the Biggest Loser is killing me. As nice as I think Ron is, for the benefit of the blue team, I really think he needed to go home tonight. They lost a strong player (both in challenges and on the scale) by sending Dane home. Just my opinion, though. (c:

Well, today marks 16 weeks! Time has flown jeans feel tighter, but I can still wear them. The little one is now the size of an avocado: 4.5 inches and 3.5 ounces. There are a couple of exciting things to look forward to in the next couple of weeks including finding out if the little avocado is a boy or girl and starting to feel him or her move!

Now to answer some of the questions we often get:

No, we have not picked out names. I figure that will be easier once we know what we are having. No, we have not really looked at nursery stuff, for the same reason we have not picked out names. No, we don't care if we are having a boy or a girl. We just pray for a healthy little kiddo, and have no preference of what God has blessed us with. That's all I can think of for now...

Hope you are having a great week!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Those sneaky people....

So, tonight we were at Food Lion and we were looking at Pringles and it caught my eye that there were two containers of the same chips that looked slightly different. One was a little shorter and squattier (if that is a word...), and the price tag under it said "NEW ITEM". Upon closer look, this new item was the exact same item, just a lesser weight, yet 10 cents more expensive! I had heard that companies were changing box sizes and other sneaky things like that in order to save money in these hard economic times, but it was a first to see the old and the new side by side. Note to Food Lion and Pringles: you didn't fool me! It's almost as good as the time I saw something that was one for $3 or three for $10. Really? Ok - back to Biggest Loser. We decided to watch the "live" version rather than the DVRed version and I have to say the commercials are killing me. And, I don't remember ever seeing Bob cry before...

Monday, February 23, 2009

What do you believe?

So, one of the baby boards had a link to a place that would predict not only the sex of your baby, but what they will look like, what the day will be like when your child is born and how long your labor will last. Here is the prediction I was given:

The day you deliver, outside will be sunny. Your baby will arrive in the mid morning. After a labor lasting approximately 44 hours, your child, a boy, will be born. Your baby will weigh about 5 pounds, 12 ounces, and will be 18-1/2 inches long. This child will have medium gray eyes and barely there red hair.

I could do without the 44 hours part! I have gotten mixed predictions of boys vs. girls, so we'll see next month who is right!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Weekly Update...

Baby Caswell is now the size of an Apple and weighs about 2.5 ounces. We are just a few weeks away from finding out if the little bean growing in me is a little boy or little girl. Hmmm...maybe we will just keep it a secret between us an not tell anyone else. Don't worry - I am kidding!

Oh, and as a follow up to last night's "Craving" blog, my sweet Hubby brought home the chips I wanted that he got with his sandwich at lunch...he is too good to me!

Here is a picture showing the size of our little apple...

PS I have to say we are a bit disappointed in this Season's Biggest Loser. First of all, there are way too many tears and not enough "game playing". I mean, what happened to sending home the biggest threat rather than whoever "wants" to go home. (Although, I do understand Blaine wanting to be home with his new little baby last week..)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


...salt and vinegar chips! We went to a smoothie/sandwich shop Sunday evening for dinner. We each ordered a smoothie and split a wrap. When we ordered, the guy asked us if we wanted chips or fruit with our wrap. Thinking this was an upsell, we said no. As we were waiting for our food, though, I noticed on the menu that a wrap includes chips or fruit. Since I had read that and had seen the Miss Vickie's S&V chips, I thought I would go ahead and ask for them. Well, in the meantime, the 2 other groups of people come in to order. Turns out, this place isn't usually open on Sundays, but they were doing some work on the building and since the lights were on and people were stopping by, he went ahead and opened and he was the only one working. When our order was ready, he brought it out from around the counter to us, so I felt like I couldn't ask about the chips which were behind the counter! Needless to say, I have been wanting those chips since then. Oh, and they don't sell them at Food Lion...I checked last night!

Well, I was hoping that blogging about this would get the craving out of my mind, but it hasn't helped yet! (c:

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Almost forgot...

I almost forgot to post my 14 weeks update! Well, officially I am through the first trimester! I honesty don't notice too much of a change, but I think my energy level is back up a bit. I was so lucky when it came to morning sickness. Hopefully I won't be the weirdo who starts getting sick in the second trimester or something crazy like that! I do have some little quirky I don't care for chicken right now. Give me something fried and I think I would be ok, but the texture of grilled chicken and I don't really care for each other right now. This is weird for me because chicken used to be a staple food in our household. I also don't like doing the dishes right now - dirty water grosses me out. Anyway, I'll quit on that topic because I don't want you to think I am complaining because I am not!!

Well, now for the size update...Babycenter says the little one is the size of a lemon! From what I understand, it should just be a few more weeks before I start feeling the little one moving around! Crazy...

Alright, I could probably talk for a while about Biggest Loser, but I'll refrain for now. It's time to turn on a movie and fall asleep...night night!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Guess what I heard today....

an ITTY BITTY HEARTBEAT!!! It was pretty cool to get to hear that. She said the rate was in the mid-160s, which is perfect! YEAH!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009


I love Saturdays, but who doesn't? Clay is at the lab for a little bit doing some work, so Aggie and I have been hanging out at the house getting some stuff done. Since it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL outside, I have the back door open letting fresh air in. Miss Aggie has been outside taking advantage of the great weather and her back yard. I couldn't resist taking a picture or two. (I just can't wait until our grass turns green again!)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

13 weeks...

Baby Caswell is now the size of a shrimp and weighs nearly an ounce!  I am not a fan of shrimp, so I need to figure out something else that is about that size to compare our little one to!  Oh is a picture from Babycenter anyway:

That is all I have for tonight!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Baby update!

Just a quick post to share my ultra sound pictures from yesterday. Baby Caswell definitely looks more like a baby now than a peanut! He/she is about 6.9 centimeters....Enjoy!