Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Big boy?

Tomorrow is 38 weeks, and I had an appointment today with an ultra sound! Well, according to the measurements, our little guy is already a whopping 8 lbs and 3 oz. Granted, these are all just estimates, and can be off ~15%. They also mentioned that at this stage, babies are typically growing half a pound per week. YIKES! From what I remember, though, Baby Sage didn't come out as big as they estimated, so I am keeping that in mind! Other than that, everything looks good according to my doctor.

Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday afternoon

Yesterday morning, we went to the Farmer's market before going to meet our friend's little son, Brandon.  First of all, Brandon was absolutely adorable and a sweet little cuddler.  (Is that even a word?)  Now, to the people at the farmer's market: Please don't tell me a pepper is super hot if it is not even remotely so. This went to the extent of the lady warning me to pick up the peppers by the stem because they are so hot. She warned me not to touch my face since I had touched the outside of the pepper. So, I excitedly picked out the best looking peppers and had visions of canning peppers some hot peppers last night.  As we cut them up, though, my brave hubby tried one and was extremely disappointed to find out they tasted pretty much like a bell pepper. Really? Luckily, we had a variety of peppers, and between all of them, I think we will have a nice hot mix. We pickled peppers, cauliflower, cucumber slices and eggs. Now we have to be patient and let them sit a while.

In addition to canning last night, we prepared several more casseroles. I think we are going to casserole our parents out when they are here, but we will be prepared.  Our freezer is pretty much packed!

Today, we went on another little drive.  We stopped in a town nearby and I nicely asked Clay to take a couple of pictures of me because I have been advised it has been a while since I have posted a belly picture. It was nice and warm out and we were by the main road going through town, so I felt a bit dorky, but oh well. Clay mentioned that he thought my camera was going slow, but I just kinda blew it off and didn't take the time to look at it. Turns out, the dial had gotten switched to a different mode where you can manually adjust the shutter speed, so it was set to a slower shutter speed. This caused most of the pictures not to turn out. I was playing with one, though, and thought it turned out kinda cool.

I had no idea what The Bump Experiment is, but I thought it was appropriate to take a picture in front of the sign.  (I looked it up, and it's a cool idea...)
I am looking forward to dinner tonight:  venison burgers!  Yum.  Have a good weekend.  Who knows...maybe this was our last weekend just the two of us?!? 

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Dentist

So, I made an appointment to get my teeth cleaned this week with a new dentist in town. Since I knew they would want to take x-rays on my first visit, I decided to give my appointment to Clay and I was planning to make one after Connor is born. I gave him the address of where to go, and he was off. Well, shortly after he got there (which took longer than it should have thanks to google maps!) he called me to make sure I had not sent him to the wrong place because they had no record of his appointment. To make a long story short, I figured out that somehow I had the address for the location in Greenville, but the phone number for their location in a town about 30 miles away. Oops. Thankfully they were very nice and got him worked it. I think that was a wise move on their part, because they will be making some money off us/our insurance. They told him his brushing looks great, but they did recommend getting his wisdom teeth out. So, he went back this morning and had all 4 wisdom teeth pulled!!! My mouth hurts just thinking about it...thankfully they were "in" and not impacted, so they only numbed him, didn't have to knock him out like when I got mine out. He has been a trooper tonight and hasn't complained a bit. Lucky him got ice cream for dinner, too!

Hooray for tomorrow being FRIDAY!! (c:

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

full term

Today marks 37 weeks. That means that little Connor is technically full term and could come any time now. I don't feel like he will be here quite yet, but who knows! I do know that he is head down and in what I like to call launch position. I am thoroughly entertained looking at my belly and watching him move around. It is kinda crazy and probably the thing I will miss the most about being pregnant!

I really wish I had more exciting stuff to write about. Life is pretty uneventful these days with work and just waiting on our little man. We have been preparing for the grandparents to come visit in the next couple of weeks. Our freezer is stocked with meals that we have made and can just pull out for dinners in the evening.

Well, happy hump day and hooray for another week!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Weekend around the house

Clay and I decided that since I will be 37 weeks on Wednesday, and that is technically full term, meaning Mr. Connor can join us anytime, we should probably get some stuff done around the house. So, this weekend has been full of fun and exciting stuff around the house. One of the things on our list to do this weekend was get a spare key made for our neighbors so they can help us out with Aggie if we need it. Well, apparently this has been a struggle for our friends at Lowe's. We have tried twice (two copies each time) and none of the 4 keys have worked. Really? So, it will be back to Lowe's for us for the third time this weekend to try to get this done. This time I am taking a different key to use at the template.

The things on today's agenda include Church, more stuff around the house, and dinner cooked with the many peppers we picked from the garden last night. YUM!

Have a great Sunday! Oh, and sorry for the boring weekend update...someday soon we'll have something (someone) more exciting to write about! (c:

Monday, July 13, 2009

Sunday adventures

Yesterday, my Hubby was sweet enough to take me to the beach. We got there at the perfect time - early enough to beat the crowd, but not too early! We set up our chairs and enjoyed the warm sun and nice breeze. The water was chilly at first, but once you got used to it, it felt great. The waves were pretty good big and the undertow was fairly strong. Overall, it was a great time at the beach!

On the way home, we stopped at a couple of places we had seen on the way in. The first was a place where you could pick your own blueberries. There was a little shed when you pulled in that had the instructions, bucket, scale, and money box. Basically, it was on the honor system: you picked in a certain section, weighed your pickings and placed your money in the box. It was $1/lb for the blueberries, and they are YUMMY! I already want to go back! The second place we stopped was a bigger farm with fruits, veggies and plants. They had pick your own blackberries, so we took advantage of that, too! These berries were huge and it was a little easier to pick these than our wild picking excursion last year. Made me miss hanging out at Max and Janie's farm, though!

The evening ended with a nice summer thunderstorm...perfect way to end a great day. I think Miss Aggie is even getting a little used to the storms! She doesn't completely ignore them, but she seems a lot less stressed than she used to.

Here are some pictures from the weekend!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

"Prepared Child Birth"

This morning, we took a class called "Prepared Child Birth". I thought the title was kinda funny...can you ever be fully prepared for what is to come? I did learn a couple of interesting things, but my favorite part was probably the Bill Cosby clip she played at the beginning of the class. It was pretty funny! (I found part of it on youtube and put it below if you are bored.) I have to admit that I was happy that the class was only one half day, because she mentioned that she used to teach it in SIX half days. I honestly can't imagine. I am going into everything with an open mind because I know nobody can tell me what to expect that every experience is different. I just want a healthy little kiddo...whatever it takes to get him here.

When we got home, I was excited to see we had a package waiting for us on the front porch: our stroller! Some people think I am crazy, but for now, we just got one stroller: a jogging stroller. It has an attachment to use our infant carrier, which is one of the reasons I was OK with getting the one. Plus, I think a jogger fits my personality best. I'll probably get an umbrella stroller one day when he gets bigger just because they are small and convenient. I haven't take a picture with my stroller yet, but here is a picture of it from the website we ordered it from.

Tomorrow we are headed to the beach. I have wanted to go for a while, but it is finally working out that we are able to! Until then, it is just a lazy Saturday night in the Caswell household!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Weekend wrap up!

We had a nice time for the 4th. We enjoyed a nice BBQ over at our friend's house. It was a beautiful sunny day...not too hot! In typical Caswell fashion, we made way too much food: we smoked a brisket and pork shoulder, we made armadillo eggs, BBQ sauce and red velvet cupcakes! Yummy...of course, here are some pictures of our contributions:

The cupcake picture is for Allison, even though hers are way cuter!! I also had to post a picture of me and my girl...

We showed up in Little Washington right at 9 pm when the fireworks started. It was packed there, and we ended up just kinda stopping in the parking lot and double parking to watch them. It was fun to see the fireworks, but I was a little disappointed that I didn't really get to take very many good pictures. We were parked right in front of a street lamp, and I didn't feel like getting my tripod out. After the fireworks we stuck around and let the traffic die down before trying to get out of town.

Tonight we went on a tour of the hospital. It was fun to see the little babies in the nursery!! They were too cute. I have to decide, though, what kind of room I want to request. They have one side where the baby stays in the room with you. Basically, you do everything in one room: labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum. It is nice because you don't have to move while you are there and the rooms are bigger, but you don't have the option of sending your baby to the nursery if you want to get extra rest. I have had mixed recommendations on keeping the baby with you vs. sending him to the nursery, so if any of you have advice, I would love to hear it!!

Well, off to bed for me! Hope you have a good week!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Birthday, America!

I love the 4th of July. In fact, I love every patriotic holiday! (c:

We are going to a BBQ this afternoon, and in typical Caswell fashion, we have overdone it in the food area. We smoked a brisket and a pork shoulder and made BBQ sauce, armadillo eggs and cupcakes! Pictures will come later, as I need to go dry my hair to head out. After the BBQ, we are going to watch fireworks in Little Washington. (Apparently people here call Washington, NC "Little Washington" as to not confuse it with DC!)

I hope you are having a wonderful holiday!!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Can I pet your dog?

Aggie and I went on a walk today, and for some reason the neighborhood kids were all about her this evening. One little boy asked me three times if he could pet her. If you know our dog, she has a tendency to be a bit rambunctious, but I was very proud of how calm she was around the kiddos. I always warn them that she will likely "give them kisses" because she loves to lick people, but she just stood there and let them pet her like a good girl! I had to teach the little boy the "petting" is not smacking her on the head. Towards the end of our walk, two little girls ran up to us and asked the same thing...they pet her for a minute, then one of them said "Can you leave now? My mom doesn't want me to pet dogs." Really? LIttle girl, you ran up to me! I thought that was pretty funny...

Other than our walk, today was a very productive day off. Have I mentioned I love 4 day weekends?!? Before lunch, I did a return at Kohl's, dropped off a Fed Ex, got my car washed, did a return at Old Navy, made a quick stop at the mall, went to Babies R Us and finally Wally World! Sadly I didn't pay close enough attention to my BRU coupons to realize they aren't good until tomorrow, so I have to take my receipt back tomorrow! I did however have a random guy give me a dollar to buy Mission Tortillas. He said he was out of coupons, so he would "give me a dollar off" to buy the best tortillas. I couldn't turn down free money!

The other night, I was sitting on the couch watching Connor move around in my belly. Next thing I knew, Aggie was laying with her head on my my belly snuggling with her brother. I may or may not have encouraged to give him kisses, which she did. It was too sweet, and I asked Hubby to take a picture of us.

Oh, and I went to the doctor again this week. She said everything looks perfect...then when she felt my belly, she told me that there is a lot of baby in there! Yikes...I don't know if that is what I want to hear at 34 weeks! (c:

Well, I hope you have a wonderful 4th of July!!!