Friday, February 26, 2010

My Little Buckaroo...

I have been a bit of a slacker for a few days and have been meaning to blog, but have never gotten around to it. We have had a busy few days!

First of all, Friday was Go Texan Day, so I of course had to dress Connor up in a cute little western outfit. So, my Baby Buckaroo celebrated, even if he had no idea! (c: Also, Friday was Connor's 6 month check up. He weighed in at a whopping 20 lbs and 10 oz!! Yikes...big boy! He is 26.25 inches long, and got three shots plus an oral vaccine. He did well, but had a little bit of a rough night Friday night. He was back to his normal happy self by Saturday morning, though. Oh, and we started on carrots this week!! Connor wasn't so sure what to think of them at first (I tried giving them to him after he had already had his milk, so I think he just wasn't hungry!), but now he LOVES them! I can't wait to try something else, but you are supposed to do each new food for 3 days to make sure he doesn't have any reaction.

Saturday we had a family day hanging out at the house, and had some friends over late afternoon. Connor was quite the little pimp, with three girlfriends over Saturday!!

We went to church this morning, then Connor, Aggie and I went for a walk while Daddy ran by work for a little bit. It is still a little chilly, so I bundled Connor up, and he enjoyed his little ride. He fell asleep about halfway through, so when we got home, I got him our of the stroller and decided I needed a nap, too, so we snuggled up and enjoyed a Sunday afternoon nap. (c: Connor doesn't sleep with us, so it was nice to get to have a little snuggle time!

Here are a few recent pictures, including his traditional 6 month picture!

Monday, February 22, 2010

6 months!

Dear Connor,

Has it been 6 months already?! You are growing up way too fast. I absolutely love this stage of your life. You can interact and respond to us very well, but you aren’t moving too much yet. I have a feeling that might change in the very near future. You are such a happy baby, though and your smile melts your mommy's heart.

This month has been big for you. First of all, you took your first international trip! We had a good time in Belize, and you were a little trooper. You loved napping the hammocks, and your daddy and I keep saying we need to find a place to hang ours at home. Shortly after we got home from Belize, your first little tooth (bottom right) popped up. I miss the gummy grin, but the toothy smile is pretty darn cute, too. You had one rough night with the tooth coming in, but other than that, you haven’t shown one bit of a difference. You sit up very well on your own, but still lose your balance sometimes. You also get into crawling position and rock back and forth on your knees all the time! You have also become very interested in exploring the toys around you. You like to pull all the toys out of the box near your play area. In the last few days, you have started to try to work your way into my lap when I am sitting on the floor by you. This is another thing that melts your mommy's heart. You are still a big boy – wearing 9 month clothes. You go to the doctor on Friday, so I’ll update your stats then!

You are still only nursing and eating rice cereal and oatmeal. Once we clear everything with the doctor, we’ll start you on veggies then fruit. You love your cereal, though, and get excited when you see it coming. You have also gotten much better at eating and you are eating in your high chair. We have been struggling with sleep a bit this month, though. Ever since vacation, you have been getting up once a night to eat. I enjoy getting to spend the extra little time with you, but I miss you sleeping through the night. I am hoping once we start introducing solids, they will help in that department.

Well, Little Man, you are the light of our lives. We love you so much, and love that our world revolves around you. You are a true joy and blessing in our lives. Your mommy and daddy love you more than you can imagine.

Love, Mommy

PS Oh, another milestone this month - you have started reaching out to pet your sister all on your own! Yet another thing that makes us smile!

PPS The traditional 6 month pictures to come later!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Check her out!

So, one of my dear friends, Kelly Garvey, is taking a fun and exciting step in her life. She has a love for photography, and is starting to make a business out of it. She has had a few sessions to get her started, and she is doing an excellent job. So, if you are in the Houston area and are in the market for a photographer, check out!

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

"We have a KID..."

I know, I are thinking "Yes, we know that already!"However, this is honestly a statement that Clay or I say close to every single day. You'd think after close to 6 months we would be used to it, but the little guy keeps us in awe each and every day. We feel very blessed that God chose us to be his parents. Words can't describe the love we have for him. Who couldn't love this face, though? (c:

This morning, Connor and I went to a mommy-baby play date. It's amazing how much these have changed since we first started having them. Connor slept the entire time we were at our first one!! Now, we have rolling, smiling, cooing kiddos who are starting to interact with each other. A few more months and they will all be crawling...YIKES!

This evening, we went downtown for Connor's 6 month photo shoot. He was his usual happy self (I was nervous because his naps were short today!) and I think we got some good shots. He showed off his tooth quite a bit, but I am afraid I may have scared Heather and Walter with my singing. Got him to smile, though!

Looking forward to a relaxing Sunday...hope you are have a good weekend!

Friday, February 12, 2010

The pearly white!

I finally got a picture of Connor's first tooth without me having to hold his bottom lip down! (c: I am gonna miss the gummy little grin, but this is pretty cute, too...

The snow is coming down pretty well here in Greenville. It is forecasted to go all night, so we'll see what kind of mess we wake up to in the morning! At least there is nowhere we HAVE to go tomorrow!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Big boy highchair!

Clay was out of town this weekend, so Connor and I decided to get out his new highchair and try it out. He wasn't quite sure what to think of it at first, but once he started eating his oatmeal, he loved it!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

World Traveler

Connor took his first international trip last week to the beautiful island of Ambergris Caye, Belize. He was a TROOPER and did an excellent job traveling, go out to eat all the time and hanging out at a couple of Jerry Jeff Walker concerts. He LOVED the hammock and took a couple of long naps in those. We have to find a place in our house to hang ours up!!

Here is a brief re-cap of each day...not necessarily because you care, but because I like to remember!

Sunday - travel day. Connor was a rock star on all three flights. It was nice because the Charlotte to Belize flight was very empty (35 passengers on a 737), so we had plenty of room to spread out. We had a snack and some Sangria at Lily's before going to the meet and greet for Camp Belize. Unfortunately, JJW didn't show up, so we didn't stick around too long. We had dinner at Blue Water Grill, where our waiter was extremely fond of Connor.

Monday - Clay and I went to breakfast on our own to get Connor used to hanging out with Grandma so she could watch him while we went diving later in the week.

Tuesday - first day of diving and first concert. Both were great. We dive with Chuck and Robbie's, and we highly recommend them. They are fun, yet very safe, and spoil you rotten. Both dives were nice, and it was good to get back in the water. We also saw a very nice spotted ray. That evening, Connor was getting a little tired towards the end of the concert, so I took him to swing in the hammock at our hotel where we could still enjoy the music.

Wednesday - night dive!! This was the first time Clay and I experienced a night dive. It was very cool. We had done that particular dive before, and I will admit that it isn't my favorite dive, but night is a different atmosphere. We saw lots of rays, moray eels, parrot fish (some of my favorites!) and saving the best for octopus!! Very cool. I am going to try to get some pictures from another couple we met on the dive.

Thursday - concert number two was supposed to be this night, and we were supposed to dive this day, but both got reschedule! It was pretty windy and the water was not good condition for diving. Not really sure why the concert was changed...

Friday - concert night with a beautiful moon! Could not have asked for a better atmosphere! Connor slept through half the concert that night, but he woke up in time to meet Susan and Jerry Jeff Walker. We got to be first in line since we were pushing it way past his bed time. They both seemed to like him, and we got some fun pictures. He was also rocking it in his Texas flag onesie! Too cute...

Saturday - more diving! These two dives were probably my favorite of the trip, so I am glad we were able to get them in. We saw a couple of turtles, which made me happy. They are so cute and chill. I'll have to post some pictures from my dad's dive camera when I get them.

Sunday - back home. Susan Walker came to see Connor again, and of course he started chewing on her finger. She mentioned that she thought she felt a tooth, but I kinda shrugged it off. However, when we were in the CLT airport, I felt what she was talking about!! He wasn't being fussy or anything, but there was def a tooth starting to make an appearance. We arrived back in Greenville to an icy/snowy mess. My sweet hubby chiseled my car out from the ice in his flip flops. Our drive way was a sheet of ice, too! Fun times...

There are so many more things I could write about (like every delicious restaurant we ate at or our early morning walks), but I think I will go ahead and upload some pictures now...just as a reward for making it this far. (Or, for any cheaters who scrolled past all my babbling!)


Pimping in his sunglasses

All lathered up to do some swimming!

A couple of sunrise shots on an early morning walk

Future Diver!

All dressed up for his first concert!

Hanging out at the dive shop

Really big bath tub!

Family picture before dinner

Loving hammock time...

Love this outfit! (c:

Looks like he and Jerry Jeff hit it off...

Mom and baby Tevas!

Sunrise the last morning...

And finally, the painting Clay and I the colors!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Houston, we have a....

...little bitty tooth poking through!!

Belize was wonderful, and I'll do a full post on that soon! For now, here is a picture of the little man enjoying his hammock!!