Monday, April 26, 2010

The Fake Smile...

I think Connor is already getting sick of my camera, but who can blame him? I take way too many pictures of this kid! He has been working on a fake smile, and proudly displayed it today:

I really wanted to take this picture because for some reason tonight he just looked like just a big boy to me. (I mean age-wise...not size! He has always been big size-wise!) I don't know if it was his shorts and t-shirt, or him standing there playing with his toys, but I do know that he is growing up way too fast!


Saturday, April 24, 2010

8 months!

Where has the time gone? I feel like each month goes by faster. This one was another big one. I'm going with the list format this month:

-He is crawling EVERYWHERE now! He loves to explore and will go from room to room. He also loves to try to climb on things. That makes me nervous for the future!
-We are pulling up on lots of things these days - the coffee table, the couches, me, whatever toys he can use. Even things that he can't really use to pull up on...he tries!
-He is saying "mama", even though I am not sure he knows what it means. Still makes my heart melt. We are also beginning to experiment with the B sounds, too.
-He is very interested in his sister and always wants her tail! Her? Still not real interested...just wait until she learns he eats food like us and he learns to throw. He loves watching her play fetch!
-He is waving HI (LOVES to do this..especially in the mirror!) and we are working on BYE
-He gets so excited when I go pick him up from Julie's. She always has a good grip on him because he would jump out of her arms if he could!
-He also gets excited to see Miss Julie and her boys...I am very blessed how that situation is working out. They treat him like family.
-He has three teeth and the 4th is so close. (Actually, by the time I am getting around to writing this, the 4th has broken through the gum!)
-We have started the meats and he has enjoyed the turkey and chicken, but isn't so sure about the beef. (We need to fix that if he is going to fit in with this family...!)
-He is eating solids three times a day and nursing ~5 times a day. He has been going to bed usually between 7:30-8:00 and his wake up time varies. He still likes his one on one time with Mama during the night.
-He is starting to notice when I leave...a bit of separation anxiety!
-He used to be such a neat eater, but now he tries to "help", hich makes a mess!!

Well, this post has taken me entirely too long to complete (thanks to many of interruptions), so I am going to stop there. We love this little guy more than we could have even imagined.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A new look!!

I am so excited about my new look!! A big THANKS to Buggie and Jellybean for hosting the giveaway, to the random number generator for picking me and to Marina for the great new blog!!

OK - back to lunch with my boy!


Friday, April 16, 2010

Mama Bird {updated}

I found it odd that almost every time I walked out my front door the past week or so, I would notice a bird scurry out from our front bed.  Well, the past two days, it wouldn't scurry out and would puff up and "yell" at anyone walking by.  Yesterday, I finally caught a glimpse of why she was acting the way she was....she is protecting her two little eggs in our front bed!  (I say "she" because I assume it is in the mama?)

So what did I do?  Took a picture of course!  (Look by her feet to see the eggs...they kinda blend in....I didn't want to make her too mad, so I used my zoom lens and kept my distance.  Click the picture to enlarge!)

Maybe someday I can get a picture of some baby birds!  Oh, and since the neighbor kiddos have asked, any bird experts out there know what kind it is?

Updates:  Thanks to Jennie for telling us this is called a Killdeer bird.  Also, as of Saturday morning, we have a third egg!

Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Number 3

I finally (sort of) captured a shot of tooth number three.  Top right.  Can you see it?  (Yes, I know...this may be boring for most of you, but there are some Grandmothers who expect like to see this!)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The past week...

{Warning: Long post and lots of pictures!}

Last Saturday, we met some of our friends at the ECU baseball game. It was Connor's first baseball game, and he did great! He sat on our laps and just took everything in. He didn't have any pirate gear that fit, so he wore a cute little All American looking baseball outfit. I love his little socks!

It was Brandon's first game, too!

I can't believe Easter was a week ago already! I woke up Easter morning to the smell of brisket cooking out on the smoker. Not too many (if any) better ways to wake up! We enjoyed a nice church service before heading back home to get ready to have some friends over. We had a good turn out, and I'll have to brag on my hubby and say I thought the brisket, turkey and ribs turned out awesome! Everyone brought sides and dessert, so we had a nice little spread! I didn't take too many pictures that day since we were trying to get everything ready for company, but here are the ones we did get. I think it was a nice first Easter for Connor!

I love the way he is looking at me in this one...

Waving to Daddy...

This week went by faster than the typical "week after a holiday" seems to go. It was Spring Break around here, so Connor had some playmates during the day! We were also lucky to have a lunch date on Thursday. Harper and her mommy came over since Jen was also on Spring Break. Now that the babies are starting to interact, we are going to need to work on sharing!!

Friday night, my boys had some "guy time" while mommy went out to dinner with some friends. I won't lie...I felt really weird backing out of the driveway all by myself. I don't know why...I have been out on my own plenty of times, but usually it is to work out, so I don't know why, but this felt different. Before I left, though, I fed Connor some veggies. He was being a little fussy, and every bite of sweet potatoes was followed with a thumb in the mouth. That made for one messy meal!

Yesterday, my little guy let me sleep in!! It was wonderful! Don't judge, but when he woke up in the morning (before the sun was up!), I brought him in bed with us to feed him. Well, we both fell back asleep and woke up after 8 am! Sad that 8 am is considered sleeping in, but that was more than 2 hours later than he was originally up! Yesterday afternoon, we decided to go to the park and try out the swings. He LOVED them! This kid fits into our family perfectly...he loves being outside. Sometimes just walking out on the back porch will make him squeal with delight. Last evening, all the neighbors and their kids were out playing. Not wanting to be left out, we headed out (Jumperoo in tow!) and joined the fun. Connor just loved watching all the kiddos run around.

Waiting our turn for the baby swings...

Not sure at first...

Wow...this is FUN! (Sorry about the was me or him facing the sun, and I chose me!)

The last bit of exciting news is that last night before getting ready for bed, I felt another little tooth just below the surface, and this morning, it had broken the skin! So, we now have his top right tooth coming in!

OK - this is a tried mommy (we are fighting a bit of a cough right now that is making sleeping hard!), so that is all for now. I have lots of pictures to upload to finish this post!

By the way, does anyone use a non-Blogger editor to do their posts? (Preferably Mac compatible?) I have heard there are some great tools out there that make posting super easy, and I would love to find those!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Random thoughts

Here are a bunch of random thoughts/stories/comments from the last few days...

Connor pulled himself into standing position using the coffee table (and no help from Mama!)

On my run the other morning, I saw this written on the sidewalk in chalk: "I love my mom because she is hot"

We went on a walk Thursday evening and we heard the ice cream man. "We wish you a Merry Christmas" was blaring from the truck.

Speaking of ice cream, rumor is that we are getting Blue Bell here in good ole' North Carolina. This better not be like the Sonic rumor in Morgantown that took over 4 years to come to fruition (and only happened after we moved!) Speaking of Sonic/Morgantown, it makes me sad that everyone I talked to there has been greatly disappointed in Sonic. What's up with that?

FInally, I made a kid cry at a garage sale. Apparently he wasn't a fan of his mom selling is Elmo rocker. I felt bad buying it!

Ok - that is all for now. Hope you are having a wonderful Saturday...we are!!

{What?!? No pictures again? I know...I'm mean. I'll upload some later!}

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Photo Shoot!

Before Connor was born, I knew I wanted to have newborn pictures of him done. I wanted to capture him at a time that would surely go by way too fast and would be clouded with a "new mom" haze. I ended up finding a "Baby's First Year" package (with a great photographer), which is the gift that keeps on giving...newborn, 6 month and one year sessions. We had the 6 month shots in February. It was perfect timing - he was sitting up well, but not crawling yet. He was a good sport and smiled {almost} the entire time! The photographer, Heather, posted some of the pictures on her blog. Click HERE to check them out! Oh, and if you remember, a while ago I posted about a blog makeover contest. Well, I don't think I ever mentioned that I WON the pre-fab design! The fabulous Marina is working on that, and it will feature some of Connor's 6 month pictures! How fun!

Well, I have a monkey at my feet wanting me to go bye for now!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

The Bunny!

Connor visited the Easter Bunny today at the mall. I should have known, but I was a little disappointed in the whole "you can't use your own camera" thing! Like I said, though...I should have known!! Anyway, he did GREAT! I was nervous because last week when I dropped him off at the church nursery, he puckered up and cried right away. (Thankfully, he smiles big time when he sees Miss Julie!!) Anyway, he sat on the bunny's lap and checked him out, then looked at me and smiled, then repeated this several times. I think we got a good picture! (You can click it to enlarge!)

Happy Easter!!