Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Less words Wednesday

Connor loves looking out the back window...I can just hear him saying "Let me out, Let me out!"

I guess he learned this one from his sister?

He loves looking out the front window, too! Especially when the neighbors kiddos are out playing!

"Did you say we can go play, too!?!"

Hugging Mama...

What a great view!


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

9 months {and three days}

Our baby boy turned nine months on Saturday. I didn't get a chance to blog that day, but today we went for his 9 month check up, so I figured today was just as good as any!!

First up, his doctor stats. No shots today (wahoo!), and he is a whopping 24 lbs (90%) and 28.5 inches (56%). We have a stocky little man! His head was also in the 90-something %. Everything else looked great. I talked to his doctor a little bit about his night waking, and he suggested the whole cry it out business. (If any mamas out there have any words on encouragement on this, I'd love to hear it!!)

On to more fun things...this month included another trip to Texas! During this trip, we left him with my parents while we went to Ben and Courtney's wedding, and the little guy learned to climb the stairs!! I guess he was trying to follow Robbie upstairs and was successful! The next weekend was Mama's first night away from her little man. My boys did GREAT without me, but I sure missed them. Connor is also very mobile and very curious! He loves to explore everything in the house and has already pin-pointed the "no-no" things. (Aggie's bowls and Daddy's guitar for instance!) He is pulling up on everything and cruisn' pretty well and is even starting to walk with his little walker toy. We also went to the play ground on Saturday, and he climbed UP the slide.

He has started turning his nose up to baby food veggies. He'll still do the fruits, but not the meats or veggies. He enjoys feeding himself veggies and small pieces of meat, though! His two favorites are bananas and sweet potatoes!

Other than that, he is truly a super happy baby. He is constantly smiling, laughing and getting into mischief! He loves being outside, and he loves the all the little neighborhood kids, especially his adopted brothers across the street. Oh, and we finally installed his big boy car seat, and he seems to like it!!

Getting his monthly pictures is getting more and more challenging, so these were my best attempts. I also included a few from his wagon date with Harper this weekend! Enjoy!

(By the way...I uploaded way more pictures than I intended!)


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happy Baby...most of the time!

We are truly lucky and have a very happy baby. He loves to smile, and will crack up at a silly face, funny noise, being tickled and so much more. He gets SO EXCITED when you read him a book...he squeals with delight. I have recently had people ask me if he ever cries. While it is not too often, yes, he does have his moments. (Please note, he went through a phase somewhere around 4-6 weeks where he had crying fits for absolutely no glad he outgrew that!) These pictures are from Sage's first birthday party and are courtesy of Kelly Garvey Photography!

We arrived at the party like this...

With all the excitement, we soon looked like this...probably a little too soon!

Waking up a little more...

Having fun playing...did this for a long time (both inside and out!)

And....getting a little overwhelmed...and missing the afternoon nap is catching up to us!

"MO-OM...It's not funny!" Gettin' a little loving from Mama...

"I don't wanna say Bye!!" (With Kelly, who is usually behind the camera!)

"What do you mean you aren't coming with us?!?"

So, there you have it...don't expect to see too many more like those last few, though!


PS My post about Amanda's wedding was out of order, so if you missed it, check it out here!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Our new friend!

If you remember this post, we discovered that a mommy bird had chosen our front bed to make her nest. We have watched her diligently protect 4 eggs for several weeks now. When I was out of town last weekend (which I STILL need to blog about!), Clay told me on Sunday morning that he thought there was only one egg left. A little while later, he checked again and confirmed it. Three of our baby eggs were missing. I was pretty bummed! In talking to our neighbor later, he said he heard a ruckus going on early Sunday morning, looked out and saw a big crow messing with the nest. He went and scared it away, and probably saved the last egg in doing so! Anyway, fast forward to yesterday, and I checked on the nest in the morning and at lunch, and noticed at lunch that the mama seemed to be acting different. She was standing next to the nest rather than sitting on the egg like she had been. To my delight after work, she was back to sitting on her nest, but instead of an egg, I could see little bird feathers sticking out! This morning when Julie came to get Connor was the first time we saw the little bird off the nest. It is pretty cute! Since the nest is literally next to our front walk and we have to go past it to get in or out of our house, they have gotten pretty used to us. Because of this, I managed to get a few pictures...of course!

Mama bird keeping her new little baby warm and safe!

Mama left the nest momentarily...

Mama is doing the "broken wing" act...they try to draw danger away from the nest by acting they like are an injured bird, and thus an easy target for predators.

This morning...out and about!!


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A moment in the life of Connor

I am not sure how this happened, but one minute Connor was playing peacefully in the middle of the living room, the next minute, I turn around and he is chilling under his walker. (On a side note, he thinks the walker is a jumperoo, so he spends most of his time playing with it from the outside!) Anyway, I wasn't sure if he would be able to get out from under it without my assistance, but he sure showed me!

(Stacey - I really got my camera out at this moment because I was sure I was going to be able to get a picture of him crying...not so much!)

Oh, and did I mention that this went on today before our 6 am grocery store excursion? Apparently Connor forgot how to read the clock (again), so we were up before the sun. It's actually kinda nice shopping so early...nobody else is crazy enough to be there. And if they are, they are most likely picking up one or two things they need that day! I don't think anyone was happy about being behind me in line!

On a final note, my friend Jenn posted about what a LIttle Climber her daughter Aubrey is. Connor wanted to show Aubs that he likes to climb, too!


Monday, May 10, 2010

Texas Round Two!

I headed back to Texas again Mother's Day weekend for another wedding. This was a whirlwind of a trip, and I was in Dallas less than 24 hours, but it was worth every minute to be there for Amanda's wedding. It was also nice to catch up with some of my other girlies...I arrived in Dallas a little before noon on Saturday. I got my rental car (a hot BRIGHT red Toyota Yaris) and headed to my hotel. I ended up changing where I was staying at the last minute because I decided I needed to have a freezer to freeze milk since I would be pumping the whole trip! (Not that you really care...) I found a Residence Inn that was fairly convenient to both the airport and the wedding. Thankfully it was also convenient to Target, too, because I had to make a quick trip there. I relaxed for a bit by the pool before getting washed up and heading over to meet Kelly before the wedding! I remembered quickly how different it is to drive in Dallas than Greenville. I hardly ever drive on highways anymore, which I never really think about. Fortunately, it's like riding a bike, though....

The wedding was at the Dallas Arboretum, and was absolutely beautiful. You could not ask for a prettier day in Texas, and the setting was was the bride!! Both Amanda and her hubby were both so obviously happy! The reception was beautiful, with yummy food and drinks! Oh, and the wedding cake? One of the best I've had. (Is it bad that I was one of the only people at my table who actually got some? I don't pass up wedding cake!!)

There were also a few celebrities at the wedding. Amanda has had some pretty cool jobs and worked for some impressive people. That being said, there aren't too many people who can say that they had not one, but two, former presidents at their wedding...Amanda had 41 and 43 there! (Oh, and I had a friend tell me later that Laura Bush made reference to Amanda's wedding on Entertainment tonight...pretty cool!)

Well, I better get this posted now or I might never get it done...I have been trying for several days now!