Monday, June 28, 2010

Another first

Well, here is another one for the baby book: Connor got stung by a wasp today. Four times!! Poor little guy. He was sitting outside waiting for his Mama to get off work, and it flew up his shirt and stung him twice on the chest and twice on the back. He was pretty pathetic right after it happened, but he was back to his normal, happy self in less than half an hour. He did get a popsicle (another first), so I think that helped!! Here are a couple of pictures from when we got home...

A few minutes later, he was as happy as can be!


Saturday, June 26, 2010

5 Years old!

I posted earlier this month that our little girl turned the big F-I-V-E! Since I write about all of Connor's check ups, I didn't want to leave Aggie out...usually she gets her annual check up in August, but last year we went early so we could make sure to get it done before Connor arrived, and this year we went a little early again because she has had a bit of a rash lately. We noticed it first on her belly, and she was starting to show irritation around her eyes and up and down her legs, so we wanted to get her checked out. Turns out, she has pretty bad allergies to something in the air or maybe the grass around here. Oh, and she has a pretty bad ear infection on one side. So much for a well check up. Everything else looked good though...she was 78 lbs and heart worm free! Thirty minutes and a couple hundred bucks later, we leave with three prescriptions and a soon to be healthy again pup! She did very well for as much poking and prodding they did on her. The doc also told us that once we clear up this skin irritation she has, in the future we can give her Benadryl to help prevent issues. He said she could have 75 mg (3 adult capsules!!) twice a day...I'll be checking out what Sam's has! She hasn't been sleeping well due to all her itching, so hopefully her medicine starts kicking in and she can get some rest! Poor girlie!

Connor did well watching his sister get checked out, and I even showed him how she didn't cry when she got her shots. I don't think he was convinced...haha!

Here are some pics from when we first got her. The first one is one of my favorites, and the second one is with her sister, Molly. (Aggie is on the right in that one...)


Thursday, June 24, 2010


A friend posted this on Facebook, and I had to copy it...I just love this reaction, and you know similar scenes unfolded in bars, restaurants, homes and probably offices all over...


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

10 months!

Yet another month has FLOWN by! It has been another great month, though. We started off with Connor's first trip to California to visit some good friends and meet their son. The boys were cute together and it was fun to see them interact. Connor once again did great traveling and he enjoyed his first train ride and first professional baseball game in San Diego! Shortly after we got home, though, we came down with our first stomach bug. I could have done without that, but I am glad we made it as long as we did without getting sick at all! His fifth tooth popped up this month, and I think the 6th is close. (His nose is runny and he is really drooly...his typical signs!) He got his first haircut this month, too. We are experimenting with more and more different types of food. I never thought I'd say this, but he is showing some signs of being a bit of a picky eater. However, he LOVES blueberries right now, and would probably eat an entire container of them if I would let him. He has three meals a day in his highchair. He enjoys offering you a bite of food, then takes it away and eats it himself. He has done this to Aggie a couple of times, but she doesn't always let him take it back! He finds this hilarious. Someday he will realize that it's not cool that she just took his graham cracker, but for now it's funny. She has also started to camp out by his highchair while he is eating "just in case" something goes over the edge. At least she keeps the floor clean! I think he will be walking soon - he is starting to experiment with letting go of things, and will stand there for 10-15 seconds before sitting down and taking off. He is sleeping MUCH BETTER these days. He is no longer getting up at night and he is going to bed on his own. I miss rocking him to sleep, but I know this is better for him in the long run. He did well learning this, and it was not nearly as painful on either of us as I thought it would be. He is getting up pretty early in the mornings, though, so we could work on that! His naps are pretty good at Julie's, but he still sometimes gets off schedule on the weekends, but I guess that is understandable! He is such a happy little kiddo...loves being outside, loves his bath and loves getting into mischief! I think he will keep us on our toes as he grows up! (c:

These pictures are hard to take these days...he is way too interested in eating the sign!!

These three are pretty similar, but I couldn't pick a favorite!


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Daddy's Day!

We have had a good Father's Day so far. We went to church this morning, then out to lunch after. Connor got some macaroni and cheese at lunch, and to say he LOVED it would be an understatement! We are looking forward to watching some soccer this afternoon and just hanging out!!

Connor and Daddy before church on Daddy's first Father's Day:

Mommy forgot to put a bib on Connor before the mac and can tell he loved it, though!

Happy Father's Day to my Daddy, too!!


Monday, June 14, 2010

First Haircut!

Connor was starting to sport a mullet and some sideburns that could compete with the best of them, so we decided it was time for his first haircut. We headed over to Fantastic Sam's, not sure what to expect. Well, our little guy did GREAT! They had a super cute airplane for him to sit in, and he thought that was just the coolest thing. He didn't object at all to her putting on the little cape thing, and she said she wanted to try out the clippers and see if he'll let her use them. He did not put up a fight at all...what a big boy!! After a little while, he started not wanting to look where she wanted him to, etc, so he had another first...his first lollipop!! To say he loved this would be an understatement. There was plenty of sticky drool everywhere. The only thing he wasn't a fan of was me taking it away! What a mean Mommy...

I posted too many pictures, but I loved them all!


Sunday, June 13, 2010


June has been a big month for both of our kiddos with the number 5. First of all, Aggie turned 5 on June 4th! She is now older than us in dog years! She is starting to show her aging a bit with a little gray in her beard. She is still very much a puppy in her attitude/behavior, though. She loves to go running, but gets tired pretty quick in this summer heat. She also enjoys walking and does really well going with her brother. Speaking of Connor, they are really bonding these days. Aggie has learned that he has food when he is in the highchair. Connor has learned that she likes it when he shares!

Connor's big 5 this month has been the arrival of his fifth tooth!! The top right (well, second to the right) has been working it's way in. You would have never knows he was working on that...he didn't show any signs of it!

Here are some recent pics of the two of them!

This is how Connor's hair usually looks after getting kisses from his sister!


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What's for dinner?

Connor doesn't like much baby food anymore, but he isn't quite to the stage where he can eat everything we eat. So, I am looking for ideas and/or recipes for healthy meals for him. Any suggestions? I made some Turkey and Veggie mini meat-loafs this weekend for him, and he seemed to really like them! It was nice because I froze most of them, so I can just pull them out one at a time when needed. He likes to feed himself, but I think he would also be OK with me feeding him if it was something other than boring baby food! Any suggestions?!

{What? Do I have something on my face?}


Sunday, June 6, 2010

A bug.

{Warning: if you don't want to read about throw up or poopy diapers, go ahead a skip this post!}

Well, we made it 9 months and 10 days without getting sick. I am VERY thankful for that. However, we were officially hit by a stomach bug this week. And by "we", I only mean the little man. Tuesday morning should have been the first sign, when he threw up a bit after his breakfast. Most of that day was {fairly} uneventful. Then comes Tuesday night. I was all ready to work on this sleep issue we have been experiencing. Connor was going to try his first night of crying it out. So, when he started fussing at 10:45ish, I took a deep breath and told myself we could do this. Then I looked at him on the monitor. He had thrown up a little bit, and was not happy about it. So, I go get my little guy. Oh, have I mentioned that Clay had left town that morning? Good timing. Here I am trying to calm down my crying kid who desperately wants to be back asleep, but mommy has to change his sheets first. So, I layed him on a blankie on his bedroom floor and quickly changed the sheets and his clothes, rocked him and got him back to bed. Not much later, I hear him again. This time, his bed is still clean, so I let him cry for a few minutes. Then the guilt starts...afterall, he had just thrown up. What if he still doesn't feel good? He is getting pretty worked up by now, so I decide this is not the night to try CIO, and I go get him. Within 5 seconds of picking him up, the puking starts again. I'll spare you the details, but I am so thankful I had not picked up the blanket that he had been laying on earlier while I changed his sheets! I held him over that, and thankfully 90% of the puke landed on that. (9.5% was on me and him with just 0.5% on the carpet...score!) Time for a bath and yet another pair of new jammies as well as another outfit change for me! We had one more minor spit up episode while getting ready for the bath, then we settled down for the night.

The next morning, he seemed to be doing well. I thought maybe he had gotten some bad cherries with his dinner. Then, we started having issues out the other end. Again, I will spare you the details, but this peaked on Thursday (every single diaper was a dirty one!!) Friday was bad, too, with a major blowout on the way to the store with G&G. Let's just say he has broken his car seat in, and my dad took it completely apart to clean it exactly one week after we installed it. Nice. Thankfully, each day has gradually gotten better, so keeping my fingers crossed that this will be all behind us in the next day or so! (Conveniently as soon as Hubby comes home...)

Since I can't have a post without a picture, here is one from the plane on our recent trip to Cali! (More on that later!!) Don't judge my looks...we were up WAY too early!!