Sunday, September 26, 2010

Summer Fun

Looking at the 10 day forecast, we are starting to see lower temperatures around the corner. While, I am excited about this, I am also going to miss summer! Here are some recent pictures of Connor playing in the backyard. This boy LOVES being outside...just like his mom and dad!


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

{not so} Wordless Wednesday

I was going to make a this a typical Wordless Wednesday post, but I wanted to add some commentary! So, here is goes...

I am not so sure on this one...I was playing around with some textures and things in Photoshop...I don't think I am artsy enough to pull this type of stuff off, though!

Being silly at lunch. Ignore the runny nose, but check out the two new teeth on the bottom!!

"What are you looking at, Mom?" He decided riding Elmo was a better idea than getting a new diaper!

These next two pics are an example of how the slightest change in angle can completely change a look. His legs look a lot chunkier in the first picture!

New boots! Just in time for hunting season...

Happy hump day!


Thursday, September 16, 2010

He loves them!

I have mentioned before that I am extremely blessed when it comes to my work situation and Connor's daytime situation. Working from home does have it's drawbacks (I mean, Aggie probably thinks I am nuts sometimes when I talk to her, and poor Miss Julie and my Hubby get to see me in my no make-up glory almost every day!), but I couldn't ask for a better set up! Connor really loves Miss Julie and "his" (her) boys. Before we went to Morgantown in August, Julie gave us a picture of her boys that Connor could take with him. Well, thankfully Cooper (her youngest) insisted on us taking two copies because we now have a nice one that is on our fridge and one that is Connor's copy. He loves looking at that picture and carries it around the house. He will giggle if you point out any of the kids by name, and if you ask him where his boys are, he will hunt down the picture. Too cute. He will sit and stare at it, too!

Our little guy is also going through a bit of a separation anxiety phase. (I use the word "phase" hoping it is something that will pass...soon!) We don't do well at the church nursery, but he does well going with Miss Julie in the mornings. She had a doctor appointment a couple of weeks ago, though, so he sweet husband offered to cover for her/us that morning. I was a little nervous that he would have melt down, but I am right across the street if anything got too bad. When it was getting close to nap time, he was having a hard time settling down with someone he didn't know as well. Steve said he kept looking at Cooper, so he finally asked him if he wanted to go lay with Cooper on the couch. Apparently he snuggled right up in his little buddy's lap and fell asleep for almost two hours! Julie took this picture when she got home...very sweet. Those two love each other!

On top of all this, I get to have lunch with my little guy almost every day. I am one spoiled workin' mama!


Friday, September 10, 2010

Trust your instinct

Sometimes I over worry. Ok, a lot of times I do. Then, I end up googling something and that never helps. Anyway, there have been a couple instances lately where I have been dwelling on something a bit, ended up following up on my instinct, and very glad I did. When we moved to NC, I knew I needed to find two doctors: an OB because I got a positive test as the movers were packing our house in WV and a dermatologist because I had a Melanoma removed less than a month before. My OB was the first on the agenda, and she is perfect for me. We clicked. She is a Texan and an Aggie after all. There is one dermatology office in town. There are several doctors, so I just called and got signed up with whoever could take me. (In hindsight, maybe that should have been my first sign!) Well, I had a couple of appointments with this doctor, and I just never felt comfortable. He is a very nice guy, but given my history, I want someone to be thorough and proactive. He was a little too laid back for me. Something look funny to you? Cut it off! If you want to "watch it" then take a picture. I shouldn't have to encourage these things. After talking about this to a couple of people, I mentioned it to my OB to see if she had any recommendations for someone else to see, and she did. She gave me two other names at the same practice and even offered to refer me to someone at Duke. I took her recommendations locally, and I am SO GLAD I did. My new doctor is FABULOUS! She spent so much more time examining me and talking to me about my history. She ended up taking three moles and circling four more so Clay could know which they were and could help me monitor them. Unfortunately, I got the path test back on the three she took and they all came back atypical. (Not melanoma, but not normal...) Two of them were determined to be "moderately atypical" and I will have to go back and have an excision to make sure they got all the abnormal cells. So, the moral of my rambling is if something isn't sitting right with something about it. Who knows how long the old doc would have just "kept an eye" on things. Oh, and wear your sunscreen!

If you stuck with me this long, I'll reward you with a couple of pics of my boys...


Saturday, September 4, 2010

C is for COOKIE...

I wasn't really planning on having a "theme" for Connor's first birthday party. I didn't really end up with much of one, but I did do a Cookie Monster invitation and cake!! I found a picture of a cake online and thought it was super cute, so I used it for "inspiration!" We made double doozie type cookie sandwiches surrounding cookie monster. Since I decided to make the cake, I decided to splurge and buy ice cream. Not just any ice cream, though...BLUE BELL! If you are from Texas, you know what this is. If you are not, it is the best ice cream out there, and is a delicacy in these parts. (c: Oh, and Connor wanted nothing to do with the cake or ice cream! Little stinker! Oh well...more for Mommy! Here are some pictures from the party!!

Thinking about it....

...not so much!

Opening presents...lots of kiddos to help!

A couple of pre-party pics...


a cute newborn!

My friend Courtney just has a little baby boy named Jay. My other friend, Kelly, took his newborn shots. Check them out here! Beautiful pictures, Kelly! And Courtney...he is precious, you look awesome, and such a great looking little family! (c: Congrats!


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Belated Birthday Post

Make sure to check out Connor's birthday post...I dated it on his actual birthday, so it might be hidden!