Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

I can't believe it is already Halloween! Today is a PERFECT day outside, and I could just be out there all day long. I dressed the little man up in his bee outfit and we took a quick run to a pumpkin patch nearby for some pictures just before lunch. Here are some of my favorites...

Here is a picture from last year, just for comparison!!


Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I finally updated my header with pictures from Connor's birthday shoot!!  Enjoy, but don't miss the post below with a couple of fun giveaways!


Connor's one year pics were taken by Heather Garland!

Who doesn't like free stuff?!

As a celebration of the Grand Opening of her Etsy store, my friend is hosting a GIVEAWAY! Check out her Etsy Page and her Facebook page! GiggleBugs Designs has some super cute stuff!!

In addition, our photographer in Greenville, Heather Garland, is getting married next year. With this, she is introducing a brand new brand, and as a celebration, she is giving away a FREE wedding as well as some other gift certificates for non-wedding clients. So, if you know anyone getting married in 2011 who hasn't booked a photographer, you can nominate them! Check out her site for details! (She is wiling to travel, but that is not included in the free part, but that still would probably be cheaper than a whole wedding package!!)

ALSO, even if you don't know anyone getting married, check out the contest anyway (especially the second picture in the is pretty cute if I might say so myself!). Leave a comment, and if you win, I'd help you spend your winnings! (c:

Finally, I'll leave you with a couple of pictures from last night. We had some storms in the afternoon/evening, and were rewarded with this beautiful sky! Sunset one direction and double rainbow the other! (I only got part of the rainbow because we were eating dinner and it was drizzly still, so I didn't go off the porch!)


Monday, October 25, 2010

Lazy Sunday!

We had a nice relaxing weekend at home this weekend! Sunday Connor woke up from his nap early and snuggling on the couch with me and fell back asleep. Of course, I just took advantage of the moment and let him snooze away. This is how Daddy found us when he got home:

After nap time, we had to run a few errands. Connor was decked out in his camo for our trip to Tractor Supply!


Friday, October 22, 2010

A comparison

I thought it would be fun to dig through my photo archives and do a comparison of this time last year and now!

Connor at two months

Connor now (14 months today, but this was from last weekend)

Connor at the pumpkin patch last year

And this year at the pumpkin patch!

Anyone else having trouble with loading pictures on the "new editor" on blogger??


Friday download

There are a some random thoughts in my head.  None of them are really post-worthy on their own, so here they no particular order.

It is always amazing how fast you can get out of shape.  I couldn't run for close to a month due to two sets of stitches from getting some atypical moles removed, and it has been tough to get back into it!  It is also crazy how much harder it is to push a stroller with tires that are low.  Hubby pumped them up for me this week, and I was like a whole new person pushing that stroller the next day!

I cannot take credit for the cute project featured in Wednesday's post.  That was not my idea at all.  There have been a couple of blogs (one being my friend Sarah) that have posted this, and I couldn't resist the urge!

Connor is working on two of his top molars.  I thought his slight fever and grumpiness on Tuesday were the two little molars I felt, but now I think he really had a bit of a virus.  His fever got up to 102.3, which is not a teething fever!  I feel bad now that Julie had to deal with my unhappy kiddo, but I know he was in great hands.  (Thanks, Julie!!)

Up until this week, Clay had been growing a beard. It started sometime late July on a whim.  I had gone out of town, and I think he got a bit lazy and didn't shave, and I thought it was cute, so he kept it!  Well, on another whim, he shaved it off.  The next morning, he left for work early, so Connor only saw him sleepy eyed and in the dark.  Well, that afternoon when Clay came home from work, Connor saw his car and started to run to him...until he saw him.  Clay said he sat down and just stared at him like he was really confused!  He either couldn't figure out what was going on or he didn't recognize his clean shaven Daddy!  It took him a while to warm up to him that evening!  Too funny...

I am missing the fall colors of WV!

Connor did good at the Church nursery this weekend.  Wahoo!  Such a better feeling!  (c:

{This post was originally titled "Thursday download", but I never finished posting it last night because blogger was not cooperating letting my add a picture.  It still is not!  Gasp...a post without pictures!}


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Breakfast of Champions

As Mommy was trying to get things ready for the day the other morning, I must have left the pantry door cracked, because I turned around and this is what Connor had picked out for breakfast. Not so much, Buddy!!


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Busy busy!

We have had a couple of busy weeks around here. I think Connor is going to look around this weekend and say "I am stuck with just you two?!?!" He has been spoiled and loved on by grandparents the past two weekends! What a lucky little kiddo. The first weekend in October, Clay's parents came in town, and I actually headed to the mountains of NC for a "Mommy's weekend" with some of my good friends! We had a great time...drank some wine, slept in (if you count 8 am sleeping in...why couldn't I sleep past 8?!?!), shopped, relaxed and just enjoyed the beautiful mountain town. It was an absolute blast! This was the longest I had been away from my little guy, but I knew he was in good hands! The next weekend, my parents came in town. We didn't plan to have company two weekends in a row, but it just worked out that way, which was great. It was also our birthday weekend, so my parents watched Connor while Clay and I went out on a date to celebrate our birthdays! We had a nice time, but it felt funny not having to worry about keeping Connor entertained and quiet! We also ventured out to the pumpkin patch and Connor saw lots of animals, rode a pony, jumped in the bounce house and of course picked out a pumpkin!

Again, I am uploading way too many pics, but trying to catch up from the last couple of weeks!

He is into climbing on anything and everything...

Before dinner in the mountains! Jen and I are rockin' our new sweater dresses!

Loving the bounce house...

...and slide! We went early, so it wasn't crowded, but everything was still wet with dew!

Baby pumpkins!

First pony ride!

Tractor ride out to pick our pumpkin...

Lookin' so grown up!

He loves drinking water out of my nalgene.

His favorite place...OUTSIDE!


Monday, October 4, 2010

One year shoot...

Warning: Major picture overload...I just loved them all! (c:

(all pictures courtesy of Heather Garland)