Friday, November 26, 2010

What Blogger doesn't like Free Stuff?!

This year, when it came to holiday cards, I debated doing an email or actually sending out snail mail cards. Let's face it...designing and emailing my own card would be more budget friendly, but as I got our Christmas boxes out of the attic, I came across a bag containing all the Christmas cards I saved from last year. I loved flipping though them, looking at all the pictures and just taking the time to remember my friends and family. There is just something about sending/receiving cards in the mail, but the costs do add up. Then, I saw on another blog that SHUTTERFLY is giving away 50 FREE Christmas photo cards to bloggers!!! I LOVE FREE STUFF, so of course I jumped on that bandwagon! The hardest part? Picking out a favorite! Maybe this oneif I get an awesome picture of Connor that I want to be the main focus or even this one if I get several pictures that I want to share and can't narrow them down!!?? They also have awesome holiday invitations (I'd love to host a Christmas Cocktail party, but I don't think we can this year...) Another super cute section they have (that is not holiday related) is baby shower invitations. I will definitely be checking these out next baby shower I help with. I have always had good luck with Shutterfly, and I am excited to try something new with them!


Friday, November 19, 2010


I have been considering lately changing Connor's middle name. We are debating between "Trouble" and "Mischief". Good thing we love this kid, cuz he definitely keeps us on our toes these days. He loves adventure. He loves to climb on anything and everything. He knows when he is doing something he shouldn't (like playing in Aggie's water bowl) and he thinks it is absolutely hysterical! He must get that from his Daddy because his Mommy never got into trouble! (Right, Mom?!?) Last weekend, while Daddy was at work, Connor and I were playing in the living room. I was looking down reading something and he was just walking, and totally tripped over something (not sure what?!?) and smacked his head on an oak storage piece of furniture next to the couch. He immediately got a big fat goose-egg on his head, and of course Mommy was stressing out. I called the Dr. (overreaction?) and he reassured me that chances are he is fine. He said to call back if started acting funny or vomiting. Thankfully, none of that happened, and he was just fine, but I had a lot of explaining to do when we took him to a birthday party that night! Here is a picture from a few days later. I didn't take a picture of it when it happened since I had other things on my mind, but now I wish I had!

Another thing that Connor likes to do is make a mess! He is like a little mini-tornado! We call him "path of destruction" boy. (SORRY, JULIE....I am sure this drives you nuts!) Anyway, he really likes making messes. We have taken toilet paper off the holders (or make sure the door is kept shut) because he always makes a beeline for this. Today, I was cleaning his highchair tray after lunch, and I noticed he had been quite for about 30 seconds, which is unusual. I then realized our bathroom door was not completely closed and I discovered this...

I do give him a hard time, but I love the means I have an active, healthy little boy!


PS Aggie just tooted on the couch next to me and got up and ran away...she scared herself! Haha!!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Today I gave myself...

...a random day off! I know, I just took a day off a couple of weeks ago to Columbus, and while I thoroughly enjoyed that trip, it's not the same as just having a day off. A day to be. A day to run to Target if I want and wherever I might feel I need (read want) to go. A day to have a lunch date with these two:

(I love my boys and girl!!)

I hadn't planned to take today off, but it worked out that way, and I am glad it did. Back to work tomorrow, but I enjoyed my the random break!


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Where have we been?

We have had a couple of busy weeks in our family!  The weekend after Halloween, Connor and I said bye bye to Daddy as he met up with some friends to attend Punkin' Chunkin.  They have been talking about doing this for years, so I am glad they were able to fulfill this life long dream!  (Ha!)

Taking advantage of an opportunity to do something fun while Daddy was out of town, Connor and I packed up and headed to Columbus for the weekend to see Deanna!  We had a wonderful time!!  It was a quick trip, but it was so good to see Deanna (and Bethany, too!)  We did pretty good traveling...he's more of a challenge waiting in the airport these days as he wants to RUN RUN RUN!  He was great on the plane, too.

We got home from that trip on Sunday evening, and I left for Morgantown Wednesday afternoon for a quick work trip.  My boys had some quality father son time while I caught up with people on MGW.  It is always good to be back in the office for a few days, but my trips are always so HECTIC!!  I got home late Friday night, crawled into bed and it felt like my little man was up as soon as my eyes closed!  It was so good to hug the necks of both my boys and my girl, though!  I missed them!

Having two back to back trips, one personal with a kiddo and one for business by myself, really made me notice the difference in the two travel scenarios:

-Traveling with Connor, I could not check my suitcase soon enough.  One less thing to keep track of.  (Well, actually two since I checked a car seat, too!  I am sure I was a site to see with a suitcase, car seat, stroller and diaper bag!)  Traveling by myself, I wanted to keep my bag with me so I wouldn't have to wait at baggage claim.  Interesting, too, that I was so eager to check a bag when it was on my dime!

-Traveling alone, I was able to relax, read a couple of magazines and even splurged on a massage!  I ate a meal in peace (alone...always a weird feeling to me!) and even had an adult beverage.  With Connor, we ran laps up and down the airport hallway.  Snacks were reserved for the plane as "entertainment" and I scarfed a PB sandwich between giving him bites of his sandwich.

-Security.  I have to say, I like to be well prepared when going through security.  I know where my liquids are and make sure they are easy to get to, my shoes are usually slip ons so I can just kick them off, and if I have to take anything else off (belt, jacket, or get laptop ready) I always do so in advance.  Connor and I got through security flawlessly both times.  The only thing that annoyed me was that at Columbus, they had two lines:  expert traveler (with a picture of a business traveler) and family.  Well, being the rules follower I am, we went to the family line.  That was a mistake!  Basically, they had two lines for checking IDs, then you fed into one line for the x-rays/medical detectors!  This annoyed me because the bottle neck is always the x-ray, not the ID checking, and the family line was longer than the other one.  We should have gone in the expert one since we are expert family travelers!  (c:

And finally what you are really interested of the little guy!

Coloring Cooper's birthday card!

Yummy (and messy!) peanut butter!

Recent lunch date with Sophie

Don't tell her daddy, but he is totally kissing her!