Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas 2010!

We had yet another whirlwind of a Christmas, but I wouldn't want it any other way! We flew into Houston on the 22nd and had an afternoon playdate with Keri and Sage. My Grandma flew in from California that evening, but she didn't get there until after the little man was in bed, so she had to wait until the next morning to see him!

Thankfully we were all up bright and early, and she got to play with him for a little bit before we hit the road to Waco. We made a quick stop in College Station to hug our dear friends, Brad and Deanna, then made it to Waco just in time to celebrate an early Christmas with Clay's family. We had lots of yummy food followed by opening presents and several trips to the candy table. I even made the rookie mom mistake of giving Connor a bite of my candy and him seeing where it came from. He kept trying to sneak back over there!! Eventually he forgot about it, though...thank goodness! We had a nice time just hanging out with the family! That evening, we had a special visit from our Jennie's mom. She hadn't gotten to meet Connor yet, so we are glad she was able to come see us! She even got a sweet little hug from Connor. (He is way into giving hugs these days...I LOVE it!!)

Christmas Eve morning, we were up bright and early again...Connor had his first experience with "Pigs in a blanket" and I have to say they were a hit! We had a nice day and headed to church that evening. Connor and I made it through the first part of the service before I decided to let everyone enjoy their evening rather than be distracted by my rambunctious 16 month old. We went and ran around in the foyer with a cute little boy about his age. At least we weren't the only ones, right!?

Christmas morning, we loaded back up into the car to head back to Conroe for Christmas with my family! We celebrated that evening with a nice dinner followed by presents. Connor had figured out the whole opening presents by this time and was trying to open anything he could get his hands on!

The next morning, we had a brunch at our house and invited Ben and Courtney (Clay's brother and wife) as well as Courtney's mom and Clay/Ben's parents. It was just another excuse to spend time with family and of course...EAT! That afternoon is when the post Christmas "Is it really over already?!" feeling hit! By this time, we were getting texts messages and seeing pictures on facebook of the snow blanketing Greenville! We are SO LUCKY we were not trying to travel on Sunday. There was one flight that actually made it to Greenville that day. We could have easily been stuck in Charlotte with a toddler. That would have been NO FUN! Monday left us with smooth travels as well as some entertainment.

Next up? Taking down Christmas decorations...ugh!!!

Oh, guess you wanna see pictures, huh? (c:

Connor and Sage...good buddies even though they have only met a couple of times.  (Oh, and please ignore the fact that Connor's shirt no longer had eyes...he pulled those off during one of our flights that morning!)
This was their answer to me asking where the dog's tongue was...

Checking out the baby doll...

He quickly got the hang of the whole opening presents thing!

Happy Birthday, Jesus!!

Hugs for Jennie's mom!

Connor's new favorite word is "iPad"


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Probably not her best decision...

Clay and I were VERY lucky when it came to traveling this holiday weekend. If we had tried to head back to Greenville on Sunday, we would not have been nearly as lucky. There was only 1 flight that made it to Greenville that day due to a wicked winter storm that dumped 6-8 inches in our area! We were even hesitant to fly on Monday, fearing the aftermath of the previous days cancellations. Traveling with a toddler makes you nervous of delays/getting stuck! So, we showed up to the the airport in Houston extra early. We go to check in, and the agent tells us we are getting moved to the earlier flight, which is boarding in 4 minutes. Yikes! Our flight was already delayed, and due to our short layover in Charlotte, there was no way we would make our connection. So, we go through the check in process (I am taking off mine and Connor's shoes while Clay is working the computer!) and we get bumped up to first class! Not too shabby to get on an earlier flight and first class! Security was not too bad, but I do think we had the most thorough (read "slow") lady checking tickets at the security line! Thankfully we made it in plenty of time, though.

When we got to Charlotte, we checked on the earlier flight to Greenville. There was a flight about to leave, so we ran through the airport to see if we could get on standby. Sadly, we just missed it, but since we missed getting on that flight, we got to witness some airport drama. After they closed the door on the earlier flight, Clay ran to the restroom and to check the gate of our flight. Connor and I hung out in the gate area waiting on him. Well, this college aged girl strolls up and makes some comment about her flight. I asked her where she was going, and she told me Greenville. When I told her they had closed the doors for that flight, she started freaking out. She tried to demand that the gate agent call the plane because it "was right there" and she should be on that flight. It was HER flight, and the plane was there, so they should open up and let her on. The agent explained there was more to it than just calling them up, and that she would not be on that plane. At one point, she walked towards one of the doors with the big red "Authorized Personnel Only" signs and the gate agent told her she was absolutely not to go out that door. The girl then tried to pick up the phone by the jetway and call someone herself. (Really?!) When that didn't work, she pleaded with the agent one more time, then just made a run for it!! Yes...she ran out the door and on the runway! The alarms started going off and the agent ran after her. Very entertaining...I have to note, though, that I was unimpressed with TSA's response time, though. We hung around to see what happened (and you case they needed an witness!). TSA came and talked to her and eventually took her away. We were interested to see if she was on the next flight out, but sure enough she wasn't. Who knows what ended up happening to her, but I think she quickly realized she did something pretty darn stupid!

And I'll close with a picture of the little guy a few days before we left for Texas...he looks so grown up!!


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mom's Night

Tonight was a Mom's Night Out. It was Ladies Night at a place in town called Accidental Artist. It is one of those places for artsy/crafty people, which I am not. I did, however, have a lot of fun, and maybe my over size mug turned out cute? And if not, I'll be the one eating my cereal out of it, so who cares!! It was nice, though, because you can bring in wine and snacks and just relax and paint. I was there for the wine. (c: Oh, and you relex and paint until the lady behind you passes out. She was diabetic (and it was hot in there...I really think that played a role), so it was good that we had some cupcakes, so they put some of the icing under her tongue. Good thing there were two doctors there!!

In other news, it snowed for the second time this month in Greenville. It stuck a little bit this morning, but it turned to rain by lunch, so it melted off. Connor apparently had a blast playing in the snow! Julie said he he couldn't really figure out what to do with his hands in his mittens and that he wanted to just eat any ice he could fine. (Ice, by the way, is a new word.)

Well, other than that, I can't believe Christmas is around the corner! YIKES!! This year has gone!

Last is where Connor decided he needed to eat his morning snack the other morning...



Thursday, December 9, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

{A boy and his dog}


An update of sorts...

We have been busy! I hate that I have put blogging on the back burner because it is my way of remembering what we are up to, so I am going to do my best to recap the last couple of weeks.

First of all, Connor went on the 22nd for his 15 month well check up, which was his actual 15 month birthday! He did great...he was 32.5 inches tall and 28 lbs 6 oz. The doc told me that there is a 90% chance he will be +/- 2 inches of 6'1". He also said that kids are typically half their adult height at the age of 2, so he would need to grow 4 inches in the next 9 months...he grew a couple of inches since his birthday, so I have a feeling he'll be right on track. He got three shots and didn't have any tears with the first two. He didn't care for the third one or the finger prick, though. The next day, he had a tough reaction to the shots. His fever spiked up over 103, even with ibuprofen. Thankfully, he was feeling better within 24 hours, just in time for our drive to Asheville.

We went to Asheville for Thanksgiving with my parents. We rented a cabin in the mountains, and it was so nice just to relax!! It was a beautiful house with amazing views, and even though it was close to 70 degrees the second day we were there, it cooled off and we were able to enjoy a cosy little fire. We enjoyed what has become a standard Thanksgiving for us: brisket! I know, I are supposed to have Turkey, but whatever! Of course, the highlight of the weekend was cheering on our Ags with finishing their season off on a high note!! We also enjoyed hiking the mountain behind our house...made me miss all the hiking and backpacking we did in WV. Oh, and Aggie was in absolute HEAVEN! She loves being outside and running around!

Connor came home from Asheville with an ear infection. Poor buddy was not feeling well. However, we got some antibiotics in him and he was doing much better a few days later. We are lucky to have Julie taking care of him during the day...she helped me through my mini-meltdown Monday morning, and loves our little boy like one of her own!

This past weekend, my mom brought my niece and nephew to visit us while Clay traveled to Chicago for work. They were here Friday - Sunday, and Connor had a blast playing with his cousins! We visited Santa and Connor had his first taste of Dippin' Dots AND CiCi's Pizza! Lucky kiddo...after they left on Sunday, we visited another Santa with some of his little friends. He never really warmed up to Santa..he didn't freak out, but he wouldn't smile, either. He just kept his eyes locked on his Mama!

Well, we are back to the routine for a couple of weeks before Christmas hits us full force! Are you ready?!?!

Here are some {ok, way too many, so I just did a slideshow of} pictures from the last couple of weeks! Enjoy...


Sunday, December 5, 2010


Hmmm...not sure if anyone has stuck around with me lately. Life has gotten in the way of blogging once again! I am actually posting this from my new, just so I could try it out, and two, because my wireless internet is acting up. More later....just wanted to drop by and say hi!
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