Monday, January 31, 2011

Little helper and "NO!"

Connor is VERY into helping out these days.  He loves taking things to the trash and putting his plate in the sink.  He loves when I come up with a new "task" for him.  This evening, I filled up Aggie's water bowl with a big cup.  Well, of course, he then wanted water from the same cup.  So, I filled it back up a little bit and let him practice drinking out of it.  Well, he took one little sip, then went and poured the rest of the water in Aggie's bowl like Mommy had just done.  Too cute.  However, a little while later, I guess he decided she was done with her water, because I was standing at the sink and turned around, and he was carrying her water bowl (spilling 98% of the fresh water she had) across the kitchen to me.  He was so proud!  (As a note, his baby sitter picks up their dog's bowls every morning, which is where he gets the idea that Aggie's need to be picked up, too!)  I thanked him and put the bowl in the sink, and he went back and got her food bowl, too!  (c:

Another thing he always wants to help me with is unloading the dishes.  I usually try to do this when he is distracted, contained or asleep!  And this is why....

Another thing Connor has started doing lately is saying "NO!"  He will just randomly say it (not always as an answer to a question...), and he says it fiercely!  I usually just try to ignore it, but sometimes I have to turn away to hide my laughing because honestly it is pretty funny!  Today, I was in the kitchen getting dinner ready and he was around the corner playing with the iPad (his latest obsession...) and he kept telling it "NO!"  I have no idea what the poor iPad was doing wrong, but he said it at least 5 times in a row!

Well, we survived our first day back to reality.  Connor settled right back into his routine like he hadn't been gone a day.  And when Cooper came to get him this morning, he said "Connor, I MISSED you!!!" Ahh...melt my heart!  Connor is one lucky kiddo with those boys!


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cowboy Boots and Bathin' Suits

Connor was rockin' his cowboy boots and bathin' suits in honor of tonight's JJW concert!


Monday, January 24, 2011

A comparison...

Here is a comparison of our little guy last year in Belize vs this year.  One thing didn't change...Mama is still holding on to him sitting on that dock.  Different reasons this year, though!  Last year he was still learning to sit up, and this year, well he is everywhere and I don't want him to take a leap off the dock!  He's having a blast here, though!!


Tuesday, January 18, 2011


So,  last night after putting Connor to bed, Clay and I were talking about our upcoming trip to Belize.  In passing, he asked what time our flight was out of Greenville.  We both thought it was 7 am, and that was that.  When I got on my computer later, though, I decided just to reconfirm what time we left.  I signed in to look at our reservation, and it looked funny!  The second half of our departure flight was not listed.  In other words, they had us going from Greenville to Charlotte this weekend, then from Belize to Charlotte and onto Greenville the following weekend.  No flight listed from Charlotte to Belize!  So, I got on the phone right away and called reservations.  After a brief conversation and several minutes on hold, I learned that US Air only flies to/from Belize once a week now.  Supposedly, they called us to tell us this.  We did get a phone call in early December telling us about a slight time change on our reservation.  But, they did not  mention that we could not get to Belize that day!  They also did not offer at that time to rebook us on the one flight they had available.  So, there we were, 5 days before our trip having to find out if we can check into our hotel early, change our flights from the mainland to the island, change Aggie's reservation to drop her off early and my parents changed their flight to get in the same day as us!  Thankfully, it all worked out, but this could have been a NIGHTMARE!  Can you imagine if I hadn't looked last night?  We cannot print our boarding passes online because of Connor, so I don't know when we would have figured this out!  Oh, and we did not get an email or anything about this change either.  Crazy!!

So now, I have one less day to pack...and considering that the one day was Saturday, I have a lot to get done before/after work this week!  Needless to say, I'll be ready for some Rum Punch when we get there...ahhh!


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Love him!

Just a quick post because I am sleepy and want to get to bed.  We had a busy weekend with a trip to Lubbock!  We got to see lots of family (Clay's side), which was wonderful.  Here is a picture I took of him riding Grandmother and Granddaddy's tricycle all dressed up and wearing his new boots!  He LOVES them!  More on the trip later....


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Since I get to make up the rules, there are some words on this Wordless Wednesday!

{Connor is learning to jump}

 {He only looks innocent}

{The bottom half shows our daredevil standing on his rocking Elmo}

{Just checking facebook, Mom}


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Like a sponge...

Connor has really been soaking things up lately...and showing off his new skills.  We are getting to the point where we really need to watch what we say!!  (For example...driving from Waco to Conroe, someone did something stupid on the road and Clay said "Woah, Woah, Woah" and what did we hear from the back seat?  "Whoa, Whoa, Whoa")  There have been a couple of other instances of him mimicking us (or Julie), too.

Earlier this fall, I had a mole removed and had stitches and now a scar on my leg.  Connor noticed it and I told him it was a boo boo.  Now, he always points to it and says "Boo Boo!"  So what did I do?  I weaseled myself into some free kisses by asking him to kiss my boo boo, which he does regularly.  Well, last night he tripped over something and got a little red mark on his hand.  Wanna know what he did the entire evening?  Kept going back and forth between me and Clay asking us to kiss his boo boo.  Then, when I went to get him from his crib this morning, the first thing he did was stick out his hand and said "boo boo".

He is also very into dipping things at meal time.  I bribed him to eat something one time by giving him ketchup.  Rookie mom mistake.  He has insisted on ketchup for several meals since then.  Today we went to brunch after church, and he refused to try the (really good) muffins.  I took the little butter cup and took all the butter out, then pretended to dip the muffin in there and he ate it no problem.  He took the cup and finished all the muffin on his plate, asking for more!  Tonight, we had homemade (healthy version) taquitos.  Of course, he wanted nothing to do with them at first.  I gave him a small bowl of salsa, and he proceeded to eat two and a half of them!

He has also learned several new words lately.  We didn't do the baby sign language for anything but "please."  Well, this is one word he won't even attempt to say...he will only sign it!  But, he is say his own version of "thank you", so that makes his mama happy.  He also is working on telling you what he wants rather than just grunting when he points.

Ok - enough stories about my little man.  Let's see if I can find any new pictures to upload!

One of Connor's Christmas gifts...a new truck!  (He didn't get it until a week after Christmas since we were traveling!)

Pass it back, Ags...

Hump it, Ags!

(Too bad that school spirit didn't help our boys win on Friday!)


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Freebie Friday anyone?

Ok, so it's not Friday anymore, but I was a little occupied crigning at watching the A&M football game, so I am posting today!  All you mamas of baby girls especially need to check this giveaway out!  (I can hope for the future, right?!)

Anyway...for the good stuff:  My friend at kelly garvey photography has teamed up with sew whimsey to give away not one, but TWO super cute headbands.  I'd suggest you go head to their sites (linked above) and their facebook pages (kgp and sw)!

Check them out and good luck!


Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 Calendar

The past two years, I have made calendars for Christmas gifts. I have fun doing it and I think they turn out super cute, so I thought I'd share!  First is the cover, then the top half of each month.  The bottom half corresponds in the design, but they don't have pictures, so not quite as exciting!

Templates found here!

Speaking of calendars, our January one is already PACKED!!