Monday, March 28, 2011

The Common Denominator

What do announcing big news, Todd Snider, Lockhart BBQ, Bluebell ice cream, Jerry Jeff Walker and  Gruene Hall all have in common?  They were all a part of our wonderful weekend!

We arrived in ATX on Saturday just before lunch.  We had an uneventful couple of flights (thank you, Connor, for being a rock star traveler!!!)  We met my parents at the airport and headed to a nearby restaurant to meet Clay's parents.  Shortly after we got there, I went to change Connor.  However, he got more than a diaper change and came out wearing this shirt:

It took a few minutes for anyone to notice what the shirt said or meant.  (My mom thought it meant we were getting a new dog!  haha)  Anyway, all the ladies cried and we started off our wonderful weekend with some wonderful news.  I am 9 weeks along, and #2 is due October 30.  If he/she is anything like their brother, though, we will have a November baby!

After lunch, I said bye bye to my little guy and he went to stay with Deb and Pop for a couple of nights. I was sad to leave him (this was the first time he had been away from both Clay and I overnight), but I knew he was in excellent hands!

We headed the other direction and went towards Gruene/New Braunsfels.  Saturday night, we went to a Todd Snider concert at Gruene Hall after dinner at the Gristmill.  Both were wonderful and both made me miss living in Texas!  Sunday morning we thankfully slept in since the concert the night before started after my usual bedtime.  Then we did a little shopping before heading to Lockhart, TX for some amazing BBQ.  My maid of honor, Deanna, is from Lockhart and I have wanted to go there ever since hearing how famous the BBQ is there.  So, we went to this place called Smitty's and it definitely lived up to it's expectations!  We devoured the food, but my mom and I managed to save room for a scoop of bluebell after lunch.  We then headed back to the hotel to relax a bit before concert #2 of the weekend at Gruene Hall:  Jerry Jeff Walker!  Thankfully, this one started earlier in the evening, so it wasn't nearly as late of a night.  It was another great concert!!  I haven't uploaded any pics from the weekend yet, so here is a cell phone pic from the JJW concert...

Monday morning, we stopped at Whataburger on our way to the airport to meet Clay's parents and pick up the little man.  The look on his face when he saw me was just precious.  It TOTALLY melted my heart.  I think being away was harder on me than it was on him, though, because he got nothing but good reports from Deb and Pop!  All in all, it was a wonderful weekend, but it's back to reality and back to work tomorrow!!


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Guest blogger!

My friend, Sarah, her mom, and her sister in law share a blog called A Teacher At Heart where they share ideas and activites to do with your little one that encourage every day learning! Sarah's little boy, Carter, is one of Connor's best friends, even though they have never met. I mean, they are both future Aggies and drive the same truck and have many of the same interests, so we know they'd be BFFs! Oh, and have I mentioned that Sarah, her hubby, Carter and their lab, Lucy, live in China?!? (Makes NC not seem so far, huh, Mom?) I love following their adventures and watching Carter grow.


Anyway, go check out my guest post (I share our Hummus recipe from Connor's recent video!) and check out all the the other posts these sweet ladies have put together.  Oh, and go ahead and bookmark it while you are there! (c:


Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Connor has a slight obsession with hummus lately. We usually make our own and he loves to help! We even had to hide the stool because he'd randomly go into the laundry room and pull it out asking to make hummus! Oh, and he is slightly distracted by the camera being out, but you get the idea!!

PS  We have watched this video almost 10 times already today and he says "more" or "again" every time it stops!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Still here...

Gosh, I have been a slacker lately!  We had a rough start to the week.  Connor was really congested, which was lead to terrible night time sleep.  (I know all you mommies on FB with newborns probably wanna tell me to shut up!)  Anyway, we were up several times a night coughing away and wanting/needing to be propped up/held/snuggled.  So, mommy had a couple of nights of less than stellar sleep.  On top of that, he shared his congestion crap with me!  Anyway, due to the recent breathing issues he had, we went back to the dr. on Thursday.  Oh my goodness...they gave us some cough medicine to use at bedtime, and we had a completely different child!  She told us it will make most kids drowsy, but there is a small percentage (10-15%) of kids that actually have the reverse reaction and it makes them HYPER!  So glad we didn't fit into that category!!

Last year, a friend of mine told me about a field in town where there are tons of daffodils.  Since I don't get to take pictures of my kid in bluebonnets (tear), I took his pictures in the daffodils last year and planned on it again this year.  We went out after church this morning, thinking we would miss the crowds by going on Sunday morning.  I had also checked when we went last year and it was exactly this time of year, plus I had been seeing the daffodils out other places.  Well, we get there, and sadly, there were hardly any flowers still out!  I don't know if it was the cooler weather we had roll in last night or what, but what a disappointment.  (There were tons right across the street, but it was pretty much a ditch, and I wasn't about to try that!)  Anyway, we took a few pictures and managed to get a couple of puny flowers in one.  Check out the comparison of 2010 vs. 2011!


Monday, March 7, 2011

Definitely our child...

We went out to dinner last night for Mexican food, which is my favorite.  Connor showed us that he is truly our child.  He LOVED the chips and salsa...just like Mommy and Daddy.  In fact, he wanted his own bowl of salsa.  And, Mom couldn't dip it for him.  (Sidenote:  He usually eats pretty healthy, so I am not worried about the occasional splurge meal!)  He also dipped his quesadilla in the salsa like such a big boy!  He was so well behaved, was nice.  There was one time we went to this restaurant when he was younger, and we ended up getting to-go boxes as soon as they delivered our food!  (To his defense, though, they didn't have enough high chairs, so I was trying to hold him and he was very much in the grabby stage!)  Tonight, we shared my leftover fajitas for dinner.  He was so proud to hold his own and eat it like Mommy!  He looked so grown up doing so.  And of course, Aggie was perched under him, just in case anything dropped:

Last night, we had some high wind that made Aggie a little nervous, so she turned to Daddy for protection.  This is how I found these two after my bath!


Saturday, March 5, 2011

We survived!

I took a trip to Morgantown for a few days this week...I always hate leaving my boys, but we all survived!!  It was a busy few days for me starting on Wednesday.  I was up at 3:30 for a 5:20 flight, straight off my flights into the car to drive an hour and a half, then in the office by 11.  I didn't leave work that evening until 7.  Long day!  I picked up some to-go dinner and vegged out on the couch for a little bit before crashing!  Then, last night I didn't get home until midnight.  I definitely went straight to bed.  I took dramamine before my first flight, and usually that knocks me out, but for some reason, I could not sleep on that flight.  Well, my next flight, I could hardly keep my eyes open after I boarded.  I was fighting to stay awake long enough to answer "yes" when asked if I am willing to help out in an emergency since I was on the emergency exit row.  (I guess I probably shouldn't have been sitting there all zonked out!)  Connor was up bright and early this morning, but that was OK - I was anxious to see him!!  He was super sweet and cuddly with me!  (c:

We started a Saturday Little Gym type class last week, so today was his second time.  He seems to enjoy it pretty well.  He is definitely the youngest in the class and doesn't quite get some of the things we do. "Circle time" is probably his least favorite time!  But, I totally saw an improvement of this week over last already, so that's good!  I haven't been brave enough to take my camera yet, but someday I will!

I don't have any new pics, but what's a post without a pic of the little man, so here is a slightly old one...he cracked me up sitting in this box to eat his snack!