Sunday, April 17, 2011

"Hey, Clay!"

So, Connor has picked up on calling Daddy by his first name.  He will still say Daddy a lot, but I hear "Hey, Clay!" from that kid all the time!  It's pretty funny to hear.  I don't know if comes so naturally because one the boys across the street is named Clay?

In other news, although we had some terrible weather on Saturday, it was a wonderful weekend.  We started with some family time on Friday.  Saturday, Connor and I went to gym class while Daddy did some work.  Saturday afternoon, we had a quick play date with one of Connor's girlfriends before heading home to brace the storm.  We had some tornadoes threatening our area, and I was overly nervous for some reason.  Me, Connor and Aggie hung out in the closet playing iPad for a little bit while Daddy watched the storm from the porch.  Yes, I pulled the mattress off the bed and brought it into the closet!  Probably a bit of overreaction, but made me feel better!!  (c:  There were reports of a tornado touch down near a school that is pretty close to our house.  Luckily, though, we were spared!!  We did get some crazy rain, but no hail or tornadoes!  YIPEE!  Then, today was BEAUTIFUL!  Hard to believe it was so bad last night.  We went to church followed by the ECU baseball game with friends and finished the day off with playing outside with the neighborhood kiddos!  We are blessed with wonderful neighbors!

Aggie coming out of our safe room!

 Connor thought it was so funny that the mattress was moved!

Tuckered out after the game!!


Thursday, April 14, 2011

A good report and other random thoughts...

So, Connor has struggled with going to the church nursery since day 1.  Well, I guess not really day 1 since we took him to service with us for a long time (mistake?!).  Anyway, I remember sitting in a class very close to the nursery last January and hearing a child wailing.  I knew it was my child!  I went to check on him and came back with red eyes.  (My husband may or may not have given me a funny look...)  Anyway,  he has never been a happy camper there.  He would never take a bottle or anything.  I always felt super guilty dropping him off...not only for his sake, but for the volunteer's sake as well.  Anyway, things have been getting better.  He has actually eaten a snack a couple of times and has played with balls for a few minutes.  Well, this past weekend, they told me he cried for LESS THAN A MINUTE!!  WAHOO!  I was so happy to hear that!  I hope things keep getting better and he gets to the point of not crying at all!  (c:  Maybe this will make his transition to pre-school in the fall a little easier?!

Other random thoughts...

-I went to the Dr. this week.  She made a comment that since Connor was so late, I most likely won't go early with #2.  I have been thinking we'll have a November baby all along.

-Connor won't wear any PJs other than his new Elmo ones.  I didn't think I'd be facing preferences like this so soon!

-I was looking at Connor's Easter Bunny picture from last year debating if we want to go back this year. Then, I realized I think that is the last time I went to the mall here!  What does that say about me and what does that say about our mall?!

-Our bedtime routine starts with either a bubble bath or shower.  (He thinks he is a big boy!!)  Anyway, if he takes a bath, he has been funny lately about telling me he's "all done" and will put up all his toys and let the water out.  He will run and find Daddy and sissy to say night night (as well as a few other random objects along the way) and runs to his room for a story.  I am enjoying this stage while it lasts!  Also, he used to hate blankets, but now he insists on sleeping with one.

-Connor is saying SO MUCH these days.  He loves to repeat things we say and will shock me with comments all the time.  (For instance, he'll tell me "Daddy work" when Daddy isn't home.  He picked up "Oh Goodness" from his baby sitter and has combined it now to be "Uh-Oh Goodness!"  He knows a lot of his colors and is getting better about identifying them.

Here are some recent pics of the little man!

Up way past his bed time at the party we hosted last weekend, but you'd never know it!

A corny "cheese"

 That's better...on our way to church!

Yummy chicken spaghetti Daddy made for dinner!


#2's Debut!

#2 wanted to make his/her debut on the ol' bloggy blog!


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cool tricks!

Connor loves to watch Yo Gabba Gabba on my iPad.  One of the things they do on there is "Cool Tricks" where kids show some cool thing they can do.  One kid does cup stacking and another kid hangs a spoon from their nose.  Well, apparently Connor has learned something from "Gabba"...


Monday, April 4, 2011


{Spring is FINALLY in the air}

What a wonderful weekend we had!  It started with my hubby actually getting home early (5:15 - gasp!) and we made homemade pizza for dinner.  I honestly don't remember what else we did that evening - maybe watched a movie or tv and went to bed early?  Sounds like us!

Saturday morning was Gym Class for Connor, then we ran to Target.  He has recently started rejecting sitting in the cart when we go shopping, so I have tried out his Becco carrier the last couple of trips, and it has worked like a charm.  He just wants me to hold him, so this allows him that feeling, but allows me to have two hands to push the cart.  He wasn't real excited about taking his nap that afternoon.  I think it was because he was happy daddy had just gotten home, which wound him up.  He finally fell asleep about an hour after his usual nap time (after a bit of a protest), but woke up 30 minutes later coughing.  When I went to get him, he fell right back asleep on me, so I just took the opportunity to snuggle with him on the couch.  Before I knew it, all four of us took a little snooze on the couch.  I bet that was an interesting site!

Sunday morning we went to Church.  We missed last week since we were in Texas, so I was a little nervous about any progress we had been making towards being happy in the nursery.  He cried when I dropped him off, but when I went to pick him up, one of the girls was waiting for me at the door to tell me how awesome he did!  He happily played by himself and was eating a snack with all the kiddos when I picked him up!  WAHOO!!  Hopefully this is a sign of things to come!!  The weekend, was of course, capped off with a WONDERFUL Lady Ag win to take them to the National Championships for the first time ever!  It was an exciting game, but a bit on the stressful side!!  It was a nail biter for sure, but we pulled it off.

Today, it was back to reality of work, but Connor started Monday off by sleeping until 6:30.  It always makes me laugh (or cringe?) when friends complain that there child was up early!  I celebrate 6:30, while they complain about it.  Oh well...being a working mommy, we get that extra hang out time in the mornings.  Plus, he is usually an excellent cuddler!  (c:

This is a long post, so I'll wrap it up, but in other news, we are 10 weeks along with #2!  It's flying by so fast already...have a wonderful week and GIG 'EM AGGIES tomorrow!!  BTHO Notre Dame!!


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Gig 'Em!

The Caswell family was all decked out in our maroon today and it paid off!!  Gig 'Em Lady Ags!!