Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Beach!

On a bit of a whim, Clay and I booked a beach front duplex in Topsail, NC.  We opted to do this instead of the traditional Mother's Day/Father's Day gifts.  We of course had to find one that is pet-friendly so Miss Aggie could join us.  Some of our friends rented the other half of the duplex.  They have two little boys:  one ~6 weeks older than Connor and one that is about to turn 5.  I am pleasantly surprised that it was a fairly relaxed trip, which I wasn't expecting with the three boys and Aggie!  We packed the car to the brim on Friday and hit the road after work.  We got there about 7 pm and it was HOT in the house.  Of course, they didn't have the AC on, so we cranked it up to try to cool the house down before bedtime.  Connor was so excited, but he went to bed really well.  Clay went out fishing that evening, but was in quickly as he was getting eaten alive by mosquitos.  (Thank goodness I carry OFF in my car...ha!)

The next morning, Connor was very ready to get on the beach.  We went on a quick run (read short, not fast!) on the beach.  I am sure I was a site to see with the stroller and Aggie!  So, a little background on our brown dog.  She is a lab.  Labs are typically water dogs.  Not ours, though.  She has always hated the water.  However, she LOVED the ocean!!  What?  I would think she would be afraid of waves, but she had a blast playing in the water.  I am sure it felt good after the run.  She did not want to go inside when it was time!

The Scarlata family arrived that afternoon and the beaching continued for the next couple of days.  The boys played great together and did well at helping keep each other occupied!  Connor (well, all the boys for that matter!) loved the water and the sand.  I was very thankful we had brought his lifejacket, as it made it easier to let him have a bit of freedom splashing in the water.  Well, enough chattering, here are some pictures from our weekend!

Our house was the middle one...the one on the far right is for sale...a cool $900K!  But, hey, it's fully furnished!

View from the porch!

Goofing around waiting on dinner!

18 weeks!

Tired boys...Connor loved hanging out with them.  Sadly, I never got a picture of all three together, though!  I also didn't manage to get a family picture!  )c:


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Initiated to the TSA Pat Down Club

I flew to Morgantown this week for a couple of days of work.  It's funny how leisurely flying seems when I don't have the little man along!  Uneventful flights and a few busy days at work.  It was good to see a lot of my friends.

When I fly out of Pittsburgh, I always go to the "Alternate Security" area.  It is  basically a second set of security lines that you walk a little further to, but the lines are always much shorter.  This time, there were two people in front of me...a family of three with a baby and another business traveler.  That's even better than Greenville's security line!  Anyway, they only had the new X-ray scanner open for the general public. There was a regular metal detector for the employees.  The lady in front of me was told to go through that since she was carrying a baby. I told the security guard that I was pregnant.  Last time, they just had me go through the metal detector and that was it.  This time, however, she tells me my only option is to "opt out". In other words, to choose the TSA pat down rather than go through the X-ray machine.  So, I didn't really have a choice since there was no way I was going to expose my little one to the X-ray.  The pat down itself wasn't bad.  The lady was very nice and even apologized that I was having to go through it after I told her why I was visiting her.  She said she would have let me go through the metal detector.  Guess I just got someone wanting to show her power!

I came home to this guy sleeping peacefully...

Well, one more day of work, then we are BEACH BOUND for the long weekend.  I am so excited!!  Enjoy your holiday weekend!!


Friday, May 20, 2011

What a big boy!

{Warning:  If you don't want to read about toddler potty moments, feel free to skip this post!  Don't worry...I haven't taken pictures for evidence!}

I haven't had the intention to potty train Connor yet.  I have always heard that boys start later.  But, several weeks ago, he started showing interest in the potty and asking to sit on the potty, so I obliged.  I bought him a little race car potty and he has gone #1 in it for a few weeks now.  Well, this morning, I noticed him squatting in our bathroom, which often means he is making a "stinky bottom"  I asked him if he wanted to sit on the potty.  Sure enough he did, and before I knew it, was went #2 in the big boy potty!!  We were both so proud!  We called Daddy then I gave him two chocolate chips as a reward.  (We didn't have M&Ms!)

So, now I am at a crossroads.  Do we go with it and try to train him now since he is showing an interest?  My concern is that we have a trip to Colorado at the end of June, and while diaper free will be nice, I am thinking diapers might actually be easier for a long day of travel.  And during a wedding.  Maybe after that, though?  If anyone has any recommendations, I'd love to hear them!

And because we all know a blog is no fun without pictures, here is a little "potty dance" picture!


Sunday, May 8, 2011

A couple of more pics...

Two posts in one day?!  Lucky you...haha!

I took a pic of my hat...

Me and the little guy before dinner!

And...the belly debut.  I have always heard that you start to show with #2+ sooner, and I think it's true for me!

Just for grins, I found the first belly pic I posted last time...looks like it was about ~16.5 weeks?


Another great weekend!

We have had another wonderful weekend...gym class, feeing the ducks (again...Hubby told me there were tons new babies, so we had to check them out) and a Derby party on Saturday.  Oh, and Connor bet on Animal Kingdom so we left richer than we arrived!  Good times.  Today we have had a nice Mother's Day going to church and hanging out as a family.  I even took a nap, and Connor fell back asleep in my bed when he woke up from his nap, so I am sitting here watching him sleep!  (c:  (Of course, I was awake by the time he fell back asleep, but I don't want to leave him in the big bed unattended, so I'm just hanging out with him...not complaining one bit!)

Anyway, here are some pictures from our weekend!

 This is probably about 1/4th of the babies out there right now...crazy!

So cute and fluffy...

Getting ready for the Derby party...his outfit was a hit!

 Safety first with this guy...even if the helmet is pink!

He is not in the mood to sit still for a picture and we look totally awkward, but it's the only one where you can see a little bit of my hat.  I got the hat for $2.50 at Target, and I added a scarf (tied in a bow) and a glitzy flowered pin that I had around the house!  I think it turned out pretty cute and not too shabby of a price!


Thursday, May 5, 2011


For many years, I slept with a bear named Snuggles.  Yes, it was THE Snuggles...you know, the fabric softner one!  Anyway, I put my beloved Snuggles on the guest bed sometime after we got married.  Well, Connor and I were playing upstairs a couple of days ago, and he discovered Snuggles!  And he loves him! He loves to play iPad with him and tonight when we were going to bed he went and got him and took him to bed.  So sweet...I'd love it Snuggles became his lovie!  (c: