Tuesday, June 28, 2011


We went to Colorado last week for my brother's wedding!  We were near Estes Park, and it was beautiful!!  The wedding was perfect and we had a nice long weekend hanging out with family.  Connor was a little bit under the weather once we got there, so he wasn't his usual chipper self, but he was still a good kiddo.

We did a little detour on our way from Denver to Estes to visit Clay's cousin, Carrie and her super adorable son, James!  They have an awesome place and Connor loved playing in their backyard!

Precious James! 
Trampoline!  And some static to go with it...

I wonder if his legs would have turned purple sitting in that like when he was 5 months old...

Connor and James!

Later that evening, the little man fell asleep at the dinner table.  A short nap on the plane combined with the 2 hour time difference hit him hard that day!  Thursday morning, we attempted to go on a family hike.  Connor did not care for riding in the backpack, though!  It was TERRIBLE!  The first 15-20 minutes were good - he kept talking about the mountians, then the crying started.  We kept hiking thinking he would stop, but it kept getting worse and worse.  My poor boys!  We eventually turned around and he got in a better mood as we started back towards the car.  He started saying "BYE MOUNTAINS!" as we walked back.

Lake Lily

Before:  we are all still happy (even though Connor looks a little concerned already!)

This pretty much sums up the experience!  )c:

We went to the park after our failed hike....they look happier here, huh?

Thursday evening, my friend (and the photographer), Kelly, along with the rest of the family all joined us in Colorado.  We had the rehearsal dinner that night, and Connor did better staying awake for the late dinner!  Friday was the wedding, and it was beautiful!!  I am ashamed to say that I did not take a SINGLE picture that day, so thankfully we had Kelly there to capture the afternoon!  Connor looked pretty darn cute in his tux and chucks!

Photo courtesy of Kelly Garvey Photography!

Saturday was spent hanging out and preparing for our trip back home and to reality.  It was a great way to end a whirlwind of a month!  I still can't believe how fast June flew by...

Crashed at the Stanley Hotel before driving back to Denver!


Monday, June 20, 2011

Mama be right back!

Connor is definitely a "Mama's Boy" and there is no denying that.  He does not like for me to leave and he loves my hair like it is his little security blankie.  95% (or more) of the time I am holding him, he has his thumb in his mouth and is twirling or playing with my hair.  That being said, we have had our challenges with separation.  Thankfully, going to Miss Julie's house has never been an issue.  He loves it there and he is so used to it.  The Church nursery?  That's another story!  He would cry and cry and cry when we dropped him off.  There was one time when the usual crowd of girls working there, and I had the dreaded happen:  his little number popped up on the red screen indicating that your child needed you.  I cried.  (To this day, I blame that on the fact that I was ~5 weeks pregnant at the time...good cover story, eh?)  The next two or three weeks, I cried dropping him off.  But, we stuck it out.  And things got better.  Now, he plays.  He has fun.  He doesn't run to me immediately when I come to pick him up.  So, you Mamas out there with kids struggling with this...it will get better!  {I totally didn't mean to go into that whole story...oh well!}

Another thing we have been working on is "Mama will be right back!"  He used to get upset if I would even leave him in the room with someone else while I did something, even for just a minute or two.  Well, I have been telling him over and over that "Mama will be right back" when I am leaving for a short time.  It's working well...he always repeats it back to be when I return.  Like saying "You were right...Mama came right back!"  In some senses it is working, but now he is starting to initiate it.  "Chocolate milk?  Please?  Mama be right back."  How can I say no to that?  (Yes, I give my child chocolate milk...I figure a little Ovaltine is better than no milk at all??)  He has me right where he wants me...wrapped around his sweet little finger!

Pulled his thumb out...he pretty much beat Grandpa's trigger finger!

Thumb is out, but notice my hair...

Ok...he wins!


And the winner is....

Congratualtions, Heidi!!  (Try not to rub it in to your sister TOO much...)  Shoot me an email at jennicaswell {at} gmail {dot} com and we'll get you set up.  If I don't hear from you by the end of the day tomorrow (6/21), I'll draw a new winner.  Thanks for playing, everyone!  


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Random pics

Just some random pictures from lately...

A little slip-n-slide fun.  No, I would not normally dress like this for a play date, but we were at a brunch after Connor's friends' dedication service and the kiddos decided that swimming was a good idea.  Of course, we obliged.

Lovin' on Lambchop...love that look!

Connor is very much into doing things on his own.  He insisted on putting his jammie shorts on the other day, and he was SO PROUD!  Too bad both legs were in one leg of the shorts...(c:

Last, but not least, Connor decided the week before his Uncle Bubba's wedding would be a good time to work on a shiner.  He was playing on the chaise lounge in our living room as I was sitting on the floor in front of him.  He must have reached for something and he fell off the chair and hit his eye on a wooden rocking horse!  Thankfully it isn't too bad, but there is some discoloration there!  (Sorry for the mouth full shot...!)


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Reveal!

Well, we have known what #2 is for a couple of weeks.  However, since both my parents and Clay's parents are here in NC together tonight, it was the perfect to time reveal the news.  (Thanks for that idea, Mom...your worst idea ever, huh?!)

Anyway, Clay's parent's got here this evening just in time for dinner.  Clay grilled out while I gave the grandparents a puzzle to work on...you know, with the answer of what #2 is.  Or, at least I let them think that.  It was a 500 piece puzzle.  Oh, and it was round and a bunch of brightly colored lady bugs.  Basically one of those fun puzzles that takes you forever to finish.  So, they worked on that till dinner was ready, then we ate dinner.  I finally got up and got dessert.  They figured out at this time that the puzzle was a hoax and dinner contained the secret!  We are excited to be having another little BOY!!

My mom is already not amused...

Connor was helping out!  He was naming all the colors...


Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Giveaway...


Ok, so I am hosting my very first GIVEAWAY!!  Sadly, I don't know if I can ever top this one, because it's a goodie!  Anyway...down to business.  My friend, Kelly, introduced me to a photography forum called Clickin Moms.  I saw a coupon code for it online one time and asked her if she knew anything about it...turned out she was a member and loved it!  So, I ended up joining!  I really enjoy it, too, even though I mainly read other people's stuff and look at all the pretty pictures they take.  Maybe someday I'll get up the nerve to post something myself.  They offer all kinds of classes ($$) and tutorials (free!) and you can post questions, pictures for feedback or editing help...pretty much anything.  There are tons of pros on there as well as every day mommies who just like taking pictures (aka ME!)   Oh, and you don't even have to be a mom to join!

Ok - so, here's the scoop....

What's the prize?  One LIFETIME membership to CM.  That is a $195 value, y'all!  (Sorry, but this applies to NEW members only!)

How do I enter?  You can have multiple entries, so leave a separate comment for each and I'll draw a winner via random.org.  The deadline to enter is June 19th, and I'll draw a winner on the 20th!  GOOD LUCK!

1 - Head over to Clickin Moms on Facebook and LIKE them.  (Or let me know you already do!)
2 - Follow this blog.  (Or let me know you already do!)
3 - Write a blog post about this giveaway

Oh, one more thing...if you don't win but decide to join anyway, please click on the banner above to join to give me "credit" for referring you!  Thanks and Gig 'Em!


PS  I am not responsible for any sudden lack of productivity if you win or decide to join this community.  I could spend hours checking stuff out!  

Friday, June 3, 2011

A sweet surprise

Several weeks ago, I decided that we needed some sort of entertainment in our back yard.  Connor loves the trampoline, playhouse and slide over at Miss Julie's, and I think he was getting bored in our back yard.  So, I started looking at swing sets.  I almost choked when I saw how expensive the nice wooden ones from Lowe's are!!  Knowing that we won't be in this house forever, we couldn't justify that!  So, I started looking at cheaper options, then on a whim, looked on Craigslist.  I found a set in Greenville that had recently been listed that seemed like a perfect option.  I emailed an inquiry, and she wrote back almost immediately telling me that two people had contacted her first, but if those fell through, she's let me know Saturday morning.  Well, we were flying to Houston Saturday morning, so I told her to email me and I'd check it Saturday when we got there and have my husband get in contact if it happened to still be available.    Turns out  she didn't hear from either of the two other people, so it was still there!  Clay was at work, so he said he'd call them later that afternoon/evening.  When he did, it was pouring out, so they agreed he'd come the next day.  When I talked to Clay on Sunday, he said he called them to go over and it turned out one of the two other people showed up to pick it up, so the swing set was gone.  I was really disappointed.  Shortly after, I got an email from the lady apologizing that it didn't work out.  I wrote her back saying I was disappointed, but I understood.  Fast forward to Monday evening when we got home.  We were greeted by dinner in the oven, a clean house and fresh flowers.  Clay and I chit chatted a bit about the day traveling Connor and I had and catching up on the weekend.  All the sudden, I noticed the play set in our backyard!!  He had gotten it after all!  How sweet!!  He even told the lady he wanted to surprise me, so she was in on it by sending that email. (Now I am really glad I didn't write back anything mean...haha!)  Anyway, Connor LOVES it, and we spend every evening after work out there!  At first he was only interested in the swing, but now that I put his pool at the base of the slide, he is all about sliding!  Great buy and great surprise!

Lucky boy...and Mommy!

Ready, set....


Connor trying to convince Aggie to come swim with him.  He was happy, too, just to let her drink from the pool!

We lost the swimsuit at some point....

They figured out Daddy was cookin' dinner!!