Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Goodnight, Irene.

I am a little late in posting this, but wanted to recap our experience with Hurricane Irene.  We live about 80 miles from the coast, and given she was such a big storm, we got our share of wind and rain!  It started Friday night with the wind picking up and rain starting.  I was actually pretty nervous going to bed that evening because there were tons of tornado warnings around eastern NC.  We slept with our TV on hoping we would hear anything important.  I remember bolting up in bed at one point because I heard "Westover", which is an area in Morgantown...guess I was listening in my sleep and heard something I recognized!

Saturday morning was more wind and rain....this would continue on for a total of about 24 hours!  We got up and had some breakfast and prepared to just hang out all day.  Shortly after 8:30, our lights flickered on and off a couple of times before settling in the off position.  Thankfully Connor didn't pay much attention to the lack of power and only asked to watch TV a couple of times.  We went upstairs at one point, and he tried to turn on the light in the stairwell as he usually does.  He looked at me funny when it didn't turn it on, and I tried to explain they weren't working.  He proceeded to tell me I needed to "charge the lights"  kinda like you would charge the iPad or something!   The day was pretty uneventful - we watched our poor little tree laying almost parallel to the ground, but it never ripped out. We did see siding rip off our neighbor's house!  The power stayed out until we started getting our camping stove out for dinner...a total of about 10 hours.  Connor and I were dancing around the house saying "We have POWER!!!" when it came back on!

Overall, we were very blessed and had no damage, other than a questionable tree out front.  We aren't sure if it will recover!  Oh, and we are still without cell phone service at our house!  The greatest wind gust recoded at the airport here was 73 mph and the area got anywhere from 9-12 inches of rain.  I didn't take too many pictures because the wind was blowing straight at our front door...

In the morning, the poor tree was leaning one way...

The the winds shifted for the rest of the storm.  Most of the day, it would stand back up with a break in the wind, but not so much by Saturday night!

This shows our view most of the day...

We got a new rocker for Levi's room, but we haven't put it in the nursery yet and it is still in our entry way...ended up being the spot of choice for storm watching.  Doesn't my hubby look thrilled?

Had to throw a pic of my other cutie in here...

Hubby attempting to fix the tree the next day.  I watched from inside!

Looking a little better...we are hoping it makes it!

Sunday was BEAUTIFUL!!  Connor definitely wanted to play outside.  Here he is taking a popsicle break...complete with chalk smeared all over his face!


Friday, August 26, 2011

Special Alert! Special Alert! {An OSO Birthday}

Connor has a couple of shows that he likes to watch these days:  Special Agent OSO, Dora and Diego, Yo Gabba Gabba and Elmo.  Oh, and then there is one called Make Baby Laugh, but that is just random (and slightly annoying, but he LOVES it!)  So, we went with Special Agent OSO for his birthday theme.  I have to make a disclaimer here, though...when I say "theme" that only applies to the invitations and cake.  I don't really go all out with decorations or anything like that.  In order to avoid kiddos nap times, we had two choices:  a morning party or a late afternoon/evening party.  We opted to go with the morning and had "breakfast with Oso".  We also had water toys and stuff in the back yard for the kiddos to play with.  The bigger kids (including Daddy) seemed to really enjoy the water balloons and water guns!  All in all, I'd say it was a fun party.  Connor loved it when we sang Happy Birthday to him and had fun opening presents.  He still tells me "I got presents!"  He also still tells you "I am going to be 2" when you ask him how old he is.  Guess I shouldn't have told him that so much leading up to his birthday! I'll overload you with pictures!

The invitation...

The cake!!  Call me crazy, but I have fun making these!  Certainly not perfect, but made with love!

The birthday boy refused to take his jammies off all morning!!

Fun chaos!

Daddy really got into the water fight!

Water balloons!  He kept calling the pink ones "piggies"

The triple threat!

Everyone signing to him!

Cupcake time!  I am sure all the parents loved me for feeding their child cupcakes at 10:30 am!  (c;

Apparently he loved the icing...that's all he ate!

Our attempt at a group picture...we were missing just a couple...

Thanks to everyone who helped us celebrate another year in Connor's life...near and far!


Monday, August 22, 2011

Two years!

Dear Connor,

Happy Birthday to our sweet baby boy!  You are such a joy to our lives.  You make us smile each and every day and have such a sweet and kind personality.   I may be a biased Mama, but I think you are pretty smart, too.  Here are some of the things I want to remember about you right now...

-You want to do everything yourself.  This means it takes us quite a bit longer to do things like get in the car or make a meal, but you are determined to "do self!" (I hear I was the same way!)  Some of your favorite things to do are make eggs (you love to crack them into a cup), put your clothes on, get into the bath and into your car seat.

-You know all your colors (even silver!) and are getting really good at your letters and counting.  You have been counting to 10 for a while, with the exception of six.  However, you have been working on fixing that and are doing really well now.  You also talk in mostly in complete sentences.  I think the longest one I have counted was 8 words!  And I love when you say "May I have...?"  Makes it hard to say no if it is something you shouldn't have!

-You are very much Mama's boy.  You LOVE my hair and love being in my lap or close by with one thumb in your mouth, the other and playing with my hair.  You constantly as me to take my hair down (another thing you have learned to do yourself - take my ponytail out!)  You are struggling with separation were doing really well at church, then we were out of town 3 weekends in a row and we have taken two steps back!  )c:  I am REALLY nervous how school is going to start in two weeks going twice a week.  Hopefully you get used to it quickly!

-You are really strong.  You have loved your gym class and it's amazing to see how much you have improved physically since you started in February.  You LOVE the trampoline and hate the pit.  You are scared of the pit...specifically the blocks.  You tell us this just about every day.  You also love to "run fast" and you are a little jumping bean.  You try to "go crazy" or do "cannonballs" on the couch....ugh!

-You love to read.  Your favorite books are ones about Jesus, which melts my heart!!

-You are showing signs of being a good big brother.  The other day, you took your new Oso bear to church with you, and when I reminded you that you had to hold my hand in the parking lot, you told Oso the same thing.  You also love to give him or Elmo a sip of milk or water and I found you changing Elmo's diaper the other day.  Tonight at dinner, there was a baby crying at the table behind us and you really wanted to go give him a paci!  I love the sweet way you say "Levi".  Oh, and you have started making kissy noises when you give kisses.  You also got a boo-boo last week and have kissed your knee several times!

Ok, I know there are a million of other things I want to remember, but this is getting long!  We love you bunches buddy (tantrums and all!) and cannot wait for many more years with you.  Just do me a favor and make time slow down a bit!  Now I need to sneak into your room and take away your new fishing pole, since you insisted taking it to bed with you!  (Your daddy loved that!)

Love, Mommy and Daddy

Hmm..."Hi, Oso"

"What's this stuff?"

"Maybe I should try it"


"Give me more sugar!!"

Loving OSO

OSO needed a kiss!


Sunday, August 14, 2011

twenty nine and elmo

Today marks 29 weeks in pregnancy #2!  Wow...this is FLYING by!!  And we still haven't decided on a name!  I am still feeling great, though, and still running a couple of miles a 3-4 times a week.  I am sure I am a site to see with my growing belly, stroller and dog!  I am excited and nervous all at the same time.  Excited, of course, to meet our new little man.  Nervous about all the changes and how Connor will react.  I know he'll be a great big brother - he is a very sweet and caring little boy.  But, I am scared of the jealousy aspect.  He's very much a mama's boy.  He loves my attention and is going to have to adjust to not getting it all the time.  I just hope and pray that he accepts the new addition to our family with open arms.  Today was an example of how he is such a caring little guy...he was taking care of his Elmo doll all afternoon.  Giving Elmo water and offering dinner.  At one point, I was in the living room talking to Clay and Connor was in our room, and I went to check on him.  He was "changing Elmo's diaper."  He also insisted that Elmo needed to take a shower with him tonight.  Oh, he was also carrying him like a baby...we may have our rough moments, but I am confidant he'll be a great big brother!!


Thursday, August 11, 2011

May I have...?

Connor is really talking...a lot.  He'll say 6 or 7 words sentences on a regular basis.  His latest thing, though, is to say "May I have {fill in the blank...chocolate milk, ipad, whatever he wants at the time}?"  We are working with getting him to add "please" to the end of that, but I have to say I am pretty shocked that he has picked that up. Must be from Julie's because I don't think I am that polite!  (c:

Switching gears...when we were in Texas, we went to Kohl's one evening.  They had big boy underwear on sale, so we bought him some to have on hand.  Well, he found these in his suitcase when we got home and insisted on putting them on.  So, I thought, "What the heck?" and let him do it.  However, he refused to sit on the potty before putting them on or when he had them on.  So, of course, he had an accident.  Thankfully, his accident was when he was sitting on a towel we had on a chair, so required minimal effort cleaning up!  But, he looked pretty darn cute (and grown up!) in his new "shorts" as he calls them.

"What are you lookin' at?"

"I'm gonna run fast!"

And one more of my boys...since Connor loves to help in the kitchen, I couldn't pass up this cute little apron!!


Travel Woes

As I mentioned, I was on the road for almost 2 weeks.  First up, I had a trip to Morgantown for work.  It's always good to get into the office and see my friends/co-workers, and this was my last opportunity to travel in this pregnancy.  (My doctor is pretty conservative about traveling in your 3rd trimester.)  Anyway, I was scheduled to leave at 6 pm out of Greenville getting into Pittsburgh at 9:30, then driving into Morgantown that evening.  Well, US Air had different plans in mind for me and I ended up not leaving Greenville until close to 9:30 and missing the last connection out of Charlotte for the evening.  They put me up in a hotel (that word is used very was more like a dump!) and I flew out the next morning.  I missed half a day of work of a 2.5 day trip.  Thankfully, my trip home was uneventful!

The day after I got home from Morgantown, Connor and I headed to Houston for a week.  Clay was traveling for work and Julie was on vacation, so we headed south instead of asking someone to come watch Connor.  Our flight out of Greenville was a little late, making our already tight connection really close!  The flight attendant told me I could ride a cart to my gate since I had to go from E to B, but I am one of those stubborn people who didn't want to ask for a ride!  So, 27 weeks pregnant, I ran through the CLT airport carrying my 30-something pound toddler.  (Who really wanted to walk, so he was squirmy!!)  We made it to the gate after 98% of the plane had boarded, so we headed straight.  Good news was as I was walking down the jetway, I checked our seat assignment and noticed we had been bumped up to first class!  I am really surprised she didn't tell us that when we checked in, but I'll take it!  (c:  So, we got to fly with a little more room and snacks (couldn't take advantage of the free drinks!) and all was good...until our luggage didn't make it!  My sweet mama stayed up all night waiting for them to deliver it...which wasn't until 4:50 the next morning!

On our way home from Texas, we were supposed to meet up with Clay in Charlotte as he was returning from his trip to Madison.  Well, that didn't work out so well.  My hubby's flight was delayed several hours out of Madison and when it was obvious he was not going to get out of there anytime soon, he rented a car and drove to Chicago to catch a connection.  Well, his new connection (because he missed his original) left 4+ hours late leaving him stranded in CLT at 1 am.  Good ol' United Airlines didn't have anyone there to arrange a hotel for him or anything.  (Thank goodness I got stranded early enough that there were still people hubby would not have handled his pregnant wife being stranded at the airport!)  Anyway, thankfully he got out on the first flight the next morning, arriving just under 24 hours late.  We were happy to see him!!

I also felt terrible because I had told Connor that we were going to meet Daddy in Charlotte.  So, he got off the plane and was running through the airport saying "I'm gonna find Daddy!" over and over and over again!  Sweet, but broke his mama's heart knowing it wasn't true anymore!

In all this, I can say we are thankful...thankful that although we have both had not so fun experiences, Connor was not with us!  {Knock on wood!!}

Ok, if you made it this far, thanks for sticking with me while I vented!  (c:  Just for that, I'll give you a picture of me and the little man snuggling as he woke up from his nap!  He loves to snuggle when he first wakes up, and I take FULL advantage of that!  (c:


Sunday, August 7, 2011


Well, after nearly two weeks on the road, I am home and POOPED!  This was my last hurrah for this pregnancy, and we don't have any plans to travel anywhere before number 2 arrives.  Well, I guess "we" isn't appropriate since Clay does have at least one trip, but I won't be going anywhere!  Anyway, I will write more about my trips and all of our flight dramas (thankfully not much of it affected Connor!!) later, but I thought I'd share this little video my mom's friend made.  She took Connor to their pool twice when we were in Texas and let me tell you - Del Lago in Conroe has a FABULOUS pool!

I'll try to not neglect the blog so much in the future!