Sunday, November 27, 2011


No doubt about it, these boys make me so incredibly happy.  Connor just LOVES his's so fun.  This afternoon, the first thing he asked about when he got up from his nap was "Where's Levi?"  He then wanted to go check on him when I told him he was napping.  So sweet.  He also tells me that Levi will get bigger and bigger and will get to play with play-dough some day.  (c:

Here are a couple of pics from our afternoon...the first afternoon of getting settled after having weeks of visitors!

Who knew old wine corks would provide so much entertainment?!

Round nap!  (He has been all about wearing jammies for his nap lately...then not wanting to change back out of them!)

I love this look!

Happy boy...

Drinking his water.

This guy snoozed through our wine cork playing session.  Of course, Mama had to turn the camera towards him, too!

The swirl...


Saturday, November 19, 2011

Levi came out to see me!

{Note:  So, I wrote this the first weekend we had Levi home...i.e. 2 weeks ago.  I never posted it because I was waiting to add some pics, and you got busy!}

I wanted to take a few minutes to remember Connor during this huge time in his life.  I will be the first to admit that one of my biggest fears during this pregnancy was how Connor would react to the new addition.  He is very much a Mommy's boy.  He is also my little buddy.  We did everything together...he's my sidekick.  I wondered how he would react to Mommy having to feed Levi and hold him and change his diaper a million times a day.  Also, how would he be when Mommy had to be in the hospital?  There wasn't a day that passed that one (or more) of these questions went through my mind.

Connor has done so well.  I am so incredibly proud of his adjustment.  Yes, he has his moments...he's two afterall, but he has taken to his big brother role like a champ.  I already mentioned that he was super cute meeting Levi in the hospital and he handled all that really well.  He was also a very good boy for my mom watching him while we were at the hospital.  In my mom's words, "He couldn't have been better!"  He has been just as great since we got home.  He asks to hold Levi and say "gentle" every time he touches him.  He gives him kisses on the head and is concerned when he cries.  He also wants everyone to give Levi back to Mommy!  He has done well adjusting to doing things with other people and without Mommy.  (For example, Daddy took him to gym class this week - something we have always done together.)

Here are some big brother quotes:
"Levi came out to see me!"
"Good morning, Sunshine!"
"He's so little" and "He's so cute!"
"Look at his bottom.  It's so little!"
When Mommy is burping Levi:  "Be gentle, Mommy."
"Mommy, Levi's crying.  Give him (either a paci or some milk)"

We did have one rough night our first week.  Connor was getting sick and was up most of the night crying for mommy.  Broke my heart to hear him, but Daddy was making sure he was OK while I tended to Levi.  (After all, Daddy can't feed Levi!)


Friday, November 11, 2011


The Dr. called Levi an overachiever today.  Apparently the little guy wants to catch up to his brother's size...he weighed in at 8 lbs and 6 oz today.  Now, that may not seem big (it's still less than Connor was at birth), but considering he was 7 lbs 8 oz a week ago, that's a huge gain.  Typically, they say newborns should be back to his or her birth weight (7 lbs 12 oz) by two weeks.  Check that one off the list!


10 days!

It's been 10 days since our newest man joined the world.  I am happy to say we are all adjusting well.  I wrote a separate post about Connor's adjustment to big brotherhood and saved it as a draft so I could add some pictures, but sadly have not gotten around to doing so yet.  Plus, I think I'll update it with the happenings since I originally wrote it.  But, in other news, things are going pretty good.  So far (knock on wood) little Levi is turning out to be a good sleeper.  I was a little worried at first because he only wanted to be held or sleep in bed with me at night.  I knew this wasn't the ideal situation, but also knew I needed some sleep in order to get up with the Connor, aka Mr. Early Riser.  So, we did what we had, but I continued to put him in the pack n play each night, even if just for a little bit.  I am happy to report that the past couple of nights he has given me one good long stretch (5+ hours) each night.  Last night, it was close to 6.  Way to go, rock star!  That certainly helps since Connor has been getting up at 5:15.  (ugh...)  He really only cries when he is hungry or needs to burp.  We go to the Dr. today for a weight check, so I'll let you know what else they say.

Oh, and this week, we had Kelly Garvey come into town to take some newborn and family pictures!  She is one of my best friends, and has been rockin' it as a photographer, so I was so excited she agreed to come see us!!  She has posted a couple of sneak peek shots here and here!

Well, that's all for now!  I'll try to be better about updating!


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Birthday, Levi!

Wow!!  I am sitting here in my hospital bed with a sleeping 14 hour old next to me.  He's a rockstar already!  Just wanted to recap his birthday since I know soon the details will be all fuzzy to me!

We checked in yesterday at 7 am to serve the little man his eviction notice.  Connor was 10 days late, so I went through this pregnancy expecting Levi to be late, too!  Luckily this time we only had to go two days over.  They started Pitocin right away, and I was having contractions pretty quick, but they were very mild and I was hardly even noticing them. This went all all morning, with Pitocin gradually increasing.  Eventually, shortly after what should have been lunch time, the Dr. came and broke my water.  I was still only 2cm at this time.  From here, contractions started getting a little more painful, but still not unbearable.  They had to get a certain amount of fluids in me before I could get an epirdural, so they started this a couple of hours after they broke my water.  By 4 pm, I had an epidural and I was feeling good!  (c:  They checked me again shortly after this and I had quickly gone to 5-6 cm.  I continued to lay blissfully unaware of contractions for a while.  At this point, Levi's heart rate was decreasing with each contraction. They came to check me again and I was already at 9.  This was less than two hours after getting the epidural.  The midwife and nurse were there and we were waiting on my Dr. to get into the room.  Things were really starting to move fast now...people were flooding into the room.  They had also noticed with my last check that there was some meconium in my water.  They kept trying to move me in different positions to see if we could stabilize his heartrate.  Epidurals make me VERY the point of I having to pick up my legs to get them to do anything, so this turning all over was kind of interesting.  They had me quickly start pushing after the doctor arrived.  At some point I heard her say "We have to get this baby on the monitor" and at some point she tells us the cord is around his neck.  They also told me that when he came out, they were going to try to keep him from crying so they could get a good deep suction to make sure he didn't swallow any meconium.  No more than 10-15 minutes, they little guy was out and whisked away.  This was hard...with Connor, I got to hold him right away.  They took little Levi to his bassinet to suction him and check him out for what felt like forever!  They were making fun of me for texting (hey, the Grandparents needed an update!), but I figured if I can't hold my little man, I may as well, right?

His official stats were:  6:00 pm - 7 lbs 12 oz and 19.5 inches long.

Since he was born at a decent time, Connor got to come meet his brother last night.  I have to say, I am so proud of how he did.  He had the biggest smile on his face and knew exactly who his brother was.  He waved at him and gave him a kiss and even "held" him for a bit.  He was very good about being gentle and was understanding when Mommy had to feed Levi.  At one point my mom was holding Levi, and Connor told her to give him back to me.  He got a little sad (and do did Mommy) when it was time to leave, but he handled it like a champ.  He has been an excellent little boy for Grandma while we have been gone, too.

I apologize now for the picture overload...
Waiting!  Both boys were delivered over Texas soil (and by a Texan!)

Not really in pain yet!

Soil under the bed...we're ready!!

Mama's first look...

The picture with Connor is almost identical!

I just love the next series of pics...I couldn't decide which ones to post, so I did most of them! 

This might be my favorite!

Ahh....,a cold cut sandwich at last!  I missed lunch meat!
PS I just looked at my outgoing texts...5:44 pm was "9 cm...making progress" then he was born at 6:00!  Sure beats pushing 3.5 hours with Connor!!