Sunday, December 18, 2011

7 years

How do you celebrate your 7th wedding anniversary when you have a 2 year old and a almost 7 week old?  You get pizza from the good place in town.  (Side story...Clay and Connor went to pick up the pizza.  They passed Little Caesar's and Connor said "Are we going someplace different?"  We don't get pizza THAT often, I promise!)  Anyway, we just had a relaxing day at home with these guys:

This is his SECOND piece...and he almost finished it!


Saturday, December 17, 2011

NO! I'm not done

Connor has been really good about going #2 in the potty lately.  (The other is a whole different story..not the least bit interested.)  In order to do so, tough, he insists on a couple of things.  First of all, he completely strips down.  Socks and all.  We are going to have to change that before he goes in a public potty!  Secondly, he insists on me going in the kitchen.  In fact, this was/is the giveaway sign if he is about to go in his diaper.  That's how I got him to start using the potty...I wouldn't leave unless he was sitting on it!  Ha!  I'll periodically go check on him and he'll either say "No!  I'm not done!"  or tell me he is all done.  Today, I quickly opened the door to snap a pic of him because he brought the iPad with him today.  Guess that's the newspaper of his generation.  (c:

{Excuse the terrible picture quality!}
"No, Mom!  Close the door!"

{Getting off to close it himself when I didn't listen!}


Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday Brain Dump

My mind is going a million directions right now.  I think it's the same for everyone, though!  Maternity leave is not relaxing trying to get ready for Christmas!  So, random thoughts from scatterbrained me...

I don't remember what I did more than 2 days ago!'s that bad.

Christmas, in particular Christmas sweets, are not helping lose this baby weight.

Speaking of Christmas candy, I made some of this and cannot stop eating it!!  I packed up all the treat bags to give away so I would not grab a bite every single time I walked by.  However, there are still crumbs that I couldn't justify throwing away.  I think the little pieces would be good on vanilla ice cream!

I need to start working out more than once a week.  I have run the past couple of weekends, but I need to figure out a way to fit it in during the week.  I forget when I can take Levi jogging in the jogging stroller...anyone?  We have the car seat adapter...

I have slowly but surely been crossing things off my do to list...wahoo!

I remember now what I did on Tuesday...went to the Dr. (6 week check up) and to the Dentist.  No cavities!

Levi has had a couple of rough days napping.  I think it has to do with us being out and about each morning.  (Remember that to-do list I mentioned?!)  Anyway, I vowed not to leave the house today and he did much better.  I think he gets overtired very easy!  We also put him to bed earlier last night and he slept like a champ.  He's had a couple of nights with 7 or 8 hour stretches between feedings, but this is definitely not the norm.  He also has a really hard time going to bed at night.  Overtired?  Not sure...I think we are going to start putting him down before Connor and see how that goes.

Connor may look like his daddy, but he sleeps like me.  Being awake feeding Levi in the wee morning hours, I have heard him talking in his sleep several times!  He's funny to watch, our new video monitor!  He is also still chatting away in bed an hour after we laid him down.  Maybe it'll help letting him stay up a bit least he is happy and not complaining about it!

And here are some pictures if you stuck with me through all my rambling.  (Or, for those who just scrolled down looking for pics!)

Connor always asks me to scoot Levi over so he can lay with him!

Connor was on a boat ride!  Very imaginative these days.

Happy Boy.

Not a good picture, but I love how you can see the smile he is giving his big brother!

Thank you, Pinterest, for keeping my child entertained!


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Way back when-sday

Linking up with Allison for her "Way back when-sday" series.

The Blogivers

Since she posted about snow I will complain post about snow, too!  I went back to see when the earliest pictures I have on this computer were and found this from December 2007 when we lived in Morgantown.  I am the first to admit that I am not a fan of snow.  Sure, it's pretty to look at and is nice to see on vacation or something, but going to work in it?  Not fun.  Driving on hilly roads?  Not fun.  Living in a townhouse where you have to escort your dog to go potty?  Not fun!  {Confession time:  I occasionally let her go pee on the balcony when it was snowy!  Shh...don't tell!}   Aggie enjoyed the snow, got her all hyped up!

Balcony of our townhouse

Looking for a place to pee?  Haha!

Didn't have kiddos to take pictures of at the time, so lots of pictures of this cute beast.
So I am not all complain-y on my first WBW post, here are some pictures of the season I loved:  FALL! I miss that time of year!

View from a random bridge on a leaf peeping drive we took.  I think I was standing out the sun roof.

Our dear friend's driveway.  We LOVED being at the farm and spent many a weekends out there.  Lots of memories!

Join in the fun and take a trip down memory lane!


Friday, December 9, 2011

Ho Ho Ho!

We took the boys last week to see Santa.  Of course Levi was oblivious, but Connor had fun!  He was shy at first, but did great and has not stopped talking about him since then!

"Say 'CHEESE!'" wasn't working, so I tried "Show me your teeth" and this is what I got!

Thanks Aldridge and Southerland for hosting the fun event!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Deja Vu

Aggie snuggled up on the couch this afternoon as I was feeding Levi.  When he was done (and milk drunk!), I wanted to send a picture to Clay to ask if he was jealous of the snuggling I was getting.  My phone wasn't within reach, but my computer was, so I opened Photo Booth to take a picture that way.  When doing so, I also looked through all the other pictures in there.  (I don't use that very much, so there weren't that many pictures.)  However, I found this and I thought it was too ironic!

2009  (Connor was 1 month, 6 days here)

Today (Levi is 1 month, 5 days!)

Deja Vu?!


Sunday, December 4, 2011

A comparison

Everyone asks me if I think the boys look alike.  I used to think so, but now after looking at these two pics, I am not so sure! 


Friday, December 2, 2011

Mr. Blue Eyes

Only time will tell if the blue will stick around...I am guessing his cheeks are here to stay!


Thursday, December 1, 2011

One Month {Already?!}

This first month has flown by.  I will probably say that each month, but it's so true!  Levi is a good little guy, and it is hard to remember life before he was a part of it.  He is a good little sleeper and eats like a champ.  In fact, we went to the Dr. today, and he weighed in at a whopping 10 lbs 11 oz.  (Yes, he did have a wet diaper at the time so you can probably knock a couple of ounces off that, but still...!)  He makes little piggy noises, which are stinkin' cute.  He is having longer stretches of being alert and happy.  For those moments where he is showing off his lungs (which he is also good at!), I have figured out that his favorite thing to do it bounce on the exercise ball.  This has been really handy in the evenings when he has a tendency to get worked up.  Even though it's still pretty one-sided, I love watching the interaction between Connor and Levi.  Oh, and he has some really blue eyes...we are wondering if they will stick around?!    Time, please slow down!

I think he looks a lot like his brother here!

Seriously, Mom?  I just want a nap!

I had to take his britches off for one...I thought they were misleading, making him look larger than he his.  He's still pretty skinny...this is a newborn outfit.
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