Sunday, January 29, 2012

Back to the Grind

I thought I posted last week about my return to work.  I had it all done, pictures uploaded and all...and I have no idea where it went.  Not posted.  Not saved.  Lost in cyberspace.

We survived our first week back.  I have so very thankful that I have a job that I love and work for a company that does many great things.  The first week was tough but good.  The transition from being home with my little man full time to leaving him with someone else is not fun.  Actually, it sucks.  But, I know this is what is best for our family at this time.  And I know once we get more settled into our routine, it'll be easier.  It's never easy, but it does get easier.

Me and the little man his first day at Tabitha's!

I took my last day on Maternity Leave to run a ton of errands and get hair cut!  Before...

After.  (Weird look on my face, but I had about 2.5 seconds before I was running out the door to pick Levi up!)

Little man was tuckered out after his first day!  This was 6 pm.  He didn't nap very well...getting better and still working on it.

And just because...big brother napping over the weekend.  He has nice lashes!  (c:


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Way back when-sday: Belize!

{For some reason this did not post least it saved, though.  I did another post earlier in the week and I thought it had published, but it did not and it only saved the first sentence!  Ugh...!}

The Blogivers
(or Thursday in my case this week!)

For this week's "Way back when-sday" I am going to take a stroll down memory lane on our trips to Belize.  I promise I am not jealous that my parents are there and I got to start back at work this week.  No, not at all...

Belize 2007
I took drinks to the concerts each night in a different fruit!  Ahh...pre-children days!

Belize 2008 - Joined by our friends, Daren and Chrissy!  (Daren is an awesome photographer, and made this slideshow that year.  I still love to go back and watch!)

For our birthday that fall, my parents won us "lunch with Jerry Jeff" at a silent auction.  We went to his house for lunch!

2009 - we didn't go because we had just moved.  Probably for the better since I ended up being preggo at the time!

Belize 2010 - Connor's first year!

Notice Connor in the bouncer while we enjoyed "Happy Hour"

My little early riser...we watched the sun rise almost every morning as we walked along the beach!

First beach!

He LOVED the hammocks!

Meeting JJW and Susan!  He was a big hit!

Belize 2011

The beard was outta control!

Mere hours before the stomach bug (which had already hit my parents) would hit us...YUCK!  Thankfully Connor was spared!