Tuesday, February 28, 2012

two and a half

{Warning:  long mom post ahead...what am I saying?  Most of my posts are mom posts!!}

Connor turned two and a half last week.  Normally, I am not a big half birthday person, but since he has a summer birthday, they celebrated his half birthday at school.  He was so excited!  He loves to tell you now that he is two and a HALF and that his birthday is August 22 (said twenty-two).

He is such a fun little guy, and we are so proud of him.  He has really grown up a lot in the past 6 months.  I think a lot of it has been thanks to school.  He was so used to either being with me or Miss Julie and this was comfortable for him.  However, he transitioned so well to school and does great following classroom rules, etc.  He is also much better now about doing things with people other than mommy or with me leaving.  He says "I won't be sad" when Clay or I tell him we have to go somewhere.  Recently when my parents were visiting, Clay and I were going to get an adult beverage and Connor wasn't quite ready for bed.  I asked him if he wanted mommy to put him to bed or if he wanted to stay up a bit and let G&G put him to bed.  He said "Bye, Mom!  Bye, Dad!"  (The next night, he opted for an early bedtime with Mommy.  I love our special time at night!)

He does well using the potty if you catch him at the right time.  He is not interested, though, in potty training.  I have the 3 day potty bootcamp book, but we never have three days in a row to work on it!

He has a very kind heart.  The other day we were snuggling in his bed when he was waking up from his nap, and out of the blue, he said "Mommy, thank you for making my room!"  How sweet and random.  Speaking of snuggling...this kid is a cuddle bug.  We still have lunch together every day and sometimes he tells me he wants to snuggle instead of eating lunch!  He also loves to go get Levi when he wakes up in the morning or from a nap.

He has a very good memory.  He will bust out with crazy stories that make you wonder how the heck he remembered that!  He is like a sponge, too, soaking up everything.  It's really fun to watch him process something.  If you tell him something new, he will repeat it back in a low voice to himself.

He is OBSESSED with Jammies (he will seriously change 4-5 times a day if we let him!) and he loves to play outside...running and playing with chalk.  He also loves the trampoline at gym class.

Now, he is 2 (and a half!), so we do have our moments.  He can be a very strong willed kiddo and can be very opinionated.  We work on how to express those opinions sometimes!

I know there are a million other things I want to remember, so I may come back and add to this.  I wanted to get it posted, though, since I am already almost a week late!  (c:

Oh, last but not least...his stats:  34.2 lbs and 38.25 inches.  He is 92% for height and 52% for BMI, so he has thinned out a bit.

"Moooommmmm!  Don't take a picture!?

He asked on the way to his appointment, "When we get to the Dr., can I sit on the chair  and play iPad?"


Monday, February 20, 2012

My Valentines

Valentine's Day didn't turn out like I imagined it would and I barely got pics of my boys in their attire. Here's the best I did...cell phone pics on the go!
Although it wasn't our best day (Levi was fighting a little bug), we had a good day and I love my little family!!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Gettin' my craft on

Thanks to Pinterest, I have been feeling quite crafty lately.  (Thanks, also to Pinterest for some yummy dinners and desserts lately!!)  I have two new toys to add to my craftiness:  Silhouette Cameo and a sewing machine!

Here are a couple of my recent projects...

Etched picture frames.  I did a few others, but didn't get pics.  I also did a 9x13 pyrex with our last name on it for Clay's mom for Christmas.

Plates for Connor's teachers for Valentine's Day.  (Excuse the fingerprints..this was before I really cleaned this!)  Of course, the plates had sugar cookies with frosting on them...my favorite!

Lounge pants for Connor!  This was my first sewing project.

Valentine's onesie for Levi.  Connor had a matching shirt, but I didn't get a pic before he wore it.

Burp cloths!  I have always thought a contoured shape would be nice and fit on your shoulder/around your neck better.  This is what I came up with...

More burp cloths and a coordinating cozy blanket!


Monday, February 13, 2012

Good big brother

Levi isn't feeling well today. When Connor got home, we were playing with his new toy (his OWN guitar!!!) and Levi was being fussy. Connor told me that Levi needed to rest. I asked him if he wanted to go in Levi's room with me so I could rock him. He said yes and we went in there. A few minutes later Levi started fussing again. Connor asked me to sing "calm" but I had no idea what he was talking about. Then, I remembered when Levi was really little and it was Christmas time, I would sing "Silent Night" to him. I guess Connor remembered "...all is calm..." because that is exactly the song he was suggesting. Best part is, it immediately calmed his brother down! Big brother intuition!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012


We have been getting settled and used to our new routine with me back to work a couple of weeks now.  Levi seems to be doing better napping and seems happy at Tabitha's.  Connor still loves his Miss Julie and enjoys having lunch with Mommy every day.  He usually does ask where Levi is, although when I repeat the question back to him, he knows the answer.  He loves him some Levi.  In fact, he gets so excited when Levi wakes up from his nap and wants to go get him...all by himself!  Haha!  I love seeing this bond the boys are making already.  I know they will have their "brotherly" moments, but it warms my heart to see them interact.

One of our favorite parts of our new routine is bath time.  "Mr. Guitar" usually joins us...Connor has a few songs that he will request over and over.  His favorite is definitely Fightin' Texas Aggie.  Poor Daddy...Connor requests that over and over and over!  Anyway, back to bath time...we all hang out in the bathroom while Connor takes his bath and Clay plays guitar.  Levi takes his bath after that and usually Connor will stay for a few minutes then him and daddy go play iPad.  I like that they get their hang out time while I get Levi ready for bed.

Another funny thing I want to remember about the big little man these days is he is absolutely obsessed with jammies.  I mean, seriously, I think we went through 4 different pairs today!  He'll just randomly be in his room taking off one pair and getting ready to put on a new one.  I actually moved the pj's from one of the top drawers to the bottom one of his dresser.  Yes, it means he can get to them easier and make more of a mess pulling them out, but at least he isn't trying to hang on the drawer to get to them!

As busy as we are, I decided to get something I have wanted for a long time:  a sewing machine!  I don't know when I expect to find the time to sew, but I have made a couple of things already (more on that later) and I have made multiple trips to JoAnn's.

And now for the fun part...pictures!

Enjoying his bumbo.  Those are some of my favorite jammies!  (c:

Snuggle time!!

I didn't intend this to be a finger painting session...

"What you lookin' at?!?"

This look cracks me up.

Connor insists on taking a bath in Levi's bath these days.  He insists on doing a lot of things Levi does!

Mr. Blue Eyes

Happy Boy!

Love that we get to use this one again!


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Date night!

My parents were in town this weekend and watched the boys while we went to dinner. Well, they actually just watched the monitor because both were in bed before we left. I wanted to go ahead and feed Levi and get him down because after pumping so much during the week, I'll do anything to avoid it on the weekends. Then, Connor wanted me to put him to bed, so he went to bed early!

Anyway, we went out and had a nice meal where I ate entirely way too much! After dinner, Clay asked if I wanted him to take me to get a drink. Well, since I already had a martini with dinner, I knew I shouldn't have anything else because of Levi. But, I wanted to take advantage of free babysitters and I remembered we were right across from the bowling alley, so I suggested bowling! Granted, I was wearing a dress, but it sounded like fun!  We hadn't been bowling since I was pregnant with Connor, and I have missed it.  We got hooked on bowling in Morgantown and ended up being in two leagues.  We met some great friends there, and even WON the league Championships in one of them.  (If you are lucky, I'll do a whole post on that someday...)  Oh, and did I mention that in winning that, our team won $1000 (split four ways, but really two ways since it was two couples!)

Yes, I was wearing a sweater dress and boots.  Exchange boots for bowling shoes and you get this:
This was taken before "Extreme Bowling" started.  Think black lights, music and a 7-8 foot (?) screen dropped down in front of our lane with music videos.  Ha!

We picked it back up well, even without our own balls and shoes.  (Don't laugh!)  Clay thinks I am weird because I was dwelling on this so much, but I could not believe how many little kids were out so late.  I am talking kids younger than 2 at the bowling alley at 11:30 pm?!  Crazy to me!  

Anyway, we had a nice weekend with my parents, as well as the time we got to spend just the two of us again.  We are not good about leaving our boys with babysitters, so with family living so far away, we don't get out on our own too often, so it's fun when we do!  (Even if it's just running to the grocery store alone...haha!)

Hope you had a good weekend!


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Three months!

Dear Levi,

Since your birthday is on the 1st, I am probably not the only person who thought today "Another month has flown by?!"

The biggest thing for this month was Mommy going back to work.  It was hard.  It still is hard, but I am getting more used to it.  Thankfully you already love Ms. Tabitha and seem to be doing well there.  Well, with the exception of napping.  This is a struggle for us and has been since Christmas time.  We are working on figuring you out, though!  You do sleep pretty well at night, though, so I can't complain!  You sleep in well in the morning, too, and we have had to wake you up most days.  I always feel so bad doing this, but you wake up all smiles!

You have started chewing on your hands and have even found your thumb several times.  You are content laying on your play mat and kicking around for good chunks of time.  You also love to be carried around, though, preferably facing out.  Oh, and the third month brought laughs!  Music to my ears.  Probably the biggest belly laugh we have gotten was from the other night when I was getting ready to put you in the bath...you love bath time!  We spend our evenings after dinner with bath for you and your brother while daddy plays guitar.  Even if you are fussy while we are eating, you are all smiles waiting for your turn in  the bath!  You know it's coming and you love that time of night.  Most evenings, you are so ready for bed you pass out eating after your bath.  You sometimes take an evening cat nap, though, and even then you go to bed well.  (Like tonight!)

One last thing to remember...you started rolling from tummy to back a couple of weeks ago.  You did it several times in a row, then haven't shown much interest to do it again.  You definitely prefer hanging out on your back vs. your tummy.  You are strong, though, and hold your head up well!

Ok...back to add a little more so I remember your schedule a bit.  You sleep from 7 or 7:30 to about 7 or 7:30, waking up to eat once, usually at 4.  As mentioned before, we have had to wake you up to go to the sitter several times.  As far as eating, you have 3-5oz bottles at Tabitha's and nurse 3 times at home (before bed, 4 am and 7-7:30 usually).

Happy three months....or, as your daddy had to point out tonight, happy quarter of a year!  Wow!