Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The rest of the weekend

In one week, we had four trips to the pediatrician, two nights in the hospital, one ambulance ride, four prescriptions and countless breathing treatments.  These things make me feel very blessed to have wonderful insurance.

Here are a couple more phone pics from our "adventure".  I still need to post about Easter, but things have been non-stop since we got home!  Yikes!

Poor kiddo was exhausted.

Glow toe!

Bed head!

A 2.5 year old eating every meal in bed...our sheets got pretty gross!  

His special stickers.

Connor wanted to do his breathing treatment "all by myself!"

He only looks sweet and innocent here...I think he was pooping.  Ha!  (He is afraid of public toilets thanks to the ones that have automatic flushers...)

Sweet boy napping.  He did good keeping his mask on awake, but he tossed and turned too much in his sleep!

New jammies from Miss Julue and the boys...and ice cream one of his nurses brought him!

Feeling better!

A little stir crazy Sunday morning.  Our sweet nurse got us the wagon and let us go for a walk through the hospital!  So sad this pic is out of focus!

So glad I don't wake up to this thing anymore!  It beeped every time his Oxygen levels dropped below 90, which was often...especially when the sensor got loose at 4 am.  

Friday, April 20, 2012

The saga continues....

So, remember yesterday when I complained about Connor coughing?  Well, we did have a long night....he was up on and off, coughing and crying.  I let him sleep with me and we did get some rest, but we were up a lot, too.  Well, this morning, off he went to his WONDERFUL baby sitter's.  (Don't judge me...she treats him just like he his one of her own, and I know God knew what he was doing when he had me send him there!)  Anyway, so I was thinking he wasn't THAT bad, because we had been to the dr. less than 24 hours before and he was fine.  Sweet Julie offered this morning to take him to the dr. to get his breathing checked.  Well, turns out he was pretty bad off.  They gave him three breathing treatments in the office and his oxygen levels were not going up.  So, they put him on oxygen in the office while they called the hospital to reserve him a room.  By this time, Clay had gone to the dr. to relieve Julie because her own son found out he had to have surgery on the arm he broke last night!  So, Clay planned on running by the house to get me and the three of us would ride to the hospital together.  Wrong.  They didn't feel comfortable taking him off oxygen to drive across town.  So, little man got to ride in an ambulance and be admitted in by the ER!  He probably would have enjoyed the ambulance ride a little more if he had been feeling better!  He loves ambulances.

So, we are resting now...he is doing MUCH better.  We still don't know if we have to stay the night.  (Before they said yes, but now are thinking he might be doing good enough to let us go...we'll see!)  He has been a rock star and has done so well letting everyone check him out.  (I hear the second breathing treatment he got was a little rough...sorry Julie!)  He's playing iPad now and hasn't complained once.  What a trooper!  

This was when he checked in.  He was already a million times better but still not quite himself.  

Thursday, April 19, 2012


This about sums up our week:

2 trips to the ear infection (Levi) one in undiagnosed tummy issue (Connor...more on that laer) and one kid who was fine at the dr then 3 hours later coughed so hard he gagged and spit up (Connor). He's now in bed with a fever and he's still coughing up a storm. Poor baby. I hope I don't have a long night ahead of me!

(This was 5:45 the middle of the living room.)

{Debbie Downer post over}

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Connor's New Trick

Connor learned something new at gym class last week!  He was so excited...problem is, he tries to practice some of his tricks at home....the couch is not a trampoline, Connor!!  It's a short video...don't blink or you might miss it!  Ha!


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Five months {a little late}

Whew!  What a hectic few weeks we are wrapping up!  I haven't traveled since Christmas (and September before that!) and I had three trips in the past 4 weeks.  Finally not going anywhere for a while! the important stuff...

What a big month Levi had!  He started his new daycare this month, and he has done really well.  They always talk about what a happy baby he is.  He smiles at everyone who comes into the room.  He's a bit of a flirt, so I think he has won the ladies over!  (c:  His naps are still sporadic, but I feel like he is in a much better environment now.  He falls asleep on his own for naps at daycare, but we are still trying to figure that out at home.  I think he knows I don't like to hear him fuss and he takes advantage of that!  Smart kiddo.  Another first for the little man was going to Morgantown with me!  I had to go for a couple of days for work and was not quite ready to leave him, so thanks to my sweet friend, Holly, for making all kinds of arrangements for people to watch him while I worked.  It was weird traveling with just him, but I had fun.  He was a trooper!!

Just a few other things:
-He has mastered the back to belly roll and does it almost every time he is laying down.  He enjoys being on his belly, but usually won't roll back to his back.
-He feet have made it to his mouth.  Just like everything else he gets his hands on.
-He's a drooler!
-Has 3 7oz. (!!) bottles at daycare and a couple of oz of formula with rice cereal at dinner time.  Nurses morning and before bed.  He's an eater, and his thighs are showing it!  He won't eat out of a spoon, though.  I have tried rice cereal with a spoon several times and he makes the worst face.  He'll take it from a bottle just fine, though.  I am not going to force the issue!
-He is super smiley and very ticklish!  Loves his brother.
-Sleeping well.  We had a tough week or so after going to Morgantown, but I rarely feed him at night anymore.  Sometimes he needs help finding his paci (maybe once a night), but he'll usually sleep 10-12 hours.
-Wears 6 month clothes and size 3 diapers.  We haven't quite found a diaper that contains him..ha!

Here are some pics of my happy dude!