Sunday, June 24, 2012

Beach Day!

We live close to the NC coast, and don't take advantage of it enough.  It's really pretty and an easy drive to do a day trip.  So, yesterday I suggested we take a quick trip over there today!  We went this morning and only stayed a couple of hours (perfect amount of time with an almost three year old and an almost 8 month old!)  We had a good time and can't wait to go back!  Connor kept saying "I'm so happy!"  Also, I really wish I could have heard what he was saying when he was telling the ocean "bye" because he went on and on talking to it.  Too funny!

{Disclaimer...these are cheap camera pics as I am too chicken to take my good one out there...especially with both boys!}


PS  When we got there today, I told Connor I loved him.  His response?  "I love you, too, Mommy.  You make my heart so happy!"  Ahhh...sweet boy.  Now, if we can only get the whining under control!  (c;

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Little One

It's never a good feeling when my cell phone rings during the day and it's day care.  Today, they called around 4:15 to let me know Levi had fallen and smacked his head on the tile floor.  He had pulled up on a bench and fell when trying to sit down.  They put ice on it and were watching him, but wanted (or probably HAD) to let us know.  They also told me that we'd have to sign an accident report when we picked him up.  That way, if we had to take him to the dr. or anything tonight, we could bring that.  Anyway, I thought it was cute what they wrote for "treatment" on his form:

Here are some more recent pictures of Mr. Levi.  Connor isn't a fan of having his picture taken these days, so I take advantage of Levi not being able to tell me "No!" like his big brother can.  Plus, I think he's pretty cute!  (c:


Monday, June 18, 2012

This weekend in pictures

Saturday morning, we spent at the pool with some friends of ours from gym class.  (No pics...we had 4 kiddos 3 and under with us...thankfully my mama was there to help!)

Saturday afternoon, we went to a wedding.  Connor was my date because my hubby was officiating the ceremony.  We made it through the bride walking down the aisle before I decided for the sake of everyone around me, we'd go observe from further away.  (c:  Connor had a blast dancing the night away.  He did not nap that day, but was still going strong at 9 pm, which is an hour later than he usually stays up.

Mini photo shoot with the one who can't tell me to "Put the camera away!"  We were waiting for Connor to get up from his nap...he had some catching up to do from the day before.

His tongue is ALWAYS out!!

My water boy...this kid LOVES it!


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Nice try

Here is a quick download of our evening routine.  After dinner as a family, the boys take baths (sometimes Connor showers instead) together.  Then I put Levi to bed while Daddy and Connor have a cookie and hang out on the couch either watching "Jerry and George" (Seinfeld) or playing iPad.  Then I come hang out a bit before putting Connor to bed.  I love bedtime.  It's my special little time with each boy!  Anyway, I explained that because as soon as Clay gets Connor's jammies on, he gets so excited about his cookie. (I randomly found some cookies call "Who knew" or something like that...they have some nutrition in them, so I don't feel like it's just an empty sweet.)  Anyway, Connor has been being a little rebellious in the potty training scene.  After being in unders for almost two months, he has started marking his territory, so to speak, around the house.  I told him today if he went potty on the floor, he would not get a cookie at bedtime.  We talked about this throughout the day and again when he had an "accident" this afternoon.  Here was our conversation this evening when I was getting baths ready:

Mommy:  "Connor, you cannot have a cookie tonight because you pottied on the floor"

Connor:  "Mommy, I love you so, soooooo much!"  {Gives BIG hug to Mommy complete with little pats on the back}  "Now can I have a cookie?"

Sorry, dude.  No cookie.  I do love you, too, though!!

Bath time lately has been...interesting.  Connor insists on taking a bath with Levi!

Doing a little reading up on Children's World.  Funny thing is when he reads it, he "reads" his memory verses from school!


Friday, June 8, 2012

Seven Months

Yet another month has flown by.  At six months,  Levi was barely starting to crawl.  Now, it's a different story!  He still hasn't learned the traditional crawl yet, but he can get anywhere he wants with the army crawl / inch worm.  He has even gotten adventuresome where he'll go out of the room we are in!  He is also a pro at getting himself into sitting position!  It was several days of me missing him doing it before I was able to actually witness it!

Levi is a pretty good sleeper.  He sleeps from 7:30 - 6:30 or 7 most nights.  We have our occasional wake up, but in general, he's pretty good.  Naps are still not very consistent.  Sometimes he'll sleep almost 3 hours, and others it's 15 minutes!  His daycare does not put them on a schedule yet.  They are just allowed to sleep when the want/need.  I am not sure when they are put on a schedule...probably when he moves up to the next room!

We have done many new foods this month.  He is not a fan of being fed from a spoon.  He already wants to be more independent!  He loves mum mums and has gotten pretty darn good at puffs, yogurt drops and cheerios.  He can pick them up easily, but he has a hard time release it in his mouth sometimes.  I gave him an ear of eaten corn (is that gross?) to gnaw on and he loved it!  He has gotten more tolerant of the spoon lately, so that is good.

Everyone he meets comments on what a happy baby he is.  He truly is a such a happy little dude.  He is very smiley and apparently is like that with everyone who comes in his room at school!  He has been giving me the pouty lip the past couple of weeks at church, but he gets over it pretty quick.  Also, I love how much he loves Connor and Aggie!  It's so fun to watch him watch them!

I can't believe we are on the downhill slope to turning 1!  Where has time gone!?

We love you, Buddy!!


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Week 2

Knock on wood, but this week has been a huge improvement for Connor at his new day care!!  I am not going to lie...last week and this weekend were rough on all of us.  Many tears were shed by him and me!  There have been fewer tears every day this week.  He didn't cry at all this morning until we were dropping Levi off.  He got sad then...he wanted to stay with his brother.  I had him help me get Levi settled then I asked if he wanted to give him a kiss before we went to his classroom.  He said no, he wanted to give him a big hug.  It was so stinkin' sweet.  Miss Madalyn (Levi's teacher) said that if Connor was a big boy and did good this morning, she'd bring him to the window to say hi when Connor was out playing.  Apparently the kid loves to hang out by the door and look in for his brother.  I just love how he finds comfort knowing his little brother is there.  Such a sweet boy!!  Oh, and when I picked him up today, he teacher said he only cried for 2-3 minutes after I left.  What an improvement from last week when he cried most of the day!  He comes up happy in the evenings, too!  (c:

{This was written yesterday and today he had another good day!}

Thanks for all the encouragement, sweet comments and prayers!

Love this boy and glad his sweet smile is back!


Friday, June 1, 2012

Date Night

I told Connor yesterday that after school today, we would go on a date to get some ice cream.  He kept telling my he didn't want to go, but I know that was only because he was trying to get out of going to school today!  

His teachers said that his mornings have been rough, but he has been doing OK in the afternoons.  He also has started eating...the first day he didn't touch his food!  I know it will get's just hard to wait.  Yesterday, he really wanted to go see Levi.  So, they let him go in and see him for a little while his class was on the playground.  Apparently, it was time for Levi's bottle, so my dear son proceeds to tell Levi's teachers how "Mommy feeds Levi with her milkers!"  He even explained the whole process. Niiiice.  I think it's sweet, though, that he finds comfort in seeing his little brother!  (c:

We had fun tonight, and it was good to have some one on one time with by big little boy.  

It was a sunroof kind of night!

ICE CREAM!  Look how puffy his eyes were...)c:

He started with a cup but then saw the cones, so we scooped what he had left into a cone.  Poor kiddo looks exhausted.  

He has missed his boys across the street.  He was really sweet tonight we saw them and they ran up and hugged each other like we haven't seen them in a month.  He has a special bond with them!

He's pumped it's Friday and no school tomorrow!!  Thanks for all your sweet words, prayers and encouragement.  I really appreciate it!!