Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Max and Ruby

Recognize these two?

Yes, those are two of Connor's friends, Max and Ruby.  He loves this show.  I made the mistake of buying a season of it on the iPad before we traveled at Easter because I thought it was cute.  Well, I thought that before spending much time watching (really, overhearing) it.  Yes, it is a cute show.  BUT, it is a BAD influence on Connor.  If you've never seen the show, Max is mischevious and only says one word...over and over again.  (The show is based on books, and I admit, I have never read the books, so I don't know how they are!)  My sweet child, who has very good language skills has started imitating Max.  He'll look at us and say "outside" or "chocolate milk" instead of using his words to ask for these things like he knows how to do.  I think we are going to have to go on a Max and Ruby detox around here!

On another note, we have hit a regression at school.  He was doing SO GOOD, but this week has been rough.  Apparently, he cried for me all day today!  What's with that?!  He did transition to his new room this week and last, so I am hoping he is just going through a transition phase, but I feel terrible for him and everyone who has to deal with him all day.  He has been pretty whiney and clingy at home, too.  I thought it was because he had gotten up early a couple days in a row, and today he slept in better, so I was thinking all was good.  He proved me wrong.  He also has a few bad looking ant bites, so maybe he just doesn't feel good?  This is one of the ant bites...there is another on his big toe, but he wasn't in a picture taking mood!

I do love this sweet boy...!

This, too, shall pass...

Saturday, August 25, 2012

All boy.

Oh, yes he does.  Is that terrible?

At least he goes in the corner, right?


PS  Nice tan, dude.

Friday, August 24, 2012


My dear, sweet Connor is THREE!  I can hardly believe it.  What a blessing this kiddo is.  I can hardy remember life without him.  

He loves sports right now.  He wants to wear a jersey or some sort of sporting attire every day.  He is very particular about his clothes, too.  If he sets his mind on something he wants to wear, there is no changing it.  Thankfully, though, his obsession has moved from jammies (he still loves them but doesn't wear 12 pairs in a day anymore) to the sports clothes.  At least he can wear those in public!  He requests "high shorts" which is basically just soccer type shorts, but I love his description.  He is also very particular about which shoes he wants to wear, and he is constantly taking his shoes off in the car!

His memory is amazing.  He will pull random things out of his head, that make me just look at him in awe.  The other day, he was telling me about the time he flushed a pig down Miss Julie's toilet and broke it.  That was a LONG time ago.  He told me it was when he was 1.  He's probably right.  Also, after his birthday party, there was an ECU hat in our living room.  Clay and I discussed the hat, trying to figure out whose it was.  Connor came in, saw it, and said "Oh look!  Clay (our neighbor) left his ECU hat!"  He did the same thing for a friend's bow we found in the toys.

Connor has a sweet and sensitive soul.  When my parents were leaving from their recent visit, my mom teared up saying bye.  Connor told her "It's OK, Grandma" and gave her a big hug.  He also sweetly will pat your back while hugging you.  When he had his rough days at school, he just wanted to be with Levi.  He gets sad now that they are both in different rooms and he doesn't get to see him when playing on the play ground any more!  

This little guy is also a BIG TIME snuggler.  I love it!  Even though he is a very active kiddo, I think he would snuggle in bed all day with me if I'd let him.  He'd play with my hair and suck his thumb.  That's his comfort place.

He also has me wrapped around his little finger.  If I tell him no to something (like a cookie), he'll look at me sweetly, with his little head tilted to one side and say "May I have a cookie, please, Mommy?" in the sweetest little voice.  He knows that gets me!  I have gotten good at saying "no" when I need to, but if it's something silly and he asks sweetly like that, I usually give in!

He uses "actually" a lot these days.  And if he doesn't want to do something, he'll tell me "Maybe tomorrow, ok?"  He has also gotten into the negotiation stage and will try to negotiate staying up later every night!  With summer, he's been going to bed about 8:30 and will sleep till 6:30 or 7.  He is going to be a tough teenager, because the few mornings we have to wake him up can be pretty tough!  Ha!  

I feel like I could go on and on about the little man.  We love him to pieces and are so very thankful God chose us to be his parents.


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Dump Truck Birthday!

Connor asked for a dump truck party this year.  For me, the extent of a theme typically includes the invites and the cake.  I don't go all out with decorations and food that tie in the theme.  But I love doing the cake!  I went the easy way out and used etsy for invites this year, and I think they turned our super cute!

{Warning:  picture overload!}

Pre-party concert

The dump truck cake!

He didn't want to wear the shirt I made him, but I convinced him to put it on quick enough to get a pic!

Fabulous bounce house/slide combo!

 Mommy and Me!

This sweet boy was so happy!

Love his expression here!

Plotting how to get the cupcakes!

Mommy setting a bad example!  After the little kids left, the big kids played!

Grandma forgot her suit, but that didn't stop her!

Annnd....he crashed!  I'd say it was a successful day!


Thursday, August 9, 2012

Brain Dump

I am SO happy these three weeks are over.  Clay was out of town two nights this week, I was gone 4 nights last week and he was gone a couple of nights the week before.  We are ready to get back to normal!  This craziness has messed with Connor going to school.  On top of that, there have been several staff changes at school, which hasn't helped.  He did great going today, so that's good!

Connor started swim lessons this week.  I was a little nervous he wouldn't like it.  He wanted "free swim" instead of structured learning.  He loves to jump in, though, so his teacher uses that as a reward. Last night, he was trying to do butterfly.  He even said that.  I guess he picked that up watching the Olympics?  Or it was a strange coincidence.

Levi popped five teeth in one month. Ouch.

Levi also had a fever (102+) for five days.  I was out of town when it started, so Clay had him the day he was the worst.  He was up to 104 that day.  This hit three days after being at the pediatrician for his well check.  Coincidence?  Oh, and it was "just a virus" topped with a little thrush.  Poor baby.

Speaking of the pediatrician...I have to complain about something.  Sure, it's great that they have "well" and "sick" waiting areas, but you all go into one of the same 6 rooms.  I think they should have well and sick ROOMS, too.  That little strip of paper only does so much.

I am the proud Aunt to new TWINS!!!!!  Emily and Joshua arrived this week and are healthy and beautiful.  I wish we lived closer, but thankful for technology.  I got to "meet" them via FaceTime before my mom could even make it down to CC.

A couple of my friends have started doing "So What Wednesday" and "Wednesday Confessionals" and I find myself nodding along to most of their comments!

We'll have a three year old in less than 2 weeks.  WHAT!?  Any his party is in 9 days and I have not done any planning at all.  Guess I should get on that!  We'll just pretends his looks as perfect as all the ones I have pinned.

Connor loves his new basketball outfit I got him.  I wish our Wal Mart was better to shop out.  I got this and several others for $3 each!  Plus, one rang up $1!!  Are you kidding me?!

Playing while his fever was down with meds...

Sick little booger bear..

Sucking on his finger after bloodwork!


Saturday, August 4, 2012

9 months!

Levi went to the Dr. a couple of days before his 9 month "birthday".  I love the 9 month appointment because there are no shots!  Yipee!!  He weighed in at 20 lbs (47%) and 27.5 inches (27%).  He said we should expect him to have a growth spurt length wise, so we'll keep watching him.  He checked out great otherwise, though.

Levi is cruising big time.  He is very active and very mobile.  He does a traditional crawl most of the time now, but still does drop to his belly and mary crawl if he gets really excited.  This is usually when he is doing something he knows he shouldn't, most often going to Aggie's bowls!  Already mischievous...ha!  He is very smiley and all around a happy kiddo.  He has become a better eater.  He loves to feed himself finger foods (black beans are a favorite), but also does well with baby food.  He still loves mum mums!

Sweet little man cut three teeth this week.  As previously mentioned, his first tooth was the top left.  Then came bottom left followed by top right.  (Since the 1st, another top one came through!)  Mama was out of town on his actual birthday, and I honestly thought he looked really different after being away four (gasp!) nights...his teeth had changed so much in that short time!  He does not enjoy teething and usually is up a couple of nights before a tooth comes through.  In general, though, he is a pretty good sleeper.  He does only take one nap a day most days, though.  What is that all about?!

One other thing I want to remember about this time, is when I am holding him and someone talks to him, he will smile bashfully and nuzzle his head in my shoulder.  I love it!

He's been sick the past couple of days, so I haven't taken an official monthly pic yet, but here are a few from his Dr. appt.