Sunday, September 30, 2012

Hi there.

Hi there.  Anyone still out there?  Life has been crazy and blogging has taken a back burner.  But, this is sort of a journal for our family, so I want to recap what we've been up to since the craziness started in August!

Last week of July:  Clay went to Iowa for a few days for work

First week of August:  I went to Morgantown for most of the week for work. (And Levi came down with his horrible!)

Second week of August:  Clay went to Blacksburg for an interview.

Rest of August:  Waiting patiently to hear from VA Tech.  Oh, and Connor's third birthday party!

August 31:  Clay gets a job offer at VA Tech!

September 1 - September 21:  Bust our booties to prep our house to go on the market.  All while starting to look at places in Blacksburg and try to find day care, etc.  We rented a storage unit and packed many boxes to de-clutter the house to get it in "show" form.  We have also made multiple trips to Salvation Army with donations!  Oh, and this happens to be one of my busiest months at work ever. Good timing.

September 26 - September 29:  Clay and I went to Blacksburg.  We spent two full days house hunting, looking at 16 or so houses.  We had a pretty successful trip, but I don't want to jinx myself, so more on that later.  (Also this week, Levi was sick again...ear infection.  Then, his antibiotics have given him a HORRIBLE diaper rash!!  Notice a trend?  Mommy leaves = Levi gets sick!!)

Now we wait.  Well, actually, now we continue packing and pray someone comes to look at our house and falls in love with it like we did.  And we pray that we can firm up daycare for the boys.  (We only got a chance to visit two places while we were there.  The first we walked out of without even talking to anyone, it was that terrible.  The second was fabulous!  I really hope we can work out a start date for them there or I don't know what we'll do!!!)

What's a post without some pictures, so, for those of you who just scrolled down...

 Levi and Connor at a birthday party for our sweet neighbor.  Levi loved the hula hoops!  I am going to have to remember that...

Connor finally agreed (well, asked) to wear the shirt I made him for his birthday.  (He wouldn't wear it on his birthday...but asked to wear it when we were going to to another birthday party!

Just mowin' the grass!

His new hobby...skate boarding!

Big boy!

Just hangin' out in the truck!

First popsicle...can you tell he loved it?!


Friday, September 14, 2012

Little Helpers

Oh, did I forget to mention we are moving?!  Yeah, life got a little hectic the last couple of weeks.  More details later, but next stop looks like it will be Blacksburg, VA!



So, last week, I was a little nervous that our daycare was going to call and tell us we were no longer welcome.  (Not really, but I have to be overdramatic about things sometimes.)

Let's start with Connor...the week before his birthday, he moved to the three year old class.  He did OK when he was just "visiting" there.  But, when it came time for him to go full time and Daddy dropped him off there, things went down hill.  Last week was week three of all out tantrums at drop off.  And lots of tears during the day.  Poor Clay had to deal with him at drop off and I usually go to pick them up.  Smart Mommy.  I think he was getting over exhausted there and was being a stinker at home, too.

Then, sweet little brother decided he was too cool for school bottles.  Last Wednesday, he started refusing his bottle.  I had put an ounce of formula in there, so I was chalking it up to that, but Thursday and Friday were more of the same!  They were able to get him to drink on Thursday by tricking him when he was falling asleep and trading his paci for his bottle.  I was also able to do that in the evenings with nursing.  (That way, I could know he was getting at least 7 oz...otherwise I have no idea how much he's eating!)  It made me sick, too, that they were having to throw out liquid gold!

This week is better.  Connor has decided to go to school happily this week.  He has still had some tears during the day, but his teacher said he's getting better.  Levi is drinking his milk...from a sippy cup and cold.  Guess he thinks he's a big boy?!  I feel better that he is getting more than just his morning and nighttime feedings!  And, that all my pumping efforts aren't just going down the drain!

Blurry iPhone pic...

Connor asks to "go on run" all the time.  He must wear headphones and this particular day insisted on being shirtless, too.

Hair cut!  He likes for them to spike his hair, but not me!

Big boy playing in the truck.  It has been BEAUTIFUL here, so we have enjoyed lots of outdoor time!


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Backyard fun

Things have been busy lately.  Work is busy.  Home is busy.  Life is just crazy.  But, I wouldn't trade it for anything!  One night this week, we hung out in the backyard...grilling, swinging and mowing.  It was nice to get out of the house (even if only in the backyard!) for a while and relax...and laugh.

I don't remember what I said that was so funny, but I love the progression here...

Daddy was mowing, so of course Connor had to help.  He loves his daddy!


10 months!

Another month has come and gone.  We have had  a busy, but good month.  The month started with Mommy's longest trip away from her boys...I was gone Tues-Saturday!  It was hard on this Mama, but my boys did great.  Levi did try to convince me to come home early by picking up a nasty virus.  Poor baby had 5 days of pretty bad fevers.  He got lots of snuggle time with his daddy.

His 6th tooth popped through either at the end of August or very beginning of September.  Levi still doesn't have much hair, but he has started getting some blonde whispies that stand straight up these days.  It's pretty darn cute if you ask me!  And that just melts my heart.  He is such a happy little guy and loves to laugh and smile.  He isn't a big fan of mama leaving the room, and when he's mad, you know.  In general, he's a pretty easy going guy.

He has started experimenting with taking a step or two from furniture to me!  It's fun, at the same time, I want to tell him to go back to sitting up without really moving.  Is that wrong?!  He also puts down food like a champ.  Seriously, this kid can eat.  He started having what "real food" he could have from the school's menu.  I don't know if he has met a food he doesn't like.  Well, except formula.  This kid does not like him some formula.

He's wearing 9-12 month clothes and size 3 diapers (4 at night).  I still don't have him wearing shoes!  I probably need to change that!  In general, he's a pretty good sleeper.  He still falls alseep with a bottle most nights, but when he doesn't he may cry for less than a minute and go to sleep.  He's only taking one nap at school, but still usually 2 on the weekends.  I guess his friends at school are more exciting than us?!

That's all for now...well, other than pics, of course!