Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Home sweet home

{"Home" will always be Texas to me.  However, we will soon have a new place to call "home"}

So, I left you hanging after our house hunting trip to Blacksburg.  We looked at 10 or 12 houses the first day.  There were a couple that we liked, but after each house, our realtor asked us to score it 1-10 and nothing that was a "10" in our book.  So, our dear, sweet Realtor did some more searching and found us a handful of other houses to look at the next day.  There was one house that we went to and just loved.  It has an open kitchen just like I want.  Great for entertaining, which we like to do.  There is a double sided fireplace that opens to the kitchen and the living room.  Plenty of room for the boys as well as an extra room we can use as my office/the guest room.  It has a beautiful yard with a great view.   We both left that house with a good feeling.  We talked about it that night.  We had a few reservations.  Afterall, this is a HUGE decision, and we don't plan on moving again any time soon.  That night I prayed about it.  I asked God to give us direction if this is the house for us.  The next morning, we had scheduled a second showing before we were due to leave town.  Again, we just loved it.  We were standing in the kitchen talk to our realtor and I randomly opened a kitchen cabinet and found this:

I knew God was talking to me and this is the house for us!



Love these boys and the relationship they are building.  Clay and I have said we are in for trouble when these boys get to the age of makin' trouble!


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Friday, October 19, 2012

Our Punkins

{Obligatory Pumpkin Patch Post}

Last weekend, it was a pretty day, so we ventured out to the Pumpkin Patch with our two lil' punkins.  We thought that if we went during the ECU game, it wouldn't be that crowded.  Well, it was still pretty crowded when we got there, but thankfully it thinned out pretty quick.  It's a fun little place with bounce houses, hay rides, mazes, animals and more.  Both boys had fun. I didn't get an good brotherly shots, but that's because I didn't want to pull C away from all the fun he was having on the bounce house slide.  The little daredevil started doing forward rolls down the slide.  Seriously, kid?!

(Levi looks like he has pumpkin on his face in all these's just goldfish!)


Monday, October 8, 2012

Someday I'll laugh about it....and a sweet Connor story

So, it's not easy having your house on the market with two little boys.  We have done pretty good keeping things picked up, but I got a little lazy this weekend.  (Clay was out of town Friday night/Saturday!)  Anyway, this morning, we kinda joked about how we had gotten out of our good habit, but that we'd pick up tonight, etc.  Fast forward to 4:45 pm.  I get a text and a phone call from the showing service and they want to schedule an appointment at 5:45.  So, I spend the next 45 minutes running around like a mad woman:  shoving all the boys' laundry I had folded but not yet put away into a basket, cleaning off and wiping down counters, putting toys back away, swiffering the kitchen, taking down Levi's chair...the list goes on.  I left the house with Aggie to pick up the boys from day care.  Clay met me there and we decided to go grab some dinner since we couldn't go home.  Did I mention it was raining?  It had been raining on and off all day, and was pretty steady starting mid afternoon.  We weren't prepared to go out to eat.  No snacks or sippy cup for Levi.  Tired kids.  Soaked Mama.  Anyway, as we are waiting on our food, we get another phone call...the CANCELLED the showing because of the RAIN!  Are you kidding me?!  IT WAS RAINING WHEN YOU MADE THE APPOINTMENT!  Ok, vent over....fingers crossed they call again tomorrow and I'll be better prepared.

So, after all the craziness tonight, like a typical 3 year old, Connor was not being a very good listener.  He was not wanting to get ready for bed while I was putting Levi to bed.  After getting Levi in bed, I just went upstairs to get out of the way so Connor wouldn't see me and get all worked up.  A little while later, he and Daddy came upstairs to talk to me and so Connor could ask me to read him his stories before bed.  We were talking about what he had been doing wrong, etc.  I told him that it makes my heart sad when he isn't being good and we have to discipline him.  He looked me so sweetly, and said "Mommy.  I know what will make your heart happy.  Jesus does.  He's in there!" He is patting my chest as he is telling me this.  He showed me where is heart is, too, and explained that Jesus was in there, too.  What a sweet boy.  I hope he always remembers that Jesus is in our heart.  All the frustration of the evening disappeared as a pulled that little boy closer in a tight hug with tears in my eyes.


Weekend in pictures

After traveling last week, it was nice to stay home.  Clay was gone all day Saturday, but the boys and I had a good day.  We went to gym class and a local ski shop had there annual sidewalk sale, so we went there, too.  Can't beat kids snowbibs for $5!  You know...since we are moving to cold weather land!

Anyway, we enjoyed the beautiful days outside!

This is the look I got when we had to go inside for a few minutes!

You can barely see it on the sides of his diaper, but check out that rash!  And that looks a lot better than it did...poor dude!

"No, Mama.  I am not tired.  I don't need a nap!"  Suuuure, honey.


Monday, October 1, 2012

Eleven Months!

Where did the month of September go!?  How is it already October and how is my baby boy already 11 months old?

Levi is such a fun kiddo.  He is also a happy kiddo and is going to make us go broke with how much he already eats.  He went on a bottle strike a couple of weeks ago at school, but we started giving him his milk cold in a sippy cup and he loves it.  There are few foods that he hasn't liked, but he doesn't like formula at all!  Here are some other things he's up to:

-Will walk from a piece of furniture to me or between two pieces of furniture.  Is not walking full time yet, though.
-Sleepting 7:30 - 7 am typically.  One day this month right as he was getting sick, he went to bed 7:30 ish and woke up at 5, which is unusual for him.  I fed him and he went back to sleep until 9.  This is unreal for any kiddo of mine!
-He absolutely loves his sister.  He plays games with her at meal time (she loves it) and he just smiles when seeing her!  He also loves his brother.  Usually the feeling is mutual, unless Levi (called "Lev", like "leave") by his brother.
-His blonde hair is finally starting to fill in.
-Still has 6 teeth.  Wearing 9-12 month clothes and size three diaper.  I still don't put shoes on the kid!  I think I am avoiding that because it'll make me feel like he's getting too big.  Ha!
-He babbles some, but isn't too much of a talker.
-Just like big brother, he LOVES to be outside.  He gets upset when it's time to go in.  He loves to swing or play in the Little Tykes school house.

We love you, sweet little boy!  Thanks for the past 11 months and we can't believe you will be a year next month!  WOW!

Ooohhh...what's this?!

So much for the sign.

This was the first attempt at taking his picture...he wasn't having it at that time!