Thursday, November 29, 2012

Another big week!

Another big week for the Caswell family...

Tubesday Tuesday:  Levi did great.  Mama did OK.  Why must I cry so easy?! lasted all of 5 minutes.  Dr. said everything went smooth and they drained green fluid from his little ears along with putting the tubes in.  He had a rough time waking up from his "special mask" but once he could eat, he was like a new kid!

Someone was not thrilled about being woken up and not allowed to eat!  He let everyone know this, too.

Trying to stay distracted while waiting.  The keys worked for a while....

Wednesday:  Got a phone call about 2pm from daycare.  Apparently, Connor thought it was funny to jump on and off his cot at nap.  Well, it was funny until he got tripped up and busted his lip.  After going back and forth talking to his teacher and the pedi, I decided to let him tough it out.  The cut was on the inside, so they wouldn't be able to do anything about it.  And, I didn't want him to get the idea in his head that if he gets hurt, Mommy comes to get him!  (Don't think I am terrible...if it was serious, you know I'd drop everything and speed over!)  Anyway, he was pretty grouchy when I picked him up, but his lip wasn't too bad.  We were talking about it on the way home and I asked him why he was jumping on his cot.  "I wanted you to pick me up at nap time!"  Mom (and cot):  1  Connor:  0

He insisted on a bandaid.  Obviously, that wasn't going to work on the actual cut, so I convinced him this was the perfect spot!!

Thursday:  Today was essentially Clay's last day of work at ECU.  He is leaving tomorrow to go to Chicago and Iowa for some work trips and gets back just a few days before the big move.  (Creepers...I have people staying with me, so don't bother!)  AND, we closed on our new house today!  Can't wait to see her in two weeks!!

View from the front porch.  So pretty...but, that's a long walk to the mailbox, and a lot of driveway to keep cleared of snow.  Good thing they threw in the snow blower for us!


Sunday, November 25, 2012

'Tis the Season

So...moving mid-December is kinda the pits.  At first, I thought not decorating for Christmas was no big deal.  But, now I am pretty sad about it!  I see people post pics of their tree and stockings and such, and I look at our house which is getting more bare by the day, and it kinda makes me sad!  So, if my house can't LOOK like Christmas, I want it to SMELL like Christmas.  Today, I started using our traditional Christmas Smelly Stuff and thought I'd share the recipe!

I have given this as a gift, too...found a cute little red sauce pan, gathered all the ingredients and sent with this "recipe" card.  Oh and one tip...the cloves.  Don't skimp on the cloves!

Thanks for sharing this with me, Mama!!


Saturday, November 24, 2012

Much happier.

I opened my blog today and saw the pitiful pics from my last post of the little man.  He is feeling MUCH better now...and is scheduled to get tubes on Tuesday!


Saturday, November 17, 2012

Big week!

Wow...what a week. Monday started off normal. At lunch time,I got a call from day care. Levi had been fine playing, ate his lunch, but now he's on fire! So, I go pick him up and head straight over to the ped's to be first for afternoon walk in hours. You see, two weeks ago we were in for an ear infection. Last week we were there for his well check and his ears looked good. We had just finished his antibiotic over the weekend, so I was frustrated that he already had a fever again. He was 102.8 and both ears were infected...again. This made his third pair of ear infections since the last weekend in September. So, they gave us a referral to and ENT and a new Rz and sent us in our way. (Remember...we are moving in a month. So just add "tubes" to our to do list!). The next two days were spent Clay and I trading off who sat on the couch holding Levi as he slept all day long. He did not want to be put down, but I don't blame him because when his ibuprofen or acetaminophen wore off, his fever would go right back up to 103-104. On top of that, we had showings Tuesday evening and Wednesday mid day. We went to dinner Tuesday during the showing because it was cold and rainy and there wasn't much else to do. Wednesday, I took Levi and my computer and went to Julie's during the appointment time. Except, I never saw anyone show up! So, we went back home and Clay came home to watch Levi so I could get some work done. The house behind us is for sale, too, and Clay texted me to tell me people were looking at that house. We came to the conclusion that they were just running behind and sure enough they showed up at our house an hour after their appt ended. Of course, we weren't going to tell them they couldn't see the house since we want to sell it, so we left again! That evening, we got a call from our Realtor with an offer!!! Wahoo! It was a little less than we wanted, so we countered.

By Thursday, Levi was coming around. Clay took him to the ENT and they confirmed our need for tubes. Thankfully they are accommodating us and our move and getting us in 11/27!

Another thing that I have been stressing about is daycare when we move. Connor got into the on we wanted, but they didn't have a spot for Levi. I didn't know what we'd do, but I kept putting it off. We did, however, go ahead and enroll Connor at this place because siblings have priority. So, yes, we are paying double daycare for Connor right now...ouch! This week, we had a different place call and ask if we wanted a spot in January, because I had put them on the waiting list there, too. We visited this place, though, when we were there and did not care for it. Attempting not to be too annoying, I emailed Connor's director just to see if she had any idea when Levi might get in. She told me I must be psychic because she was going to call me that day because they have an opening for Levi!!!! What a relief. It was His plan, I know, but apparently I needed a lesson in patience and prayer! Thursday was also spent negotiating, and eventually agreeing on the contract to sell our house!

So, what started as a stressful week turned out pretty fabulous!!

For those who would rather see the picture progression of our week:

Poor boo...

False hope he was feeling better...the meds were just doing their job!


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Another one bites the dust

I have posted about my brush with skin cancer before.  Since then, regular skin checks have been a priority.  Friday, I went back to the dermatologist to get yet another "suspicious" spot removed.  I had gotten it biopsied in the spring and it came back abnormal (not cancerous, just not normal!), so I need to go back and have an excision.  Given the location, though, I needed to wait until I was not pumping.  I remember when I talked to my doctor about rescheduling it, November seemed so far it's here!  Anyway, I had it removed Friday...a 6.2cm cut and 20 or so stitches later, it's gone.  Just praying that the repeat biopsy shows that 1 - they got all the abnormal cells and 2 - nothing had gotten worse since I waited to have it removed!  I have lost count now how many spots I have had removed, but for me, it's all about being proactive!!

I'll spare you a's pretty nasty looking!  You're welcome.


Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Dear Levi,

I am in denial.  There is no way you can already be one.  Seriously...I feel like we just brought you home from the hospital!!  How are you already a year old!?

You are such a sweet little guy.  You are a happy dude and love to smile and laugh.  Just like your brother, you have a little mischevious streak.  You love to look at me with a grin that says "I know I shouldn't be doing this, but it's fun!" and keep doing whatever it is you shouldn't be doing.  You love making noise by banging cabinets.  You look up to your brother already and he makes you smile.  You are usually a good sport when he isn't keen on sharing, but you are starting to realize that's not cool.  You started really walking early this month and love to explore the house.  You also are doing really well holding my hand and walking places like through the halls at school.  It's really sweet to see you reach up for my hand when you want me to go somewhere with you!  You also love to be outside, just like the rest of your family.

You are sleeping well (minus the ear infection we had last week) and I can't think of any food we have given you that you didn't like.  You nap great and prefer to just get in bed rather than snuggle.  We have started you on cow's milk and you drink it like a champ.

Buddy, you make my heart so happy.  Thank you for making me a mommy again and for all the wonderful memories we have made so far.  We love you more than words can say!

Love, Mommy

PS  We went to the Dr. this week.  They tortured you with 4 shots and a finger prick.  You were 29.75 inches (47%) and 24.2 lbs (69%)...little chubbs!  (c:

In a year, you have gone from this...

To this...