Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sing It, Daddy!

Let's face it, Connor has always been a Mama's boy.  His favorite past time is sitting close to me, playing with my hair and sucking his thumb.  (Ugh...I know we have to break that thumb habit one of these days...dreading it!)  Anyway, I have noticed over the last several months that he is starting to prefer Daddy over Mommy when it comes to some things.  And, he wants to do what Daddy does, wear what Daddy does, etc.  It's really cute.  Monday, he had to wear a plaid button up shirt, jeans, his belt, watch and gray shoes, just like Dad.  I convinced him to wear a long sleeve shirt under his button up ("Daddy is wearing an undershirt!"), but he later informed me that he needs a white short sleeve undershirt, since that's what Daddy wears.  This weekend, Clay was strumming his guitar, so Connor wanted his guitar and a pic to join the fun...oh, and at the end of one of the songs, I overheard him say "Sing it, Daddy!"  Too funny...

Mama was busted...


Thursday, January 17, 2013


We got our first snow as Virginia residents today.  Not going to lie...I had mixed emotions seeing the forecast.  They were calling for 6-12 inches where we are, so I was a little nervous.  But, I was kinda excited about the first snow, too!  It rained all morning, turing to sleet a little after lunch.  Clay was able to leave early for the afternoon and went to pick the boys up.  He said it started to get really bad on his way there.  He saw three cars off the road!  We live less than 5 miles from daycare!  Anyway, they got home safe and sound and I finished up my work day.  Meanwhile, it continued a steady snow.  It was pretty, but came pretty quick.  The boys loved far I love it because I haven't had to go anywhere. Tomorrow, we'll get to test out the snow blower.  (And by "we" I mean Clay!)

Oh, and best thing...we made snow cream tonight!  Connor loved it and I have to was quite delicious!

"Can we just make this ice cream already?!"

Grand total:  6.5 inches!


View from our porch

I walked down the driveway to get some pics looking back at our house!  It doesn't look like it, but these were taken at 9:30 pm!

Another view...from the front walk.


Sunday, January 13, 2013

A beautiful canvas

God has given us some beautiful sunrises and sunsets lately.  I LOVE both (plus stars, which are also great here!!)  Anyway, here are a couple of pics from recent mornings.  (These have not been edited at all!)

Connor asked if we could go touch the pretty clouds....sweet boy.


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Getting adjusted

Things are starting to feel normal around here.  We have been in our "typical" routine for a week now.  I am SO happy and proud of how the boys are adjusting to their daycare.  I was especially worried about Connor.  He doesn't do well with change and being left new places.  Starting daycare last spring was tough.  Moving to his new room at that daycare was even tougher.  So, we have been talking up his new place since we knew he got in, and the transition has been great.  Yes, he has had a few tears, but nothing like he used to.  His new teachers are so nurturing, which is what he thrives on.  Levi is doing great, too.  He has been crying this week at drop off (Daddy drops off and I pick up...I get the good end of that deal!), but they always tell me how great he did during the day and that he settles down fast in the mornings.  They also have said what an awesome napper he is...that he is usually asleep within a minute of laying down!  He's like that at bedtime at home, but not always for nap!

The house is really starting to come together, too.  Clay has done tons of work in the garage getting it organized and adding shelfs, etc.  He also added some shelfs in our closet for me.  This closet is smaller than our last one, so that really helps.  There are still several boxes that need unpacked, but we'll get there.  And I'll eventually post pictures, but it's still too messy for now!

Ok, so I know that was a boring post, but I want to remember this time.

Oh...and how 'bout them Ags?!!  What a great ending to a fabulous season!

And last an iPhone photo dump....

Sunset from our front porch

Visiting Rainbow Riders!  He's giving me a thumbs up while eating his snack.  They serve themselves (family style) their food and pour their own drinks!  Pretty impressive if you ask me!


Someone loves spaghetti!

Being silly and Deb and Pop's!

Having a snack while in Waco for Christmas.  Yes, it was warm enough to be wearing that!

My sweet boys

Enjoying the fire pit at Grandma and Grandpa's!

Guess he likes Queso...

Loving on baby Joshua!

Guess someone was a little tuckered out

Riding the carousal after getting a hair cut!

Apparently Aggie likes the new bed!

Happy New Year!

Bath time fun!

And last but not least...saw this on Facebook and had to copy it!  (c:  Apparently it was in the Ft. Worth paper this week!


Friday, January 4, 2013

Levi one year pics

Due to everything we had going on this fall, I did not get professional pics done for Levi's first birthday.  I felt terrible about it.  Before we knew when we were moving, Clay and I wanted to go home for Thanksgiving and I was going to have Kelly take his pics.  But, a December move threw a wrinkle in that plan!

Anyway, I have a decent camera and a decent lens, so I thought I'd take him out to a field by our house and try to grab a few pics to document the day.  Two months later, I am finally getting around to posting some...better late than never, right?!


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas 2012

{Warning...really long post.  Feel free to skip the chatter and just look at the pics.  Even those are long, though!}

I am struggling with even where to begin since I am so far behind in blogging.  The past four months have been crazy.  From Clay getting the job offer to busting it to get the house on the market, to Levi turning one....add in multiple ear infections, tubes, buying a house, moving,, it's been crazy.  I haven't even posted the one year pictures I took of Levi!

For now, I'll re-cap our trip to Texas for Christmas!

We flew out of Roanoke for the first time, and I have to say I was impressed.  It's a small enough airport that it wasn't a zoo and the boys could run around a bit before our flight.  It's big enough that there are options on flights, though.  Much to our surprise when we checked in (we don't check in online because it doesn't work to do that with an lap child), we had been bumped up to first class on our flight our of Charlotte.  Problem was, though, that we were in seats 2A, 3A and 3F.  Those are all window seats, spread apart.  I kindly asked someone to switch seats with Connor so he could sit with me, hoping that the person across the aisle from us would offer to also switch with Clay.  No such luck.  So, although we had good, big seats, I was essentially traveling alone with the boys since Clay was behind us and could barely help!  I should have had him sit with Connor and me and Levi be alone, but glad we didn't do that cuz the guy next to Clay was a creeper (and very intoxicated!)  Anyway...didn't mean to drag that out so long!  We finally made it to Texas with only one {stressful} meltdown.  Connor has always been a good traveler.  We did it often and he was used to it and easy to settle if he did get upset.  Levi does not have as much experience traveling and when he gets worked up, he can be hard to settle.  And, he has some lungs.  I don't even remember now what set him off (too short of a nap, maybe?), but I felt really bad.  Hopefully I am thinking it was worse than it was?  First class fail!

We did arrive in one piece, thankfully.  We had planned on going out for Mexican food on our way home from the airport, but there was a major accident on I-45, which made us going a different direction and changing up our plans a another Mexican restaurant.  I still got my fill...and my much needed margarita!!

The next day, we headed up to Waco.  We times the drive with nap time, and it worked out pretty well.  Levi was out before we even made it out of my parent's neighborhood!  We had a great time in Waco with Clay's parents, grandparents and brother.  We even got to visit with a few of Clay's friends from home, including the sweet Mrs. Sasser!  We had delicious food, ate our weight in candy (Connor may have eaten twice his weight!) and of course we got spoiled with great gifts.  We also played some Farkle and Shanghai!

Continuing his trend of being high maintenance, Levi did not do well sharing a room with us at night.  I spent every night attempting to keep him asleep in a rocking chair.  I kept reminding myself that even though I was tried and frustrated, there were so many families waking up without their babies this Christmas, so I consider myself blessed.

We headed back to Houston on Christmas Eve (again at nap time) to celebrate with my family.  I FINALLY got to meet the twins:  my niece, Emily, and nephew, Joshua.  They are absolutely precious and my brother and SIL are blessed to have such good babies!  My other brother and his family joined us on Christmas day where we again ate great food and were spoiled with gifts.  We spent a few more days in Houston and got to see a couple of friends (Hi Linds and Kel!) before heading back.

The return trip was a little stressful considering we left Houston an hour late and were only scheduled with a 55 minute layover.  This pushed Levi to his limits with wanting to nap and we started out with the screamer boarding the plane.  Ugh.  Thankfully he passed out and slept the whole time.  Also, thankfully the airlines cushion flight times and we had a nice tailwind which helped us make up time.  We ran through the airport Home Alone style and made it to our plane.  Our bags didn't get the memo that they had to hurry, though.  They were finally delivered to our house 8 hours later!

Whew...I didn't mean to go on that long!  I know there are details I left out about the trip, but I probably only have one person still reading!  I'll leave you with some pictures!

Connor's first time fishing.  He kept saying "Hey fish, BITE MY WORM!"

It was warm enough the first couple of days we could do this:

He kept yelling "Johnny Football!"

Regretting ever letting him do this....I let him do it this summer when I had both boys alone and we were swimming.  I told him he was only allowed to because we had a fence.  He was excited to see Deb and Pop have a fence, too...he did this multiple times!

Dare devil...

Attempting the imitate daddy's high school football pic.  Not sure where the pose came from!

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Happy boys seeing that Santa stuffed their stockings!

Waiting patiently to open presents in Houston!

Apparently clothes for Christmas are cool for a 3 year old...he stripped down to change right then!

All the kids under 3...4 of my parent's grandkids (of 6!) and one great-granddaughter!

Sweet Joshua

Miss Emily

Loving them some white cheeseballs (or snowballs!)