Thursday, February 21, 2013


So, one things we knew when we bought this house is that it was going to need a little painting to make  it fit us more.  For instance, all the bathrooms have wallpaper that is pretty dated.  And the kitchen has some grapes painted over the doorways and windows.  Now they are nicely done and pretty for some tastes, it's just not us.  But, that being said, I am having a hard time trying to figure out what color we should paint the kitchen!  It's a big room and opens to the living room.  (There is a double sided fireplace between the two rooms, and there are two large openings on either side.)  There is natural trim throughout the house.  I attempted to take some pictures to give you an idea of the cabinets and granite.  Both are very pretty.  Oh, and there is wood flooring.  So...what color would you do?!

Right now it's kinda a beige faux paint.  I don't have to keep the things on top of the cabinets...

Would have been nice if I had moved the highchair and my shoes, huh?  (c:

The brick is the fireplace...

I love the granite!


Friday, February 8, 2013


It's been a little bit of a stressful week around here.  Levi has been in a funk.  Every night at dinner, he would just scream and cry, like we were torturing him to try to get him to eat dinner.  Nothing would settle him down, either.  Oh, and he gets his lungs from his nickname growing up was "Lungs Larson" because I could swim the length of the swimming pool without taking a breath.  He earns the nickname for being so loud!  Anyway, it made for some stressful evenings.  Once he did calm down, he was perfectly normal taking a bath and playing.

I have been thinking about what's wrong.  I know he's getting teeth, but that doesn't explain it because he was fine eating his snack.  So, now I am thinking it was that he has been having too much snack after school/before dinner that he wasn't hungry for dinner!  Tonight, I gave him a few M&Ms in the car on the way home and then we ate dinner a little earlier than usual.  Well, he ate two full servings of dinner and he was delightful!  So much better...I hope we have figured out the issue so we can avoid dinners like we have had the past week.  I was not a fan of this new habit.

His plate and Connor's plate...CLEAN!

Connor tried his dinner and did not like it, so he asked for a sandwich.  He wanted mustard and mayo only, so that's what he got.  He devoured it.  (GROSS!)

A little post-dinner-pre-bath concert!


1 month

I usually don't talk about this kind of stuff, so I don't know why I am now, but oh well.  We'll see if I actually post it!  Ha!

I exercised through both pregnancies.  When I had Connor, the baby weight I gained, plus some, just melted off.  (Literally, my second night home from the hospital, I had to get up to pee like every 30 minutes...turns out I was finally passing all the fluids they pumped into me and I probably lost 10 pounds over night!  It was crazy!)  Anyway, I could also exercise and keep up my milk supply no problem.  Well, with sweet Levi, it was a different story.  First of all, finding the time to exercise working full time and having two little dudes was tough, and if I did find the time, I could tell it impacted my milk.  Plus, it didn't just magically disappear like the first time.  So, I kept telling myself when he was done breastfeeding, I could start working out and watching what I ate better.  Then, we decided to move in December.  So, the added stress and just the logistics of moving coupled with holidays was a recipe for disaster in the "watching what I ate" area.

Before I got married, I did Weight Watchers and I did really well with it.  It was like a game to me...counting points, thinking about what I could do with the rest of my points, etc.  I am a math nerd, so I made it fun.  I also worked out a ton living in Dallas by myself with only a few friends around.  So,  a couple weeks back when I decided I was out of excuses and needed to get my butt in gear (literally and figuratively!), I knew Weight Watchers would be a good option.  I cannot do any of the fad diets.  Juice?  No way?  Quit carbs?  I don't think so.  WW helps me keep my portions in check and helps prevent the mindless eating!  No, I don't need to finish whatever the boys leave on their plate!  No, I don't need to grab a handful of goldfish every time I walk through the kitchen.  I don't need to eat out of boredom!  I'll be honest and say I really haven't been diligent about counting my points, but just knowing I will be facing the scale every Friday makes me think about what I REALLY want to eat!  And, just observing serving sizes helps me tons...a bowl of cereal?  Easily could pour 1.5-2 servings!

At the beginning of the year, I was worried about dropping Levi's last feeding. (I still nursed him in the mornings...wanted to keep that up through the move and holidays.)  I was convinced he would have a hard time.  Well, one morning, he made the decision himself and although that made me sad to be done, I was kinda relieved!  I have taken running back up, and let me tell you...we are no longer in Eastern North Carolina!  Our neighborhood is very hilly and it kicks my butt.  The first couple of weeks, I could not get through my run without having to walk after some of the uphill portions.  This week, I did all my runs without stopping!  Wahoo!  Next week, I am planning on adding another street, which has a massive hill.  Yikes!  I know it might be hard at first and I might need to walk some, but if I keep at it, I can do it!

I think I am writing this to keep myself motivated in the future.  This past month has not been about "going on a diet", but about a lifestyle improvement.  I love how I feel.  I have more energy.  I want to eat well.  I want to exercise?  Did I eat a handful of Reese's Pieces today?  Yes, but that is OK, because it was in moderation and because that was the exception, not the norm!

I have had a great start...down 12 pounds.  Made my first goal of 10 lbs and am on my way to the next 10!  I took the pictures below one day because I was proud of myself for not letting the cold weather be an excuse!


Sunday, February 3, 2013

The boys

Since I don't do monthly posts on the boys anymore (I just kept up the first year for each), I feel like I need to be better about trying to semi-regularly document what they are up to, so I don't forget!  This will probably be boring for most of you, but it's for me anyway!  (c:

-Almost three and a half.  He has adjusted really well to the move and loves his new school.  He has learned a lot there, too.  They have family style meals, where they pass the food and serve themselves.  This includes pouring their own drinks!  He is the youngest in his class (his class is from 3.5 until they go to kindergarten), but is keeping up with the older kids just fine.
-He is generally a good eater.  Another thing they do at school is you have to try each food at least one bite.  If you don't like it after that, fine, but you need to try it.  He does this at home, too, which I think is a good habit!
-He has become more of a sleeper.  On weekends, he gets to stay up a little bit later than weekdays (9pm vs. 8:30), but he usually sleeps in now, too.  He was always an early bird when he was younger...getting up 5:30ish for the longest time.  Now we usually have to wake him up at 6:30 for school and he'll sleep until 7:30 (give or take) on the weekends.  He does occasionally get up early, though..he was up before 6 one day this week!
-He still loves being outside.  He likes the snow to a point, then is happy to go inside and get warm!  He also loves to try to eat snow...
-He is my snuggle bug.  I think he'd lay in bed with me all day if we could!  (c:  I love that he loves to snuggle.  He also is still obsessed with playing with my hair!  He also loves to read books and has a lot of them memorized.  If I go too fast and mix up a word, he'll correct me.
-He loves music.  He loves playing guitar with daddy and has most recently learned the "50 Nifty" (states) song.
-He has an awesome memory.  He'll tell stories about things that happened months or years ago.  Today, we were talking about pizza and he said "Remember that time we shared pizza on a blanket in the yard at the old house?"  So random, but he's right all the time!  He is also very observant.  Our conversations often make me laugh...the things he comes up with!  Recently, pulling into a new church parking lot, he said "Wow.  This is a really great church!"  Then that evening, after attending church (he stayed in 'big' church with us), he said "What I grow up and get Baptized, I'll be happy!"  The sermon was about when John baptized Jesus.  Not going to lie, I was impressed.
-He also has a heart of gold.  Recently, we were eating dinner and we made a recipe that Julie gave us.  (Julie is our dear friend, former neighbor and Connor's second Mommy...he stayed with her from 12 weeks until a couple months shy of his third birthday.)  Anyway, he was gobbling it up and said it was really good.  I asked him if he knew where we got the recipe, then told him it's Miss Julie's recipe.  Without missing a beat, he said "I miss her every day!"  {Tear}
-As with all three year olds, he has his moments, too.  He is very particular about his clothes and might get upset if you pick out the wrong outfit.  It took us a few days to convince him that shorts may have been able to slide in Eastern NC winter, but didn't quite work here!  Oh, and he is not a fan of my camera right now!  Unless taking a picture is his idea, of course.

-Sweet Levi is 15 months now.  He adores his big brother (mimics everything he does) and absolutely loves his sister.  He very often goes and lays on her bed with her.  Too sweet.
-He still isn't talking much, but his favorite word is definitely "Aggie!"  He'll start saying it over and over on our way home from school when we are getting close to the house.
-He is doing very well on the stairs.  He still makes me nervous because he'll get right up to the edge and just look at you and laugh.  He usually sits down, though, and goes down fine.  He has tried recently a couple of times to step down them like normal.  He's done it successfully a few times (and fell once!)
-He has 7 teeth and is working on 3-4 more!  He goes through phases sleeping well or not, which I think has a lot to do with the teeth!  He usually wakes up a little (ok, sometimes a lot!) grumpy.  He cracks me up when he sleeps, though..sprawled out on his back, with his arms folded behind his head.  He is like that just about every night!
-He is also the baby of his class at school.  His teachers say he does great, though, and interacts with the older kiddos.  They say he's one of the few who will just put himself right to sleep at nap time.  I was up there during nap the other day, and it's crazy to see how they have these little bitty kiddos sleeping on cots!  And to have 10 of them asleep at the same time is impressive to me!
-He got bit by his first friend at school the other day.  He had a nice little bruise from that!  They said he didn't do anything to instigate it...just wrong place at the wrong time.
-He has gotten fast on his feet...pretty much running!  Both boys like to run in circles from the living room through the kitchen and back.
-One of his favorite toys is my broom.  He also has a blankie and a monkey he sleeps with and has become attached to lately.
-He is usually a good eater. He eats great at school, but dinner has been a struggle the time I pick them up, they are starving, so I have been letting them have a snack in the car.  However, that makes them not want much for's a vicious cycle!
-He is not a snuggler like his brother, but he has started enjoying books more.  He'll bring one over to me, then back into my lap to sit down for me to read it.

I know there are tons of things I am missing, but I feel better to at least get this stuff down!


Saturday, February 2, 2013

Splish Splash!

I know two boys who love taking bubble baths.  We started taking baths in their bathroom when we moved here, but they discovered my bigger tub and have taken it over!  It's worth it, though...they have so much fun!