Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter 2013

We went to an Easter Celebration at church yesterday.  It wasn't your typical Easter Egg hunt.  They did a couple of other unique activities instead.  First of all, each child was given a balloon with a numbered card on it.  They had to write their name on this card, too.  All together, the kids let go of their balloons, and they are going to see whose balloon goes the farthest.  The card has contact information for whoever finds it to call in the location found.  They also had a firetruck there from the local station.  They had the ladder extended, and a fireman climbed up and "rained" candy down for the kids to gather.  Of course, Connor loved seeing the firetruck.  Problem was that a lot of the hard candy shattered when it landed!  Ooops...I think my favorite part of the day is that Connor collected a decent amount of candy, maybe 15 pieces or so.  He came back when it was all over and without any prompting from us at all, he reached in his basket and said "Here you go, Levi!" and handed half of it to his little brother who only had a piece or two.  What a kind hearted little boy.  We had wonderful weather yesterday and spent most of the afternoon outside.  It was great!  I am so ready for winter to be over!

Today, found a few surprises from the Easter Bunny, hunted eggs around the house, went to church, took naps, played as a family and ate a yummy dinner.  I didn't think it sounded like THAT much food when I was planning what we had, but we could have had 2 other families here and easily fed them!  We also made sure we talked about the real meaning of Easter and that it's not just about the bunny bringing candy!  Connor has been really into his Bible stories lately, so it was neat to see him put the story with the day.  Sadly, we didn't get any pictures dressed up for church.  We were running late, it was raining and it just wasn't in the cards.  I got a couple of them yesterday, though, so maybe that makes up for it?

Ok...picture overload time!

Someone was loving having the freedom to run around!

We had a red and a blue one...Connor kept yelling at his balloon to go the farthest.  When looking through the pictures after, he asked me which one was his!

I don't think I have posted anything about my new toy yet...I made their shirt with my new embroidery machine!

Not sure what was so funny.  Levi was cracking up!

Full sun = squinty boys!

Levi was calling for Aggie.  Connor was trying to get him to stay still and face the camera!  Ha

Traditional Easter Bunny cake!

Someone tried to refuse his nap.  Mommy snuggled with him, he fell alseep, then he didn't want to get up!

Dying Eggs!

Pretty eggs!  Made way too many, but couldn't just dye three eggs!

We like ours with a little kick...jalapeno and cherry peppers.

Happy Easter!  He is Risen!


Thursday, March 28, 2013


My poor little blog has been so neglected lately.  I feel like we have been so busy, but on the other hand, I feel like we have not really done anything blog worthy.  I guess every day life is busy, but not super exciting.  But, since I like to look back at what we were doing at different times, I'll try to document some of the things of late...exciting or not!

-After I went to NYC for a week, Clay went to Iowa.  While there, he got to see my family (Grandpa, parents, aunts) who were gathering to celebrate my Grandpa's 90th birthday.  Yep, he turns 90 on Monday.

-The Thursday I was in NYC, daycare called and had Clay come get Levi because he had a fever.  Clay swears he was fine and never got him with a fever on our thermometer.  But, he had to keep him home the next day because of the rules.  Fast forward to the next Thursday when Clay is out of town, and same thing happened.  They called and I had to go get him.  He seemed fine when I picked him up.  I could tell, though, he wasn't quite himself.  Especially when he said no to goldfish and stories at bedtime.  The next day, he napped for 4 hours 15 minutes!!!  At least that helped me get some work done.  Saturday, he still wasn't better, so I took him in.  He had white spots on his throat, but tested negative for strep, so just had to wait it out. By this time, he had diarrhea, too.  (TMI?  Sorry...)  Anyway, it wasn't until Tuesday that he was back to himself.  Poor little guy and stupid virus!

-I am going to Morgantown three times in the next month(ish).  A day trip next week, a few days mid-April (with Clay!) and then back the first weekend in May for a wedding!  Hopefully it's not too terrible of a drive.  Google has it at 4 hours 10 minutes.  Should be a pretty drive.  I hope?

-We have been trying out different churches since we moved here.  We like going to an early service.  The late one pushes too close to naps, and is just a recipe for disaster (for us!)  We were spoiled in Greenville with a great church with great children's programs.  The first couple of churches we tried here stressed me out with the kid's programs, or lack of kid's programs.  However, I think we finally found one, and I am excited about it!  They have a MOPS group for working moms and lots of things kid/family oriented.  We'll try it out a few more times before we officially make a decision to stay there, but so far so good, and that's a relief!

-We volunteered to host Muster at our house this year for the Blue Ridge A&M Club.  We have never met any Aggies here, but we love to entertain, so why not?!  Hopefully we aren't getting ourselves in over our heads.  Oh, and it's the day after we get back from one of the Morgantown trips mentioned above!  Ooops.  My parents will be here to help, so that's good!

-I am so over winter!!

Now an iPhone dump:

Two happy boys their Mama is home!

Trip to Sam's with Mommy!

Monkey see, monkey do.  Attempting to play Wii like Connor!

Our own little daffodil field in the front yard...that likely got ruined by the snow this weakend.  Grrr

Cutting molars is fun...can't you tell?!

"Matching" his clothes!

Connor likes to dress up for school every once in a while.  He picked this outfit out all by himself!

This is how he looked last Thursday when I had to pick him up for a fever.  I thought they were lying, but he went downhill from there!

Child labor laws?  Operation remove wallpaper in Master Bath is officially underway.

My booger bear on Friday morning.  Not feeling so hot.

He packed his bag, put on shoes and said he was going to Iowa!

Monkey shine was starting to feel better...getting into mischief!  (Mental note:  find a new place to put the plunger...ha!)

This is his "cheese" smile lately.  He wanted his picture taken with Snuggles and the fire tool guy.  (Notice all the tools are safely removed...)

OK..that's enough rambling for now!  Hooray for a three day weekend!!!


Saturday, March 16, 2013


We have had a busy several weeks.  Last week, I was in New York City for work.  Of course I was crazy busy the week leading up to that, and we were hit by a stomach bug not once, but twice that week!  This poor dude was toast on Monday...he took a four hour nap after not being able to keep anything (not even a single sip of water!) Sunday night.  He got round two on Thursday evening/Friday....Thankfully, Clay and I were relatively able to keep away, but I did feel pretty awful Friday night.  I woke up fine on Saturday, thank goodness!!

I was bummed the week before I left, too, because I had several 7 am meetings, which means I have to say bye to the boys early.  Clay cheered me up with this picture one morning, though.  How.stinkin.sweet.

Connor wants to be like Daddy and asked for some boxers recently.  He is officially growing up way to fast!

Gettin' some lovin' before leaving for my trip.  This was the longest I have ever left either of them, so I was pretty anxious about it!

Although we were in meetings almost all day every day, I did find a break to take a quick trip over to Times Square!

After several days of meetings, the last night is a huge black tie event.  Here, some of my colleagues and I are celebrating surviving the week!  I ended up renting a dress from (highly recommend!!)

 And this is how you eat lunch the day after being gone for a in your lap and one sharing your chair.  Love them!  (Connor was pouting about not wanting to take a nap after lunch...Mommy was exhausted and fell asleep with him, so it turned out OK!)


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Room Makeover #1 - Laundry Room

We have several rooms we want to paint in the new house.  Some, we will pay pros to do, and others we thought we'd tackle ourselves.  So, we picked the downstairs half bath to do first.  The room had wallpaper in in that was probably hung when the house was built in 1990.  We also wanted to replace the sink and toilet along with all the fixtures.  Bye bye brass!  Sadly, the stuff we ordered didn't make it here a couple of weekends ago like it was supposed to.  Clay was bummed not to have what he needed because he was ready to get to work!  I nonchalantly suggested we go pick out paint for the laundry room instead.  So, just before lunch, we all headed to Lowe's to pick out paint.  Clay got to work that afternoon was able to finish the job rather quickly.  We decided to go with something bright and fun.  Laundry is boring, so I want the room to at least make me happy.  It fits me a little better than the stencils that were there before!


Looking a little like pink eye...good thing we had drops on hand!  

Clay looks nervous...ha! 

Clay also put a new faucet can barely see it here.  I didn't take a before picture, but this one is bigger and is so handy.  

I made my first attempt at roman shades and they do NOT look at all like the picture on the kit package.  They are cute, but I learned a few things....

While Daddy painted, we enjoyed some warm weather outside!