Tuesday, May 28, 2013

{Last} Week in Review

Last week was another busy week for the Caswell family!!

Last weekend, we had our friends come visit from Ohio!  I can't believe it had been over a year since we had seen Brad, Deanna and Caden!  The boys had a blast playing with Caden and Clay and I enjoyed hanging out with and catching up with Brad and Deanna.  Great weekend overall, but that deserves it's own post once I sort through the pics!  (c:

Monday was a typical day, then Tuesday I made the trek back to Morgantown once again.  That's my 4th trip since the end of March.  It's not a bad drive...4 hours without traffic, but I have made the trip a lot more than I anticipated!  Wednesday, my department went to Pittsburgh to go to a Pirates game.  It was fun to get to hang out with the group outside of the office and away from business a bit.  We were a little worried the weather wasn't going to cooperate (threats of severe thunderstorms and a monsoon when we were leaving MGW), but it turned out perfect!  We had some interesting experiences and a few good laughs.  Thursday, I worked half a day and then hit the road back home.  The trip back was a little longer due to traffic and sporadic downpours slowing me down.  However, I made it back just in time to eat with my boys!  They were happy to see me, as I was them!  Friday, I had the day off and I did some stuff around the house while the boys went to school.  Both of their closets needed switching over to new sizes and seasons.  Then I met Clay for lunch and tried a Mexican restaurant we hadn't been to yet.  It was actually pretty good for this area!!  Clay left this afternoon to go to Charlotte to do a friend's wedding.  Here are a couple of pics from the game:

Limo ride up there...and Court has some crazy eyes!

iPhone selfy (it was pretty dark) and Greg with the photo bomb!

Awesome stadium!

A little sun poking through the clouds!

One more thing...on Wednesday, when we were on our way to the baseball game, we made a quick pit stop.  As we were leaving, I got a phone call from daycare.  It was Levi's teacher.  She told me it wasn't an emergency, but they did want to let me know that Levi had fallen while playing on the playground and he hit his forehead on the concrete.  She said he had a good goose egg and they gave him ice.  I told her I'd let Clay know since he was picking him up.  I think she felt bad...she forgot I was out of town, but I am actually glad they called me.  She said she'd give him an extra kiss for me.  A little while later, I got this pic from Clay...

Poor buddy...at least he's smiling!  It's looking pretty good almost a week later!


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Levi - 18 months!

Wow.  I can't believe my little guy is 18 months already....

This is a fun, but challenging age.  Levi is a sweet and happy kiddo, but is also already starting to practice for the dreaded terrible twos.  Ha!  Kid can throw a pretty good tantrum!  Anyway, his speech has picked up a ton in the past three months.  At his 15 month appointment, I was worried because he wasn't saying much, but now he is saying a new words all the time.  He loves to call me "Dadda" or "Daddy" even though he can say my name...stinker!  He loves to say "bye bye" and blow kisses.  He'll do both of those to the trampoline when we are done jumping!  His favorite book is The Very Quiet Cricket, but he loves to just flip to the back page and point out the crickets, moon and stars.  Then he asks for more, and repeats the process.  This kid loves bubbles, his sister and being outside.  I think he is going to be a lefty!  He's a pretty good sleeper, too.  He loves to be held and isn't a fan of eating in his highchair.  Why do that when Mommy's lap is right there?!  He also loves to grab my finger and lead me to whatever he wants to do.  He constantly gets good reports from school and just loves his teachers.  He enjoys the bath (especially with the bubbles/jets on) and he talks in his sleep.  Just like his Mama!

His "official" 18 month stats are:

Height:  34 inches (90%)  {Connor was 33.25 inches}
Weight:  24 lbs 12 oz (30%)  {Connor was 29.2 lbs}
Head:  19 cm (98%)

I have a hard time believing the height stat.  I think she mis-measured him because he is not that tall and skinny.  He has some chunk!  (c:


Monday, May 13, 2013

Catching up!

{Note:  I started this on Friday.  Finished last night, but couldn't upload the pics...so finally done today!}

I was called a blog slacker last week...no names cough cough *Holly* cough cough.  I know my poor little blog has been neglected, but it's been busy around here.

Backing up...Clay and I went to Morgantown three weeks ago for a few days, sans kiddos.  He went to speak at WVU and teach a class or two, and I tagged along for a free ride to go get a visit to the office in.  He hadn't been back since we moved in 2008, so it was fun for him to see how much has changed. It was a whirlwind of a trip!  The boys enjoyed their time with Grandma and Grandpa, too!  We came back that Saturday to host Muster.  We were wanting to meet some local Aggies, and what better way to do so than have ~30 of them at your house?!  (c:  It was so fun.  I got goosebumps hearing The War Hymn and The Spirit and the traditional Muster Readings.  So thankful to be an Aggie.  Oh, and the brisket....Hubs did an outstanding job there!!

The afternoon, things started going downhill.  I wasn't feeling the greatest that morning, but by the time everyone left, I was wiped. No fever, but aches, chills and lung issues.  I could not take a deep breath.  I took some drugs and went to bed early that night.  Sunday wasn't much better, but I started on a z-pack, so I had good hopes.  It wasn't until Friday that I really was feeling like myself again!  Crazy!  Just in time for the next big weekend...

That Friday, Clay's parent's came into town!  We had a great time visiting with them and the boys were so excited to see them, too.  We had some friends from church over Saturday night that are getting ready to move to Waco.  So, it was good for them to meet Clay's parents and chat about the area, etc.  They headed out on Tuesday morning and were able to stop in Asheville at the Biltmore to see some of the pretty spring flowers.

The next Friday (we are up to last weekend now!), my mom (yes, she came back!), Connor and I headed up to Morgantown for a wedding!!  It was nice for Connor to get to do something special, and I enjoyed the time with just him without the distraction of his little brother.  Levi and Daddy stayed home to hold the fort down.  We swung by work so Connor could meet my friends, went to dinner, swam in the hotel pool and just had fun!  It was a BEAUTIFUL day for a wedding.  We had some time to kill between check out and the wedding, so we went and had a snack/drink on the river.

We drove back that evening after the wedding.  We had to leave early, which I was bummed about, but we didn't get home until midnight, so I am glad we left when we did.  We needed to get home so we could get to church the next morning for the Children's Service.  Each Sunday School did a little presentation...Connor's class (as you saw in the video below) recited John 3:16.  He did great and was so stinkin' cute.  He was all dressed up two days in a row.  I loved it!

My mom left Monday and now here we are to the weekend again!  We didn't have much planned this weekend and have enjoyed just being for once.  I did have a great Mother's Day with my boys and we had some people over from Clay's work for dinner, but it was overall a relaxing weekend!

Overdue on pictures, so there are quite a few...

Muster 2013!

Meeting Macey.  The week old goat!

Connor's class has a traveling gnome, Keebler.  Kids can take him on trips with them this summer and take pictures to bring back to show their friends! He joined their class at the perfect time - the week before our weekend get away!

First time in the pool this year.  He was a little nervous/timid at first.  His nervous laugh was cracking me up!

Getting braver...


On the rail trail...one of the things I miss the most about Morgantown!

 Hanging with Uncle Mel!

Keebler was thirsty...this pic did NOT make it to school.  Ha!

Pre-sale shopping at my friend's garage sale....Connor wanted anything and everything!


I didn't get any good pics at Children's Sermon...this was the best I got.

We needed a more recent family pic!

 I love kids in chucks.  And PJs.  Better yet both.

Helping daddy clean the hop water kegs!

So intense.

Daddy's little helpers.

Lovin' his new clothes from the Coxi!  And his boots...again.

 Some other randoms...little boy feet dirty from playing outside barefoot all afternoon.

Best.toy.ever.  They love it!

Look at that smile.  Love.