Thursday, June 27, 2013


This year is the first year Connor has attended VBS.  Thankfully our church takes working families into consideration and has it in the evenings.  While it's been a week of late nights for the C-Dog (one of his many nicknames), it has been a fun experience for all of us. It has been good for Connor and I to get some one on one time being picked up from school, eating dinner and our ride home.  His 3's class comes to visit me, too, since I am volunteering in the pre-school crafts.  It's also been good for Daddy and Levi to have some one on one time, although I miss my little man!!

The one thing about this week that kinda stressed me out, though, was that Monday night, they told the kids to dress up the next day as a "Western" animal.  The theme is "Son of the West" and Monday night they dressed like cowboys and cowgirls.  That was easy.  We have a hat, boots and pearl snap.  Now, the examples they gave of animals were a cow, horse, prairie dog, armadillo, lizard, etc.  So, not too many things you would have just lying around the house.  Connor told me that night going to bed that he wanted to be a lizard.  So, it's 9:30 pm and my son wants to dress up as a lizard tomorrow after work?!  Oh, and we need milk and a few other things, so I have to go to the grocery store, too!  Just before I checked out at Kroger, I decided to stroll down the seasonal aisle to see if anything provided inspiration for this costume.  Turns out, I found something that with a little creativity, would work!  Connor LOVED his costume (for the first 5 minutes..till he realized it was hot and he had a hard time sitting in the pews...) and he got so many comments on it.  Random people were taking his picture.  Not bad for all of $7 and 3 minutes of my time. (That does not include time thinking about what to do with it!)  Here it is...Connor the Lizard made out of a pool float!!

Sadly, he did not win the costume contest even though he had, hands down, the best costume.  (Not my biased opinion...I was told this!)  It's probably because he had already asked to take it off by the time they picked the winner.  He was pretty sad about this, but I tried to turn it into a good lesson for him about not always winning.


Saturday, June 22, 2013

Next month!

In less than a month, I'll be on a plane to Germany for TEN days!  I have mixed emotions...I am so excited and looking forward to it, but at the same time, I am petrified to be away from my boys for that long...I know they will be in great hands (grandparents are splitting the time!) but I will miss them to stinkin' much.  It will be nice to travel with just the hubs, though.

He'll kill me if he ever reads this, but since he usually doesn't I'll brag on him.  As you noticed, we recently moved.  He took a job as an Assistant Professor.  His primarily does research, though, not teaching.  He studies Brucella.  I was trying to figure out how to explain what that is, but I am not going to even attempt it because I don't want to embarrass him with a terrible explanation.  Ha!  Anyway...back to my bragging.  He applied for a travel grant (award) to go to a meeting in Europe, and he {obviously} won!  It was the first year that they did the particular award, so it's really cool that he won.  He was even on the front page of the news section on the VA Tech website!  (here)

Anyway...if you have any tips on traveling to Germany, send them my way.  We will be staying in a city called Leipzig most of the time, but are planning to travel to Berlin and also over to Belgium!

And just for good are a few other pics from our trip!  (c:


Friday, June 14, 2013

Texas, our Texas!

As I mentioned in the last post, the boys and I headed to Texas last week.  I worked while they played. 

A couple of the highlights:  going to "Susan's Pool, snocones, Children's Museum, playdate with Makayla, C talking to the pilots and on their microphone on our way home

A couple of the lowlights:  a nasty ear infection for Connor (and assumed strep based on the look of his throat, but I didn't traumatize him by testing him...) and mommy catching said throat issues.  Oh, and the overtired child on our two long flights.  

Here are a few way too many pictures.  

Cheetos and swimming.  What could be better?

Mr. Blue Eyes

 Little fishie!

He was so excited to dress up to go to the farm.  (c:  That's my cowboy hat from HS.  Was always a little small on me and fits him perfect.

Cutting flowers from the garden

Just chillin' on the patio.  Seriously...this place is awesome.

Bringing a flower to Mommy


Learning to share is a work in process.

Looking at the nest in the flower pot.

Riding the mule out to feed/catch the gold fish.

So sad this is blurry.  I was taking pics of Levi in different lighting, turned to see this and just snapped because they were being too darn cute.

Saving these for their future wedding slideshow.  Ha!

Can I move here?!  Seriously one of the coolest places I have been.

More lessons in sharing...

No words...

My little cowboy.

More of these cute two!

Making memories.  This was our last night there.  We had been swimming that afternoon and got in dry clothes to make pizzas for dinner.  After a picnic by the lake, the boys wanted to stick their feet in the water.  Even though it was getting late, I let them splash around.  Before I knew it, we were swimming again.  Mama's a softy.  (c:

May have to do a part 2 with our underwater camera and pics from my phone!



Clay had a conference in Colorado for most of the week last week, so I made a last minute decision to pack up the boys and go work from Houston for the week.  It was nice because I was able to go visit our office in Sugar Land one day and meet the friendly faces I talk to on the phone regularly.  Being in a different time zone, I was able to start work early in Texas while the boys were still sleeping and then get off early and have a little extra time in the evenings to swim and such.  There will be a separate post on the trip...with picture overload.

Anyway, when we got home, I was quite surprised that I pretty much had a new bathroom!!  A little back story:  our bathroom had wallpaper.  We started tearing that down a couple of months ago and lost our steam.  So, we have had a half wallpaper half stripped bathroom for a while now.  We kept saying that we needed to finish it, etc.  Well, to my surprise, Clay spent the time between when we left and when he left doing just that!  He stripped the rest of the wallpaper, painted and replaced all the fixtures!  It seriously looks like a different room completely! This isn't the greatest pic and we need to get new towels, etc, now, but this is the pic I took that night when I discovered it!  (c: