Saturday, October 19, 2013


If you knew me growing up, in HS or at A&M, you probably knew me playing soccer.  That being said, you could imagine my excitement signing Connor up for soccer.  But, I was also nervous.  What if he hated it?  How would I react?  A couple people asked me if I was going to coach.  Since this is our first rodeo in youth sports, I did not sign up for that!!

The way their league works, they play every Saturday.  They have 45 minutes where they practice the first half and play a game the second half.  The first game was...rough.  Connor had fun, but they didn't really get it.  It was chaos, but I guess that is to be expected for a bunch of 3-4 year olds.  The second game went MUCH better.  It seemed like the team finally understood what they were supposed to do, and everything really clicked with Connor.  He scored SIX goals that day!  He was sooooo excited, but we had to have a talk after about sportsmanship, and excess celebration.  Let's just say everyone on the field knew how many goals he scored because he'd announce it after every goal.  While I was proud of him, it was also a little embarrassing!  He has done well and scored in all his games since, and we have worked a lot on sportsmanship, etc, and he has improved there as well.  He has the natural competitiveness that comes from his mama.  (c:

A couple of weeks ago, the coach sent an email saying they had a conflict with the game that weekend and asked if anyone would be willing to help out coaching for the day.  Since I was curious how it would be too coach, but not wanting to commit to the season, I thought this would be a great way to test the waters, so I emailed him and said I'd do it!  I had some ideas to get the kids engaged in practice, with games, etc, and I think they really all had fun with that part!  They seemed to get into it and enjoy it, and I did, too.  Now, the game was a different was stressful for me.  For one, we didn't have an even number for subbing.  We played 4v4 and had 7 kids, so it was always awkward to pick who gets to stay in and how to rotate them in and out.  My other struggle was that there are a couple of kids (like Connor) who want to play and really get into it, and some that are less interested.  At this age, I know it's all about giving everyone fair playing time, but I had a hard time making my kid sit out when a kid who was supposed to be playing was running 200 yards off the field.  I think this is where my competitive nature gets the best of me!  (c:  At least I can admit it, right?  I got to coach again today, and it was the same thing...practice was fun.  Game, a little stressful for me!  I think I'll stick to being a spectator and not a coach!

We have a few more games, but it's been a fun season so far!  I can't wait for many more years of soccer to come...if he wants it, that is!


Monday, October 14, 2013


I know I am a major slacker here, but Connor just went to the Dentist for the first time today!  I had every intention to take him when he turned three, but then we found out we were moving, so I put it off.  Then, getting here, I had a hard time finding a recommendation for a local dentist that is actually on our insurance.  Then, one morning a few weeks ago, I was chewing some sugarless gum and felt something...I had lost a filling!  Ugh.  Operation "find a Dentist STAT" began.  I found a place that seemed friendly and was able to get me in the next day, so I made Connor an appointment, too.  (Turns out, they won't do a filling in your first trimester, so I have been living with a hole in my tooth for several weeks now!)

Anyway, he was super pumped to go to the Dentist.  He had heard about the magical chair and the cool camera that takes pictures of his mouth.  Sadly, they did not do any x-rays, but he did AWESOME getting his teeth checked!  He was so excited about his new toothbrush, toothpaste and floss!

Waiting and so excited.

He thought it was cool he could see our car outside. 

The moving chair is funny.  He didn't want to lay back!  Haha

He's a natural!

Picking out his new toothbrush.

He told me later that he "wants to go to the Dentist everyday!"

On another note, I have asked both his Pediatrician and the Dentist about his thumb sucking.  Neither of them seemed too worried about it at his age.  He only does it when he's tired, but you can see where his teeth are slightly crooked from it.  His dentist did talk to him briefly about not wanting to suck his thumb when he got his big teeth, but when I asked him about it tonight going to bed, he started to cry.  )c:  I suggested that we make it a bedtime only thing, and he didn't care for that idea.  He told me that he like to do it when he's tired.  Maybe I should try to talk to him about it when he's NOT tired.  He's such a sweet and sensitive little kid, that I know it stressed him out to think about it.  It's not like his thumb can disappear like you can take away a paci!  Any suggestions, anyone?!


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

My loves.  Enjoying a beautiful fall evening.

11 weeks.  Dr. said, "Wow, that's an active baby!" 


Sunday, October 6, 2013

Still here...

I have been a major blog slacker lately.  In fact, I am surprised I haven't heard any complaints from my mom or Holly.  (c;

I have several posts in draft that I just need to finish up.  My Germany recaps are done, minus needing a few pictures from Clay's phone and the iPad.  There are a few others I need to finish, too!  But, for now, I wanted to jot down a couple of memories of the boys lately....

-Levi has become a master at delaying bedtime.  Before we go upstairs, he gives Daddy, Bubba and Aggie hugs.  Usually there are a couple of toys he hugs, too.  Then, when we are done reading stories, he asks me to go give them hugs.  The first time I thought it was sweet and fell for it.  Since then?  Sorry, Buddy, you already gave them hugs!

-Connor told me today that if the baby comes out through my belly, my belly will pop and it will hurt.  However, if it comes out my bottom, it will just swim out and be easy.  Umm...ok.  I'll keep that in mind...thanks.

-One of Connor's friends at school had a cut.  They were talking about how her boo boo was healing and he asked her if she knew who was healing her boo boo.  He then proceeded to tell her that "Jesus healing it!"  While that was all sweet and melted my heart, a couple of weeks later, another friend had a blister.  Apparently, he told this kid he would die if he popped the blister!  Where did he come up with that?!

-Levi does absolutely everything his brother does these days.  I try to use that to my advantage when he doesn't want to do something...I ask Connor to do it so Levi will.  Last week was picture day at school. Levi was Monday and Connor was Tuesday.  I completely forgot and sent Levi to school in an Elmo t-shirt.  Apparently he wasn't too fond of getting his picture taken that day.  Luckily they also do sibling shots, so he got to go with Connor the next day and Connor reported that he smiled for the camera.  We'll see how those turn out!

-Connor is absolutely obsessed with watching football with Daddy right now.  He can pick out a bunch of teams by their logos.  He'll always ask who we want to win and cheer like no other for them.  He loves Johnny Football and Coach Sumlin.  He talked today about a team being "Mr. Matt's Team."  While that team his definitely not his team, Clay recalled them being at our house one time last year and cheering for that particular team that day.  I can't tell you what I had for breakfast yesterday and he remembers that?

-On an unrelated note, if you are looking for a new recipe to try, this Light Italian Meatball Soup from Jenni got a Caswell Family seal of approval  It was delish!!

iPhone pics from lately...

Levi is obsessed with hats.  He always has one on (backwards) when I pick him up at school.


They love the Hokie Bird at school.

Painting on a rainy day turned a little messy.

Levi's new favorite slide at the park.  He didn't want me to follow him up the stairs, but I insisted!

Love them.

This picture cracks me up because of his expression.  I really wanted to show how long his "shorts" are.  They look like capris!

We are soaking up the warm weather while we can.  I think our days are numbered!

Sunday snuggles.  This was after he told me he wasn't tired and didn't need a nap!