Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas 2013

Creative title, I know.

As usual, we went to Texas for Christmas again this year.  We traveled sort of weird dates so we could take advantage of our US Air "buy one get two for $99" coupon.  It has blackout dates, of course!  We also opted to drive ~3 hours to Charlotte versus flying out of Roanoke, which is closer to us.  This was not only way cheaper, but also meant we could have a direct flight.  No layover and only having to keep the kids entertained/quiet on one flight made the extra driving worth it!

As usual, we split our time between Houston and Waco so that we could see both families.  The boys did incredible.  From the traveling, to the sleeping away from their usual beds, to way to much candy, I was really pleased at how well they did.  There were very few meltdowns, a few overly silly moments, but lots of happy memories made.  Before posting way too many pictures, a few (of the many!) highlights from the trip:

-Family!!  Lots of it!
-Opening night at Black Walnut Cafe (where my brother works)
-Fishing.  And being successful at it for the first time in several years!
-Dinner with Uncle Ben.  (We missed each other in Waco, so glad he lives close enough in Houston that we still got to see him!)
-Wing 'N More in College Station (Connor was disappointed we didn't see Johnny Football!)
-Fun games (and prizes!) in Waco
-Going to West, TX for Kolaches
-Seeing Jennie and James and meeting sweet JB
-Freebirds in College Station
-Sheffy coming to visit
-More fishing!  (Connor even caught a nice catfish!)
-Great travel trips - no delays or issues! here are way too many pics.  (c;

We caught tons of catfish this size...too bad we don't eat them!

Fishing in my jammies!

Taking the golf cart to get Kolaches!

Bringing in Grandpa's newspaper for him!

"Helping" lick the bowl.

Singing Happy Birthday to Jesus!

Clay teaching Nana and Papa about their new computer.

He's a pro!

Since when did Google add animations to my pics?!

Putting cookies and milk out for Santa

My big catch!  An 8 pounder.  It was fun!  Other story to follow about the MONSTER I lost!

Getting his "official" weight.  

He sat in Bubba's lap all on his own...Mama didn't ask for that!

The best we got.  I wish I had noticed the oldest stinker making faces!  I was too focused on watching the little ones!

These three are going to be trouble...ha! 

My goofy boys!

Our family on Christmas morning.  Daddy needs some festive jammies!  Haha!

One of my favorite gifts.  He looks stinkin' cute in this!

Grandma broke his heart by telling him she wouldn't clean it so he could roast it!  Haha!


Saturday, December 28, 2013

Baby Girl has a name!

We put this on the Christmas trees at our parent's house this year:

My mom actually asked Connor when we got there what her name is and he told her it was a secret!  I was pretty impressed he didn't spill the beans!

We actually have had this name picked out for a while...probably since Connor was born.  I knew I wanted to use Lauren.  Lauren is a special friend of mine from high school who had Hodgkin's Disease.  She fought a good fight, but was ultimately called Home.  Abigail is a name that Clay has always liked and he said it once, and I loved it, too.  We'll call her Abby.  (Yes, as it has been pointed out, we have a dog named Aggie and those sound very close, but I am OK with it!)  I was nervous about picking out another boy name if that's where we ended up!  Anyway, it's fun to get to call her by her name now!  The boys are so cute saying her name, and I especially love how Levi says "Baby Abby" in his sweet little voice!


Sunday, December 15, 2013

20 weeks!

{Note...This was started at 20 weeks, but not finished until almost 21 weeks!  Oops!}

Wow...we are halfway there.  For the longest time, I felt like this pregnancy was going slow.  I think it's because we spilled the beans so early, but I felt like I was always saying "I am only XX weeks!" and now...I am 20 weeks already!?

So, what's new?  For one, we are happy to call the baby a "her" instead of saying "it" anymore.  We have still had the Oh my gosh, we are having a girl moments multiple times in the last week.  Still in shock!  And yes, I have already bought her an outfit, but only one.  (Ok...since I started this, I definitely bought another one!)

My belly is definitely growing and I LOVE feeling her kick around!  This is my absolute favorite part of being pregnant.  I have been able to feel her from the outside, too, but nobody else has yet.  Connor loves to put his hand on my belly and try, though!  I can't wait until that happens!  He also loves to ask me each week what fruit/size the baby is!  He loves to tell people I have a banana in my belly.  Ha!

I don't really have any food cravings or diversions to report.  I can't eat leftovers more than one time, though!  We regularly eat leftovers around here, so that has been tricky.

I am still running a couple times a week, but not as often as I want.  That's not really pregnancy related, though..more busy holiday season and cold weather.

Now for some belly pics...the first one was taken at 19w5d....

This is 20w5d.  I think my belly grew this week!!

I didn't notice there is still one blue ornament on the tree!  Oops!  The paper chain is Connor's countdown till we get to leave for Texas!!

(Sarah - recognize my necklaces?!)