Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday Brain Dump

I wrote a post on Wednesday, went to add the pictures and it locked up...didn't save and couldn't recover it.  Ugh...that was just one of my battles with technology this week!  I had a few issues with my work computer, too, but thankfully it seems to be better now.  So, here are some highlight from our week:

-Last weekend was a low-key, but fun family weekend.  The highlight was probably taking the boys bowling.  Connor has really gotten into Wii bowling, so we wanted him to experience the real thing, too!  They had a blast, and I was pretty impressed with the bowling alley.  Clay and I used to play in a couple of leagues in Morgantown, so it was fun to get our balls and shoes back out for the first time in probably 5 years!

-Tuesday I had a Dr. appointment.  Everything was good, and I passed my glucose test.  Wahoo!  I give props to my Dr. because they let you take the drink home and drink it before you come in for your appointment.  You tell them what time you finished it, and they take your blood accordingly!  Beats having to sit there for an hour.  I also got a bonus ultrasound!  My Dr. wanted to take a quick look at her to make sure everything looked ok before I leave town.  It never gets old to see them on that little screen, and she even flipped the 3D on a couple of times.  So fun!!

Wasn't so bad after being in the freezer for an hour...was kinda slushy!

Little Miss Sweet Cheeks

-We were supposed to get an inch of snow on Tuesday night...well, that turned into 3-4 inches, which delayed school for the boys.  Thankfully Clay's scheduled was pretty open and he was able to hang out with them, because I had 2 meetings I couldn't miss!  I was bummed to miss out on sledding, though!

One inch, eh?

-As I mentioned above, I am going out of town this weekend.  Out of the country, actually.  I am heading to Ireland and Italy for a week for work.  I am super excited that my job is giving me the opportunity to see places I might not otherwise ever visit.  However, I am super sad to leave my boys of course!  I know they will have fun with Daddy, but I'll miss them.  Plus, it's going to be an exhausting week.
Terrible picture quality, but I am going to miss my snugglers!!

Just a little tea party with Levi while we waited for Connor at choir!

Love how he sleeps!


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Move back!

"Move back!"  This is a phrase I hear all.the.time from my little Levi.  It's his version of "I do it myself!" and I hear it multiple times a day.  Getting into the car.  Getting into bed.  Looking for a snack.    Getting milk from the fridge.  He wants to do it all on his own.  (Often with the help of his stool, which is a little step ladder, and not the most kid friendly thing we own!)  I love his independence, but when it's freezing cold outside, I'd rather get him into his car seat on my own rather than wait for him to do it on his own.  Good thing he's cute...and I have heated seats waiting for me!

In other news, school closed early today due to weather.  It was a little bad out this morning, and was supposed to get worse in the afternoon, so they shut down after lunch/before nap.  Fortunately, the weather pretty much missed us, and the snow we got in the morning had mostly melted off by late afternoon.  The boys were still excited to get to play a bit, though!  Connor was disappointed he couldn't sled though!  I sat on the porch under a blanket and snapped a few pics.


Friday, January 10, 2014


Eeek!  Tuesday, marked 24 weeks with sweet baby #3!!  I celebrated by waking up shortly after midnight to a stomach virus.  I spent the rest of the night alternating between hugging the toilet and sleeping on the bathroom floor.  Thankfully, it was fairly short lived, but the next night I woke up to Connor calling for me, and he had fallen victim #2.  (I realized later, he gave me a bite of his yogurt before bed the night I ended up sick, so it was inevitable!)  I spent that night sleeping on the floor of his room, so I could be there for him when he needed me.  THANKFULLY, Clay and Levi managed to avoid it!

Moving on...

I feel great!!  My belly is definitely growing and I am LOVING feeling this little girl move around all the time.  Both Clay and Connor have gotten to feel her moving, too, which is fun.  Connor was so cute the first time it happened!  Connor and Levi also love to give my belly kisses, and Levi asks to see the baby all the time, and proceeds to lift up my shirt.  He tried to do that when I was picking him up from daycare one day, too.  No sir!

I ate way too many sweets over Christmas, and lately I seem to be wanting salty and spicy things.  Ok, I still want sweets, too.  (c:  I get full pretty quick at meals, though, so prefer smaller meals with snacks.  I miss cold cut sandwiches!!

I am still running a few times a week, weather permitting.  Today it was raining, so I did a work out video instead.  It's been a while since I have worked out my upper body, and I am feeling it, but I love that!

Now that Levi is getting settled in his new room, I am starting to think about little girl nursery plans, etc!  So excited!!

And now for a belly pic.  Don't judge the grungy hair and no make up...I had just gotten done working out!


Saturday, January 4, 2014

Big boy!!

I have been putting off transitioning Levi to his new room and big boy bed for a while.  I knew we needed to do some painting in there before moving him, but I was being indecisive on picking a color and then actually finding the time to do it.  (Or hire someone to do it, like I considered!)  Plus, he was doing just fine in his crib.  Anyway, we knew we'd have a few days off from school/work when we got back from Christmas, so we decided that was the perfect time to paint AND move him!  We picked out the color before we left, then the morning after we got home, we loaded up and went to Lowe's to get paint and a few supplies.  Clay dusted off my mask from when we painted the nursery for Connor so I could help.  Clay changed out the fan, then we got started.  We painted most of nap time.  Connor "helped" some, but got bored pretty quick.  We got it wrapped up that afternoon, with the finishing touches being done after the boys got to bed.  The next day, we let it air out all day.  He actually slept in really late the next morning (8:45...unheard of around here!!!!), so I opted to let him skip nap so he'd be nice and tired for bed.  Worked like a charm.  He had absolutely no problem going to bed that night, although he did ask for Bubba to come up and say good night to him in his new room.  He almost fell asleep during our night night routine, but I put him in bed then rushed down to check the monitor to see what he was going to do.  He literally just laid there and looked around for a few minutes before peacefully drifting off to sleep.  The next day, he napped in there perfectly, too.  We are now 2 for 2 on good transitions to big kid beds, so fingers crossed Abby doesn't make up for her brothers down the road!  Haha.

We painted his room a pretty's called Blue Bell, so I was sold!  He got his brothers old comforter (since it fit that bed...) and he got new Elmo sheets for Christmas.  In his bed, he has countless stuffed animals!  He loves them.  We haven't hung any pictures or anything on the walls yet, but we'll get there.

In addition to a new room at home, he started in a new room at school this week, too!  He has been excited to move up to the room where his best friend had moved to a couple of months ago.  Any time I mentioned the blue room at school, he talked about Elijah.  I used this to our benefit to talk up the blue room, etc.  He had a pretty good first two days.  He cried a little at drop off, but was great when I picked him up on Thursday.  First thing he told me, though, was "Elijah not here".  Oops.  Hopefully he's back next week!

And a few pics of the boys testing our their new bikes from Santa!  We have been going to the high school parking lot because our driveway is kinda steep and our neighborhood is hilly!

In the end, Connor wanted the training wheels on.  I think he'll be riding a two wheeler before long, though.  Levi is still figuring out the balance bike and switched back and forth between that and running!


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Looking back on 2013

I have enjoyed reading other people's posts, so I am going to jump on the bandwagon and look back at 2013...

January started with us getting adjusted and settled into our new house.  New town.  New schools.  New weather.  We made our first snow cream!  I could not have been more proud at how well the boys handled their transition.  Connor learned quickly that tank tops and shorts don't fly in the winter around here!

February was very similar to January.  More cold weather.  More snow.  More time hanging out as a family and learning about our new area.  We took a trip up to Pandapas Pond for some hiking.  The boys quickly discovered that Mommy's new bath tub was the place to be!

Mommy and Daddy both did some traveling in March.  I went to NYC and Clay went to Iowa.  I think I got the good end of that bargain!  Ha!  We also fought a couple of not so fun viruses and completed our first house project:  the laundry room.  We also had been trying out churches and started attending the one we still go to!  We celebrated Easter as a family and enjoyed seeing the daffodils start to bloom (until the snow ruined them the next weekend!)

We started to enjoy outside time more in April!  We finally had some warm weather, followed by a random late season snow storm!  We also hosted Muster at our house, which was a fun, but slightly hectic.  It was fun to meet some local Aggies!  We also got our kitchen painted (and learned later at Muster that the beautiful grapes that were in there before were done by the previous owner...oops!)

Between April and May, I made four trips to Morgantown!  This was way more than I planned, but there was a lot going on (including Holly's wedding!!)  Levi turned 18 months and we bought a trampoline!  We started spending a lot of time outside enjoying the warm weather, and we started having summer visitors!  (First up..Hopkins Family!)

In June, the boys and I headed to Texas for a week while Clay went to a meeting in Colorado.  I worked while they played!  We had a good time, although Levi was a little challenging to fly with!  Clay surprised me by painting our bathroom before he left for Colorado.

July was a little slow on the ol' blog.  We enjoyed a long 4th of July weekend, had the Scarlata family come visit, and then spent the latter part of the month in GERMANY!  10 days away from the boys was brutal, but they were in good hands, so we were able to enjoy ourselves!  I realize now that I never posted the rest of my re-caps.  They are typed up, just missing a few pics.  Add that to the to-do list!

August was another slow month for the blog, but the big events of the month were that the Lindsay Family came to visit, Connor turned 4, and I found out I was pregnant with baby #3!  Connor had a super fun birthday party (that I never blogged about) and got 5 shots at his 4 year well check!

The highlight of September was announcing our pregnancy.  In hindsight, we did it really early, but I was getting ready to go to Morgantown, and let's face it...I am a bad liar and didn't want to have to try to hide anything.  Haha!  We also finished the Friday Night Lights series.  It was a slight addiction there for a while and contributed to some late nights!  Connor also started soccer!

October is always a busy month for us.  Clay and I have our birthdays only 3 days apart, so we usually stay busy.  Connor went to the dentist for the first time (late, I know!) and was a ROCKSTAR.  I was so proud of him.  Sadly, I didn't do as well on my trips to the dentist in October, but we won't go into the fact that I had to live with a missing filling for 3-4 weeks!

We kicked November off with Sesame Street Live for Levi's 2nd birthday!  (Yet another thing I missed blogging, I have been a slacker this year!)  He LOVED meeting Elmo and was kinda hit or miss on the actual show.  It was fun, though.  Clay and I then headed to Costa Rica for a few days.  It was a blast, but I know there is so much more CR has to offer, so I definitely want to go back!  Clay did some hunting in November and filled our freezer up with 2 deer.  We celebrated Thanksgiving with a non-traditional meal of venison!  We also chopped down our first real Christmas tree!

As usual, December was a whirlwind.  I think with Thanksgiving being so late this year, it made December seem even shorter.  It was a super exciting month, starting with finding out we are having a baby GIRL and officially named her Abby!  We passed the halfway mark in our pregnancy, too!  We had an exciting trip to Texas and a fabulous Christmas.  We rung out the year with watching the Aggies beat Duke in a nail biter Chick-Fil-A bowl!!  What a good way to end the year!

This was fun to look back on the year.  We have had an exciting year, and it's crazy to see how much the boys have changed in the past 12 months.  It did make me realize, though, how much I slacked on blogging this year.  I'd like to get better about that again in 2014 since this is kinda my virtual family scrapbook!  Wishing you a fabulous 2014!!