Sunday, February 23, 2014

Over it!

So over my kiddos being sick...go away stomach bug (and stay away from me while you are at it!!)

Just pitiful!

I think he had three popsicles that day...that's all he wanted. (Well, other than croutons, which are one of his favorite snacks!)

You know you are tired when you fall asleep eating your snack...

Melt my heart...Connor came home from school with this card for his brother!

We thought he was better on called and said he wasn't, so I had to go get him.  This is how he looked in the car before we pulled out of the parking lot.  Faker much?

Another one bites the dust...

My sweet bigger guy.  I have to say, he's the best tummy virus patient and is really good about using his bowl and knowing when he's going to get sick.  Oh, and I know his jammies are way too small, but we put those on at 4 am after he got sick in bed.  
Thankfully they are both happily playing in the bath now...being mischievous, so back to themselves!

February hasn't been our best month...bring on March!


Friday, February 14, 2014

Snow Day(s)

(Sarah -- you might just want to skip this post because it'll probably make you roll your eyes, as I know my winter woes are nothing compared to what you live in!!)

Due to growing up in Texas, I am naturally not a fan of winter.  I remember our first winter in West Virginia:  we got a freak late October snow storm dumping 6 or so inches of wet, heavy snow.  We were not prepared, but neither was anyone else, as this was totally unexpected.  I looked at Clay and told him I'd see him in a few years in Texas.  Thankfully I put my big girl panties on and toughed it out.  When we moved to NC, I was pretty pumped we'd be in more of a warmer weather climate, but then a few years later, we end back up in the land of winter.  (Sidenote:  Before we moved here, we had the opportunity to move St. Albans, VT. THAT is cold, and crazy to think I even considered that!)

Anyway, earlier this week, we started to hear rumblings of a winter storm heading our way.  I got nervous when I saw the forecasts of 6-12 inches.  But, that did not prepare us for this:

These pics were taken in the morning...we got a few more inches on top of this throughout the day...

Loved their little rosy cheeks when we came in to warm up!

Look at the trampoline sagging!

I do's pretty...

It warmed up quite a bit today, so we got to play outside's our snowman!

Not pictured:  SLEDDING!  The boys had a blast.  Mom and dad had a good time, too!!  We ended up with ~20 inches...a little more than the 6-12 they were calling for!


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

28 (29) weeks!

I am a week late for my 28 week post, so I am actually 29 weeks now!  I have a valid excuse, as I was off globe trotting last week!  It's not as glamorous as it sounds, to be honest.  Yes, traveling for business has it's perks, but let me tell you...Conference rooms in Ireland and Italy aren't really much different than those in the states!  It's all about the people, though, so I guess they made the trip worth it!  (c:

Anyway, 28 (and now 29!) weeks has come and gone.  I still feel really good.  Traveling was tiring, but I think it would have been that way if I wasn't preggo, so no surprise there.  I had a little time getting comfortable to sleep on the trip over there, but I did manage to get some shut eye, so I did ok.  I definitely ate way too much, especially in Italy.  The pizza was delicious and the gelato...out of this world.  No real food cravings this month, but I DID take advantage of yummy food when traveling.  What I didn't do was keep up with my exercise.  Sleep was definitely more important the few hours we weren't working or business socializing.  But, I did pick it back up when I got home, and still felt pretty good.

Abby is an active little thing and moves a ton, which I love.  Sometimes I could forget I am pregnant, and she'll give me a little kick or jab to say "HI MOM!"  (Just like she is doing right now!)  I have also settled on her nursery colors, etc, so I am starting to get that stuff together.  I have all these plans of making things for her room, but we'll see what I actually get to!  I have good intentions, but also am well aware that I have two cute little boys to tend to, too.

Clay loves to give me a hard time about her already being spoiled, etc...starting with the fact that she has already been to Costa Rica, Ireland and Italy!  Ha.

Being on the road made taking a pic kinda challenging, but I managed to snap this one when out to eat in Italy!  I was holding my breath that nobody would walk up and bust me!