Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Another one bites the dust

Another due date has arrived and no baby!  (yes...I guess she does have a few hours to prove me wrong, but let's be honest here...!) Anyway, I am sitting at the dr's office now for my 40 week check up.  As part of that, they are doing a non-stress test just to make sure everything still looks ok.  And I got an unexpected ultrasound as part of that!  Wahoo!  Can't really see much at the point because there isn't much extra space, but we were able to get a quick view of her face!  She was going to town on her hand, so she was kind of blocking our view, but I was able to tell she has some big cheeks!  They estimated her at 7 lbs, 7 oz and she said everything looked perfect!  I opted to have her check me to see if anything is going on down there...and I am 3 cm!  Of course, people walk around at 3 cm for weeks at a time, but this is big for me because it's more progress than I have ever made on my own, so I was pleased to hear it.  She is still "at the ceiling" or sitting really high.  We talked about induction, and we are scheduled for next Tuesday, which is 41 weeks.  We talked about doing it this week, but ultimately decided to give her/my body a better chance to work on it's own.  With her being so high right now, we don't want to induce too early and risk ending up in a c-section.  So, another week we wait...or less if we can manage to go into labor on our own!

I am still feeling really good.  Abby does give me a painful jab every once in a while, and rolling over at night can be a challenge, but other than that, I can't complain.  I am truly blessed with good pregnancies.  I looooove watching and feeling her move.  

Some random pictures of late...

Taking my boys on an ice cream date before company started arriving!

Daddy's new toy!

Playing Duck Duck Mouse with Grandma

Getting ready for church...notice Connor is wearing a bow tie with his jammies.  Ha!

Levi give a goofy smile when he sees the camera these days!

I made a cute Boppy cover and got my toes painted...TIME TO COME, ABBY!!

And my 40 weeks pic!

Pic of a pic, so it's blurry, but you can see her chubby little cheeks and chewing on her hand!


Monday, April 14, 2014

Great Weekend!

This weekend was super busy, but very fun!

It started with the boys sleeping until just past 7.  Yes, this is exciting in our house!  Then, this morning, Connor had his first t-ball game!  His team is called the Pirates, and he was SO excited last night to get his jersey, with his number matching his soccer number!  I honestly wasn't sure how this was going to to.  They have only had two practices, which I must say were quite chaotic.  Connor did GREAT!!  One of the first hits from the other team went through the infield where all the kids were and into the first part of the outfield.  Connor ran all the way across the field and got the ball while all the other kids stood there.  It took Clay and I both a second to register that it was him running into the outfield because he had been on the opposite side of the field!  We actually had to talk to him between innings to have him let his friends get the ball some, too, because he kept running in front of other kids to get the ball.  He also did really well hitting and running the bases.  Actually, he'd hesitate when he hit the ball and watch it before remembering he needed to run, but once he was running...wow, the determination!

Straight from t-ball, we had to run to soccer.  When we signed up for t-ball, we thought the games were starting later in the year and there wouldn't be as much overlap, but we'll just have a busy few weekends for a while!  (You know...while throwing a newborn in there...what was I thinking?!)  Anyway, we got to soccer just in time and he had a great game there, too.  He scored several goals and continues to impress me with his foot skills and defense.  He understands defending his goal and a couple of times stole the ball and took it all the way to the other end to score.  He uses his body well, too.

After soccer, we went home to rest for a bit.  Unfortunately, as tired as I thought C would be, he didn't sleep and either did Levi!  They did have some quiet time, though, before we loaded back up in the car and headed to some friends for a BBQ.  I was a little nervous how the boys would do after having such a busy morning, but they did great!  They played well until way past their bedtime.  Both passed out in the car before we even got off their street!

After the late night, the boys slept even later today!  We headed to church where our Sunday School class had a brunch in honor of one family moving and Baby Abby's upcoming arrival.  After church, we had a nice afternoon at home.  Levi napped.  Connor tried to nap with Mama snuggling with him for a bit.  I dozed off instead, though!  We finished the day off with pizza on the grill, a family favorite!

I definitely should have been more productive doing stuff around here to prepare for Abby and grandparents, but I enjoyed the beautiful weather and time with my boys instead!


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Abby's Room

We finally got the drapes hung and the rocker upstairs, so I thought I'd post pics Miss Abby's room!  (Funny, though, because neither of those are really in any of the pics!)  Anyway, we went with an aqua/pink theme.  Someday, this room may turn into my office, and I could do an aqua room, but not pink for me, so that's what we went with!

I opted not to do a bedding set like we did with the boys' room, so I found a couple of fun sheets at pottery barn and made some accessories...

The wall color doesn't really show true here.  I promise, it's prettier.  The monogram is from etsy, painted by me.

Simple little pillow I made and appliquéd.  Of course, the boys now have similar A&M pillows because they saw this and wanted one of their own!

I saw a pattern for this owl pillow on Fabric.com one day.  I knew I had to make it.  I made some minor changes, though, so I could use my machine to appliqué the face rather than doing it by hand.  I LOVE how it turned out.

Framed name by my mama.

My mom found this pic at Hobby Lobby.  I love it and the colors are just perfect, but I am trying to figure out how to hang it so it doesn't blend into the wall too much...it almost a perfect match on the color.  Suggestions?!  Something not too expensive, either...I made the changing pad cover.  In theory, it wasn't hard, but since I had to get all fancy using minky and stripes, I made it a lot harder than it could have been!  If I ever do a second one, it will be one fabric!

I also made the bedskirt.  (Thanks, Emily, for your tutorial...I didn't follow it exactly, but I did use it for guidance!!)

Of course, the Texas soil is ready to go.  My kids may not be born in Texas, but they can say they were born over Texas soil!  Pictured in the background are another splurge of mine...the ruffled black out curtains from PBK.  Love them (even though they are still very wrinkled!)

Her closet is packed, ready for her!

Two weeks till Grandparents start coming and 2.5 weeks till her due date!  I can't believe it!!


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

36 weeks...on April Fools' Day

Today marks 36 weeks.  Omg.  Wow.  I cannot believe how fast this has gone!!

I had an appointment today with an ultra sound to check her size and my fluid levels.  Clay has been giving me a hard time that at my last ultra sound, I didn't ask them to reconfirm that she's actually a she.  We had some friends a few years ago who were told girl, then later boy.  Given that my appointment was on April Fools' Day, I had planned to prank him by saying he was right.  But, since he ended up coming with me today, we turned the prank on the Grandmas!  I found a picture on google of a very obvious, fairly far along boy and saved it to my phone and sent it when my ultrasound was done.  My mom assumed it was April Fools right away, but when I called her after my appointment, I was able to convince her it was real.  I would have never gotten away with it in person...my "shit eating grin" as she likes to call it would have given it away.  My MIL fell for it first, then realized the date and was on to us.  I also had my sweet friend Holly fooled for a short time!  (c:


Really, though, the ultra sound went well.  She measured in the 64th percentile and around 36 weeks 4 days.  The estimated her around ~6.5 lbs.  She is head down, but is still sitting really high.  The Dr. said she'll either drop on her own or I'll have to push her down!  Ha...come on, Abby...drop!

We are also officially in her birth month now.  At least her expected birth month...we'll see if she takes after her brothers or not!  I have been assuming that I'll be late since I was with the first two, but Clay insists she'll be here earlier.  Now I don't know what to think.  I asked my Dr. her thoughts on that, and she said there are typically 4 indicators for being late:  history of being late (yes), boy (no), first child (no) and overweight (no).  So, all I know is I need to get my act together and do things like pack my bag, make sure we have options to cover the boys, train someone at work and clean up the house!!  I have had a few Braxton Hicks contractions, but nothing to get too excited about.

I am still feeling really good!  I am sleeping well, but am loving my body pillow right now.  It's also interesting when I was to change sides!  I have still been trying to get out to run a couple of times a week, but I am pretty darn slow.  I have also opted to walk a few times when I just wasn't feeling running for one reason or another.  The boys both seem very excited about meeting their sister.  Apparently Levi was calling her from one of the play phones at school today.  And Connor has been asking how we'll know when she's ready to come out.  I am excited, nervous, overwhelmed and giddy all at once.  I can't wait to meet her.  I can't wait to see who/what she looks like.  I can't wait to see her brothers love on her.

I guess this is Google's idea of an April Fools' joke?!  This appeared in my uploads!

Sweet big bro...

Just for grins, I looked through my posts in my last month of being pregnant with Levi and found the summary below.  It was actually something I wrote when I was 34 weeks with Connor, and I felt it was something I could have written with Levi, too.  I have to agree, it's pretty accurate again!

Since this is as much of a journal for me as it is to let others know what is going on in my life, I thought I would write a little more about what I feel during my pregnancy. (I hear you forget a lot about it once the little one comes along!) So, here it goes...I haven't really had many cravings, but I do eat peanut butter and drink ovaltine almost every day. (check with Levi and check with Abby!) went through a phase where chicken (usually one of my favorite foods) grossed me out. (This hasn't been as bad this time with Levi and ditto with Abby...) I am better about eating that now, but I still don't like to handle it raw. I am still exercising at 34 weeks...running (if you can call it that...def more of a jog!) if I can go in the morning when it is cooler or walking if it is later in the day.  (check!  I usually only go at lunch, but it's been actually too cold if anything!) I honestly feel the best when I am out running! (check - I literally told Clay this the other day!  I haven't said that out loud this time, but I'd say it's pretty true...takes me a bit to get warmed up, but once I get going, I feel good)  My upper back gets sore from sitting at a desk all day. (check!  I think I told someone this the other day, too...was that you Holly?!  Check again with Lil' Miss!)  I miss sleeping on my back and belly, but the body pillow is great. (check!  See above!)  It is harder to get up from the couch these days! (check!)  I LOVE the feeling of Connor (Levi, Abby) moving around and I am easily entertained watching my belly move. (check! This one I literally just said to Clay 5 minutes ago...as I sit here with my shirt up over my belly so I can watch!)  

Finally, just some pictures of the boys enjoying the lovely SPRING WEATHER!!  Soooooo happy for some warmth and sunshine!