Friday, June 20, 2014

Abby's First Plane Ride

Earlier this month, the kids and I (along with my parents...I am not crazy) flew to Texas!  Clay had to go to Colorado for work, so we headed south.  Not knowing how everyone would do traveling (Levi was not a fan of flying at Christmas, even though this time last year he asked for more turbulence!), we decided to drive the 3 hours to Charlotte so we could take a direct flight. Clay happened to leave the same morning as us, but from Roanoke with a connection in Charlotte.  I called him when we got there, and we were able to briefly meet up before their connection.  I hadn't told the boys in case it didn't work out, so they were pretty cute when they saw him at the restaurant!  It was a little chaotic, but fun.

Anyway, Abby was a rockstar on the flight.  She nursed as we took off and quickly passed out.  She slept for quite a while, then woke up happy. She was seriously an angel the entire time.  The only time she cried was the last 30 minutes of our drive from the airport in Houston.  She was hungry and sick of being confined, so I don't blame her!!  Connor is an expert traveler and did great.  He played iPad most of the flight.  I was a little worried there for a while he was going to hit the person next to him, though, while he played tennis.  He gets quite into it!  Levi, on the other hand, had a few little meltdowns on the plane.  He was tired but couldn't fall asleep.  Then, we could figure out what he was asking for on the iPad.  Then, he found a game he wanted, but it required Internet connection!  He finally passed out in the car in Houston.  My parents were troopers, too, and were a big help.  It was a long day of traveling, but we made it!  (I have a friend who just flew from Malaysia to TX with her three kids by herself, so this is nothing compared to that!). Anyway, Abby gets an A+ on her first flight!!


On the road...Connor reached forward and played with my hair most of the drive!

Look who we found!  I told Connor we were going to terminal D, but didn't tell him why.  I said "D, like dog" and he responded "and Dad!"

Before take off!

Peaceful little sleeper.

Levi yelled "YEAH!!!  TEXAS!!!" when we landed.  We were happy to be there!

My reward...

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Newborn pics

I really hoped to have Kelly come take newborn pics for Abby like she did for Levi, but she was in the middle of selling her house and super busy, so it didn't work out.  I found someone local, and although my children were not the most cooperative, we ended up getting some good pics.  Abby was actually quite fussy that afternoon (which she RARELY is!), so we didn't get any sleepy shots.  I took some on my own later, though...

Here are some (ok, way too many!) of my favorites from that afternoon...

Here are a coupe of the ones I took...


Saturday, June 14, 2014

Two...and a half!

Levi turned two and half the day Abby was born.  Since her birth obviously overshadowed his half  birthday, I wanted to make sure I took the time to jot down a few things about the new big brother at this age!  So, here it goes...

-His talking has improved vastly in the last 6 months.  There are still often times where he is trying to say something that I do not understand, which leads to frustration on both sides, but for the most part, I can figure out what he wants.
-He loves school and his teachers!  He loves to play with Connor and the other big kids on the playground.  He'll be sad when Connor starts kinder in the fall.  He wants to do everything Connor does and totally looks up to him.  I love watching their little friendship blossom.
-He also loves his brown furry sister, Aggie.  When he's upset about something or gets hurt, he often cries for her.  His teacher also told me that every time they ask him about his plans for the weekend, the answer is alway "Play with Aggie!"
-He has no interest in potty training.  He'll tell you when he goes, but won't try using the potty.
-He would drink milk all day long if we let him. He isn't the greatest eater, but we're working on it.
-He really enjoys reading.  He always asks for more storied when we read at night.  Not sure if that's because he loves to read or if he's just delaying bedtime.
-He might be a little attached to Mama.  I am a sucker, I know.
-His favorite color is green and favorite foods include gold fish, waffles, and watermelon.  He loves trucks, his monkeys and puzzles.  He's very attached to Mommy right now!

He's a sweet kid, even though he can be stubborn at times.  He has handled his transition to the big brother role a lot better than I ever imagined.  He is so gentle and sweet with his sister.  I know he'll protect her, so future boyfriends beware!

I may come add to this list, but it already got deleted once, so I am going to go ahead and post it!

Big helper unloading...

...and loading!

He got a haircut last week and looks so darn old.  I love how she spiked it, but he doesn't look like my baby boy anymore!

Official 2.5 year stats:
Height:  28 lbs (28%)
Weight:  36.25 (50%)


Thursday, June 12, 2014

One month

{I am so behind on blogging and this has been in my drafts for two weeks!}

Seriously.  A month?

We love our Abby.  Little Miss.  Sugar booger.  The boys are smitten.  They love to check on her when she's sleeping.  They love to see her when I pick them up from school.  She "shhhh" her when she's crying in the car. So stinkin' sweet.

Abby is a good little baby.  She's been a good eater from day (hour!) one.  She eats every 2-3 hours during the day.  At night, she has been falling asleep around 9 and sleeping till 430 or later in most cases.  This varies by +\- an hour, but is generally what she's been doing.  She'll go back to sleep till 7:30-8.  Definitely don't have a set schedule and our says are very variable.  Just this week she has started transitioning from the newborn stage to more awake time.  She has also started getting more finicky about napping...wanting to be held.  I usually put her down, but she has been finishing some naps in my arms this week. She is also still willing to let anyone hold her.  We had a "Welcome to the World, Abby" BBQ at our house yesterday.  She hung out with several different people with no objections.  She only really cries when she's hungry or tired, but even those are rare.  Pretty different from her brothers, who were somewhat colicky.

I am soaking up this time.  I know this stage passes quickly, so I am cherishing it.  I also know it's my last maternity leave, so I let the laundry and dishes sit sometimes when I know they should be done.  I want to just stare at her all day.  Memorize her little nose and mouth.  Watch the cute expressions she makes when sleeping.  Inhale the sweet baby scent.

There isn't really much to report yet, but as crazy as I feel like it sounds, Abby is definitely smiling already.  Like real smiles.  Like she hears her mommy's voice and smiles.  And it melts my heart.  I love it.  We went to the dr for a check up, and she is a big little girl:

Height:  23.25 inches (98%; up 1.75 inches from birth)
Weight:  11 lbs 6 oz (95%; up 3 lbs from birth)
Head:  15 inches (73%)

We love you, Miss Abigail!


A day in the life...Maternity Leave Style

{I wrote this the Friday before Memorial Day...just took me that long to sit down and finish it/add pics!}

5 am -- Feed Abby.  She eats and goes right back to sleep, so I go back to sleep, too.
6 am -- Thud, there goes Elmo.  Levi is awake.  He has one of those huge Elmo's that gives hugs, and he launches it from his bed when he wakes up in the morning.  His room is right above ours, so it's really loud.  We start breakfast and turn on Team Umi Zoomi
6:40 -- Wake Connor up.  (He's grouchy!  We call this hangry, which is him being angry when he's hungry.  He could be on one of those commercials for Snickers.)
7:40 -- Boys leave.  Daddy does morning drop of on his way to work.  Start laundry and pick up stuff around the house.  Restart dishwasher because someone (Levi?!) turned them off last night.
8:30 -- Abby is back up.  I take pic of her crusty eye to send to Clay.  (She has clogged ducts.)  After new diaper, she eats again and I decide to call the nurse at our pediatrician to see if I should bring her in for her eye, but ultimately decided to just keep an eye on it.  I then play on the floor with Abby.  At this time, that consists of her laying there looking around and me talking to her.  She starts to get tired, so I opt that she'll nap while I go for a walk.  
10:50 -- Bath for Abby.  This is easier to do during the day when the boys aren't home!
11:15 -- Nurse Abby and start this post.  I then eat lunch and we play on floor some more.  
12:30 Abby falls asleep...time for Mama to shower
1:15 -- Abby is awake, but not thrilled about it.  We snuggle a bit before she lets me know she's hungry...again!  
1:45 -- Abby eats again while I watch Fixer Upper on HGTV.
The rest of the afternoon is spent snuggling, hanging out and napping on and off!
4:55 -- Leave to pick up the boys.  Daddy came home a little early to kick off the long weekend!  On Fridays, we have t-ball practice from 6-7, so we head there.  Fridays are tricky right now because practice spans dinner time!    We have a late dinner and skip bath before starting bedtime routines...everyone is down by 9!  (Usually strive for 8:00 - 8:30 on non t-ball nights!)

Poor baby girl woke up with this crusty eye, which is caused by a clogged duct.  I did warm compresses to help clear it and squirted breastmilk in it to help prevent infection.  Gross, I know, but beats going to get a Rx.  And, it didn't seem to bother her!!  That day was the worst it has looked.

My walking buddies.  I actually starting jogging a bit, too, but very slowly since I had precious cargo with me!

Post bath selfie with mom!

Passed out at t-ball