Friday, July 25, 2014

That was fast...

I feel like I blinked and 12 weeks are over...another Maternity Leave in the books.  I am gonna miss my days with this gal!  She helped me ease back into things today, and was a great assistant.  (And by "great assistant" I mean she took a long nap this morning, then another one when I had a conference call.  Maybe I should just keep her with me?!  Not!)

I'm not going to cry...I am not going to cry....

Yes, I put a bow on with her jammies.  Can't help myself!  Also, is it OK to call it a bow if it's really a flower?

Recreating a pic I have of Connor before his first day with Mrs. Julie!!

This work stuff is hard!


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

On my mind...

Just a little bit of a brain dump...

For some reason, Abby finds it hilarious when I tell her that her brothers are cray cray.  It gets a laugh almost every time, and I say it pretty often these days because they sure are crazy!  I just want to jot down a couple of stories from this weekend, because it's these little stories that can so easily be forgotten.

When I picked Levi up from school Friday, he was wearing a random mitten. He told me he had a boo boo and needed it.  I tried to get him to leave it, but that wasn't going over too well, so he got to keep it.  Choose your battles, right?  Well, fast forward to Sunday evening and we FINALLY got him to take it off!!

This weekend, we were making a recipe that called for 6 tablespoons of vinegar.  The boys were helping and they are really big into getting to both do stuff.  So I asked Connor, if we need 6 tablespoons of something and I wanted him and Levi to get to help with the same amount, how many would they each do?  He very quickly responded "We can each do three tablespoons!"  Now, maybe I am just clueless, but I thought that was pretty good math for an almost 5 year old!

In other news, Abby turns 12 weeks on Thursday.  My maternity leave is 12 weeks. did this time go by so fast?!  I think I am still in denial a bit.  She will actually be with grandparents my first two weeks, so that's good.  We LOVE our daycare, though, so I know she will do great there.  This also means that I have been reacquainted with my pump.  I put it off a long time, but knew I needed to start building my stash.  I organized said stash this weekend...~200 ounces!

Gonna miss my days with this gal!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Gettin' our craft on

Abby and I have found the time to do a few simple crafts lately.  She'll sit in one of her chairs and we'll chat as Mama whips up something cute for her!  Work is right around the corner for me again, so I am trying to enjoy our little girlie together time while we have it!!

This is the same one, I just like both pics.  We also have one like this with a purple band and purple flower.

We were running errands this weekend and she didn't have a bow to match her outfit.  I happened to have the supplies to throw this together in a few minutes!


Sunday, July 13, 2014

2 month comparison!

I thought it'd be fun to show the monthly pictures for the three kiddos side by side.  I need to go back and do the 1 month one, but here is two months:

I have their stats for this month, too.  All three kids were 24 inches long (tall?).  Connor was 14 lbs 5 oz, Levi was 11 lbs 10 oz and Abby was 13 lbs 2 oz.


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Indy or bust!!

Six posts in two days...I think I am finally caught up!

Our daycare shuts down for the week of the 4th of July every year to get stuff done around the school, and I guess to allow the staff to take vacations, etc, without having to miss work.  While this does make things tough on us, I do love the school, so I'll deal with it.

This year, since I was off work, I thought it might be good to get away for a little while to give the kiddos something special to do on their week off.  Our dear friends, Brad and Deanna, are within driving range and also have a new little baby, so seemed like the perfect destination.  I may or may not have invited ourselves up there, but we're cool like that.  Right, D?!  She may have regretted agreeing to this trip a few times...after all, we had 5 kids under 5 together for a week!  It was a fabulous week full of many park trips, a zoo trip and way too much food.  Overall, this kiddos were great -- they each had their moments, but pretty sure they all had fun.

It was a 7.5 hour drive.  So, Friday night, we went to bed the same time as the kids and took a nap.  Then, we got up around midnight to throw them in the car in hopes they would sleep most of the way.  It worked for 1/3 of our kiddos.  Abby was a rockstar and hardly stirred.  Connor hardly slept at all, but he barely said a word.  I think the darkness kept him quiet.  Levi slept on and off, but didn't appreciate being in his carseat when he was awake.  Thankfully, he is obsessed with Frozen and happily watched that once he woke up for good.  We also drove through the night on the way home, but we left at bedtime, which worked out better.  We got home around 3:30, so we just put everyone in their beds to finish out the night, and it worked like a charm!  Of course, we wouldn't have wanted to show up at their house at that hour!  Overall, I'd say the first road trip was a success!

As I mentioned, we took advantage of a lot of things Indy had to offer.  We went to a couple of parks that had water/splash areas.  The boys LOVED those.  We also went to a church that has a giant indoor park area.  It was unreal.  The kids had a blast there, too.  It was nuts by the time we left there!!  We also went to the zoo, which was a blast.  Levi's favorite animals were the penguins, which he calls Happy Feet.  Connor liked the turtles and snakes.  Oh, and the cheetahs!  I loved the giraffes.

I'll let the pictures do the talking!

Hubby's packing:

And mine!  Ha!!

Loaded up and ready to go.  And for those who like to make fun of the minivan, check out that storage!    Yes, that blue suitcase is sitting on top of another giant one!

This is what a 4 am gas stop looks like when L wakes up!  Eeek!  A little chocolate milk, and he settled down and went back to sleep.


Levi refused to wear his swimsuit to the park.  I meant to sneak it into my bag to have, but he just went in his diaper instead!

I hope they always are as good of buddies as they are now!

Mastering the monkey bars!

Sister just chillin' out.  Love.

Levi couldn't look away from the penguins for a pic!
 Checking out some monkey type creatures.

Abby slept most of the day.  She woke up at lunch for a bit and ate, then went back to sleep until we left!

Zoo-1, Boys-0.

Check out this indoor park.  I bet that is a lifesaver in the winter!  Thinking Blacksburg needs something like this...

What is going on with Levi's hair here?!  ha!


Connor and Clay played horseshoes.  Clay told Connor he'd give him a dollar if he got a ringer.  Look who is $1 richer!

Levi isn't a fan of napping, but sometimes he can't control himself in the car.  Mom, I think he looks like Brian here!!

Attempting a pic of all of them.  Shocking who didn't want to cooperate.  I do love you, Levi!!

Holding sweet!!  She's all excited and he's playing it cool...Carsten is two months older than Abby and Levi is two months older than Caden.

Happy 4th!

Zonked out on the ride home.

What a great week!!



Phew....I have been on a blogging roll these last two days.  Guess that's what happens when you have a sleepy little girl after shots who wants to be held!

Since it's been over a month since our trip, I should probably recap our trip to Texas.  As I mentioned, this was Abby's first flight.  She did AWESOME.  Actually, it was a fairly good travel day for everyone.  Our trip was jam packed with visiting friends and family and lots of swimming for the boys!!

I'll just try to let pictures/captions summarize the trip...

Kelly came over to hang out and take pics of me and the kiddos.  Unfortunately, a certain middle child wasn't too cooperative, but I think she captured our hectic life perfectly.  I can see each kid's personality in the pictures!  Kelly is a dear friend of mine, so it was good to see her, her boys, and her mama!  (Since this is already going to be an obnoxiously long post, I decided to post my faves from Kelly in a separate entry!)

Connor's Texas girlfriend came over to swim!

My sweet friend, Sarah, from A&M was in town and brought her boys out to visit.  I felt like I knew them thanks to social media!

We met Natalie and Reese for a quick breakfast playdate!!  Been too long since I have seen that girl!

My brothers and their families all came out to my parents on the weekend.  It was good to have everyone (minus my hubby) together, and my Grandma even joined for dinner one night.  I hadn't seen my Grandma in 4 years.  She has always lived in California, but recently moved to Texas to be closer to my mom.  It was great to see her and the kiddos did well with her.

Clay's mom, aunt, and grandparents came to visit on Monday.  It was good to see them and I know they loved meeting Abby and seeing the boys.  We appreciate the long journey they made to make the trip!

Sporting new haircuts!

Riding jet skis

Snow cones!  

Joshua checking out his cousin!

 Notice the hair wrapped around her finger?  YIKES!  Our old neighbor commented about it on a picture on facebook.  Thankfully, I had already found it, but talk about observant!

 Taking pictures of "Keebler" the Indigo Room's traveling gnome!

Phew...hopefully I didn't miss anything major!