Saturday, September 27, 2014

Crafting...and other random things

I have been spending my time crafting lately instead of doing important things like laundry or other chores around the house.  It was so bad that I actually took a vacation day this week (well, a half day!) to pick up the house because we were having someone stay with us.  Doesn't make things easier that my office and craft room double as the guest room!

I think I mentioned we got out our Fall/Halloween stuff recently.  I came across this onesie that Connor wore his first Halloween...(I apologize in advance for all the fuzzy phone coming soon!)

I "upcycled" the onesie into a dress for Miss Abby!  (She needs a headband in this pic...more on that later!)

Close up...

This towel is a bit of an oops, but I like it enough to keep (just not give away!)

And headbands.  They are too fun to make...Here are her Hokie, Halloween and Thanksgiving ones I made last night.

And an Aggie one, too!

Not picture is another maroon and white one as well as a couple of Christmas-y red ones!

I can't take credit for her onesie mom made it, but I thought she looked pretty cute in her jeggings.

She looks way too grown up in her hoodie, too!

Levi looks up to his big brother so's sweet.  Having a little discussion about the day's soccer game!

This week was picture day at school.  Connor wanted to wear his tie.  At first I was bothered by the fact that it doesn't match at all, but ultimately decided that if he cares enough to have a say in what he wants to wear, then by all means, I am not going to stop him.  (It's not like he wanted to wear jammies on picture day, right?!)  Plus, it will make for a good story several years down the road when we are looking at old pictures!  (c:

This one rarely gets featured in pictures or on the blog any more...but, we still love her bunches and she's still spoiled rotten.  This was after a run this week...she doesn't look nearly as tired as I did!  She needs to whip her Mama back into shape!


Sunday, September 14, 2014

Week in Review!

Well, we did it.  Daddy left town last Saturday morning and got back close to midnight this Saturday night.  So, it was me and the three kiddos for a week.  I am not going to lie and say I was not nervous, but they were excellent.  Yes, we had our few typical moments, but overall, I can't complain about the week.  It was tiring, and I give props to all the single mom, wife of long hours hubby moms, military families and the like.  Y'all rock.

We'll review the week as seen by my apologies in advance for all the blurry pics.  I have about maxed out my phone, so it has slowed down a lot!  Just in time for the 6 coming out...(c:

We always have to wear our Aggie gear on Saturdays...

Connor was supposed to have a soccer game on Saturday.  Unfortunately, it rained for 1.5 hours that day....starting 15 minutes before his game.  This one fell asleep in the car, but woke up when I was trying to get all three of them in the house in the pouring rain.  So, we all snuggled up on the couch for a movie!

I finished up Abby's bath Saturday night and found the boys in the living room like this...I pray they are always such good friends.

The Hokies had a big win last Saturday, so Abby wore her Hokie gear to church on Sunday to celebrate.  I feel like I should embroider "Gig 'Em" on the bloomers!

Sunday was pretty rainy all day, so we made ice cream!  Who am I kidding...we were going to make ice cream rain or shine...

Our afternoon entertainment consisted of getting out the Fall/Halloween decoration boxes, and trying on our old costumes!

This picture looks like Levi has on high water pants, but in fact, those are just really long/too big shorts!

Connor is wearing 4T jammies and Levi is wearing 12 month jammies here!

What a good little sport the Chili Pepper was being!

Such a happy girl!

Clay usually takes the boys to school each day.  I was worried how Levi would do with me taking them for a change.  So, on Monday morning when he was insisting on wearing his "new" jammies to school, I wasn't going to start the week off on a bad not by battling that.  Choose your battles...

I asked Connor if his sandwich was extra good on Monday, and he said yes.  I showed him this pic and told him this is why!

Way too dark (and I am too lazy to try to correct), but Levi asked to hold Abby one morning after I fed her.  He doesn't usually ask this, so I had to get a pic!

Of course, then big brother wanted a turn!

Levi asked again that evening!

 Happy girl swinging with her brothers!

My loves.

Can you tell who wasn't quite awake yet this morning?!

Wedneday, Connor had gym class in the evening.  This was honestly one of the things I was most stressed about.  This was only his second week, and daddy took him last week while I took the littles home.  I didn't know what to expect and how Abby and Levi would do for that hour.  Thankfully they had some toys for Levi.  He is obsessed with pretend cupcakes right now, so these ice cream scoops alternated between being ice cream and cupcakes!  I asked him to name each color:  "Green, orange, chocolate, white, pink, and yellow!"

Being cooperative as usual.  I have to document this to remind myself when she's 14 going on 21.

Our freezer was getting overwhelmed, so I tried to organize my milk one night, but I was out of my tupperware containers.  I thought this box looked just about the right size...inappropriate?  (No, I did not drink these to get the box!)

The kids are into boxing gloves right now.  Connor was wearing Daddy's and Levi found these, which suit him just fine!

Remembering 9/11...

 Thursday night, this happened:
That's a huge box of Cheerios.  On the floor.  Aggie thought she hit jackpot, but I put her away so I could deal with most of it alone.

Thursday was the anniversary of losing Lauren.  This is a card I made for my wallet in college when she was sick.  To this day, it hangs by my desk.  You can barely make our our faces, but I carried this for so long, I'll continue to treasure it.

My necklace for her...this beautiful girl (inside and out!) is where Abby's middle name comes from.

Finally got to play soccer on Friday after two rainouts!

Little Miss went from rolling every once in s while to immediately flipping as soon as you put her down.  She prefers back to belly, but gets mad once she's on her belly.  She doesn't get back over on her own very often yet.

Saturday morning snuggles...

We had to go to the store on Saturday, and here is Levi ready to go!

Preparing to box...

Some of you might cringe, but this is our reality.  This is what our game room looked like at the end of the day!  I figure we can have a clean house later!