Monday, October 6, 2014


When they say "Don't cry over spilt milk" they didn't mean this....

Any Mamas who have pumped are cringing at that thought...Dang it!

Friday, October 3, 2014

5 months of Abby

Another month in the books for little Miss Abby.  It was another good one, too.  She is still such a joy.  She is the happiest little baby, and gives the biggest smiles when you talk to her.  The ladies at daycare all love her!  This month was busy.  Daddy was out of town for a week earlier in the month.  The night before he came back, she went from rolling every once in a while to doing it over and over and over.  She does back to belly most, but will do belly to back some, too.  I have found in her on her belly in her crib a couple of times in the morning.  She still gets swaddled, but I put her arms where she can easily get them free, which she usually does.  She isn't big with a paci, but she is very often seen sucking on the three middle fingers of her left hand.  She gets her thumb on occasion, too.  Oh, and she has two teeth!  They both popped up within a few days of each other.  I honestly didn't notice a difference in her when she was working on them, but her teachers said she was a little less happy than usual.  She is practicing sitting on her own, but definitely not there yet.  She will do a tri-pod sit for a bit, but gets tired of it pretty quick.  She is very good at focusing on something and grabbing toys, and of course puts them right into her mouth.  She also loves playing with and eating her toes!!

The boys had started eating foods by now, but our pediatrician told us they are now recommending waiting until 6 months.  He did mention that with her size, we may need to start earlier, so we'll see what this month brings!  She does seem interested when we eat, though.

Just a couple other tidbits to remember:
-LOVES bath!  And her brothers.  (The feeling is mutual there, too!)
-Sleeps from ~7:30 - 7 am (when we wake her up).  Naps are still sporadic, but she usually goes down fairly easily.
-Usually eats 4 times a day...nurses morning and night and 2-8oz bottles at school.  Sometimes there is an extra evening snack if her second bottle at daycare was a little early
-Wearing size 3 diapers and 3-6/6 month clothes.
-She loves to grab things...her clothes, my clothes, blankets, toys, etc.

If you look really close, you can see her teeth!

Most pics these days look like this...3 fingers of left hand in her mouth!

Just noticing she has her tongue sticking out in a lot of these like Levi always did!

5 months and 35 months!  October is super busy so I know it will go by way too fast and he'll be three and she'll be 6 months before I know it!

Monthly comparison...I think she has the shape of Connor's head, but favors the Larson in her like Levi!

Meanwhile, Levi and I had started baking some Poppy Seed Bread.  We were short on sugar, so waiting for daddy to get home when I started taking Abby's pictures.  Levi was stirring the rest of the dry ingredients, when I heard him laughing and turned around to this:

Seriously?!  That kid is rotten.  Good thing he's cute, too.  (c;