Sunday, November 16, 2014

Did it!

Well, I did it.  I left my baby girl overnight for the first time!  I went to Morgantown for work last week from Monday - Thursday.  This was my first time spending the night away from Abby.  This was the first time that anyone but me put her to bed.  (I cherish bedtime with my kiddos after working all day!)  She did great.  She slept fine for daddy and was a trooper.  Her big brothers were great helpers, too.  (I was a little worried on Sunday, as she had a fever still from her shots.  I didn't know what I'd do if she woke up still not feeling well on Monday.  Thankfully, she woke up her cheerful self!!!)

My trip went pretty good.  It is always good to get back in the office and see people I work with every day.  Some of my co-workers I have worked with for almost 10 years, and it's hard to believe I have been out of the office longer now than I was there!  Two things, though…first of all, my mini-disaster:  I drove up Monday in my work clothes and went straight into the office.  When leaving that evening, it dawned on my that I never put my hanging clothes in the car.  I had my jeans and pjs, but no work clothes.  Seriously?!?!  I quickly checked into the hotel, grabbed food (props to Residence Inn for free dinner and wine every night!!) and went shopping.  Old Navy and TJ Maxx for the win!!  Thankfully I had good luck and dodged that bullet!  Secondly, major props to working moms who pump in the workplace.  Our company recently added "Mother's Rooms", but it is still hard.  It's hard to sneak away for 30 minutes a couple of times a day.  Meetings aren't usually scheduled around my pumping breaks! I am very spoiled in many ways, and the freedom to pump when needed is a big one.

I was thrilled to pick my munchkins up on Thursday.  Such sweet kiddos.  I missed them, and they missed me, too!

Now for pictures...

Double trouble at the Dr.  Easier than taking off early two afternoons!

Not thrilled after shots.

Daddy was out of town last Friday night, so the boys and I had a movie night and slumber party!

Sporting camo for hunting season...

Free hugs!

Under the weather from those pesky shots!

Feeling better.  Mama is sad to be leaving soon, though!

Pumping accommodations.

Daddy sent this the first night.  Little Miss doesn't like to miss any action at daycare and gets pretty tired and crashes hard at night.

Packing my bags to go HOME!  Milk and beer.  Priorities, people.  (The beer is obviously for Daddy!)


Happy kiddos to have mommy home!

Snuggled her extra that night!

Family dinner out on Friday.  Rocking the high chair…for a little bit.

Saturday morning snuggles...


Sunday, November 9, 2014

Baby girl: six months

Dear Sweet Abby,

Six months.  Really?  Half a year?  You are such a joy and bring so much happiness to our family.  Your brothers are just smitten with you, and you think they are pretty cool, too.  You are just the smiliest little thing.  That's not just my bias, either…everyone at school comments on it, too!  You just light up when anyone talks to you.

You are sitting up yourself, but will still lose your balance on occasion.  (Like today…sorry if you have a bruise on your forehead, baby girl!)  You will also get up on all fours and rock, but haven't officially started crawling yet.  They do talk about your mobility at school, so you are getting around one way or another.  Speaking of school, you love your teachers, but haven't been a fan of napping lately!  Guess you don't want to miss out on any of the action!  That means you are ready for bed super early sometimes…your usual bedtime is 7-7:15 and I have to wake you up most days just before 7 for school.   We started fruits and veggies this month, which have been a hit!  You are eating three solids a day in addition to 4 bottles/nursing sessions a day.

This month, you took your second trip to Texas.  We went to Lubbock, and you met tons of people from Daddy's side of the family.  You were a trooper with all the traveling, sleeping in different places and so many new faces.  You were a little clingy to mommy…I think it was a combo of new faces and being tired.  Oh, and we learned you don't really care for lots of car riding.  That stresses your Mama out!

Finally, you did great at your check up.  You and Levi went together.  You got three shots, which you didn't care for, but you did better than last time.  Quicker recovery.  (c:  You weighed in at 16 lbs even and 27 inches.  (I honestly think that is overstated!)  Your percentile for weight dropped significantly, so of course your mama wonders if you are getting enough milk during the day.  You never complain, and the Dr. said he wasn't worried because you definitely don't look like you are starving, so we'll just keep an eye on you.  You were ~50% for weight and 88% for length.

We love you, Sweetie.



Wednesday, November 5, 2014


….what a month.  I can't believe it has been almost a month since I posted!!  October (and the first week of November) were BUSY.  In order to semi-catch up, I'll try to recap:

-My parents came to town and helped Clay and I celebrate our birthdays.  I enjoyed 3 days of being the same age as my hubby before being the old one again.
-Connor and Levi both had field trips to pumpkin patches!!
-We took a quick trip to Lubbock for Clay's grandfather's 85th birthday.  We managed to pull off a surprise!!
-Halloween, of course!!  We had some friends over before trick or treating.  The weather didn't really cooperate for trick or treating, though!
-Soccer games every week, with the season wrapping up at the end of the month.
-Clay's mom came to town to help us celebrate Levi turning 3!!  We had a party at the local aquatic center, which was a success…they had a blast!  Oh, and Abby turned 6 months the same day!

Writing it out like that, I don't feel like the month looks that busy, but it was.  And it flew by.  (Work was busy, too, but I usually don't do work chat here!)

Now I'll recap in pictures…in semi-chronological order!!

Enjoying the beautiful weather before winter hits…I am so not ready!

Someone picked out his own outfit!

Buying pumpkins at the Hokie BugFest!

We got a new range/double oven.  It turned out to bit  little bit of an ordeal, but I love it!

Happy girl in her picture day outfit!

My big boy!

Beautiful view from our driveway

It was COLD for Levi's field trip!

I don't know how he sees under that hat!

Abby didn't get to go to a pumpkin patch (never worked out on the weekends to go!), so I had to make a mini patch with our pumpkins to take her pic!

Three munchkins woke up happy in hotel #1!  Ready to start our journey!

Checking in…we managed to check just one bag, but had three carseats!

DFW airport for the win…dedicated play space for kiddos.  Seriously, all other airports:  TAKE NOTE!
This is how you pass out on the plane when you are tired.  Waking him up to land was not fun!

Second hotel…happy girl!

Holding Mama's hand in the car!  This trip made us realize how much Abby doesn't care for riding in the car!


Future frat guy!  (it was root beer!)

Early morning...

But, this made it worth it!

Learning of our continued delays!  We were delayed leaving Lubbock…we saw a Southwest plane go to Dallas and back during our delay, and the flight after ours (also from AA) left before us!  Ugh!  Thankfully, the kiddos were TROOPERS!!

Abby started solids!!  This is the spoon he picked out to help feed Abby her first sweet potatoes…ha!

Forget the bow.  Forget the spoons.  Give me the bowl!

She grabbed the bowl a little sooner the next day…oops.

 I haven't uploaded any of the pics from my big camera from Halloween, but here are a couple phone pics...

Girl talk with her BFF!

Birthday boy!

Now he can grill with daddy!

Levi's Team Umizoomi cake!!

Party time!  Lol…kids in goggles are to die for.