Thursday, December 4, 2014

PIcture review

Since I have been a slacker writing lately, here is what we have been up to lately…via my phone pictures!

Ready for church in her fancy schmancy headband!

Target date with Mommy!  I may have gotten a peppermint hot chocolate and strolled the aisles somewhat leisurely enjoying the fact that she can't ask me for 12 things on every aisle!

Morning muffins and snuggles!

My little Turkey...

Another one because I couldn't resist!

Ahh…not quite the red Starbucks cup, but this was still delicious!  (Side story:  we recently went to McD's to get hot chocolate…ordered the boys white hot chocolate.  Get home and try it…MOCHA!  Seriously?!  I went back and they didn't really even apologize!)

 These were my favorite Christmas jammies on the boys.  They look pretty cute on her, too, with her red bow.

Levi was thrilled to see Santa at Wal Mart!  Ha!

Puff eating machine...

Naptime fail for Levi…success for Grandma!  Haha.  (Not pictured:  same scenario the day before, but with Grandpa instead!)

Thanksgiving dinner!

The house we rented had a doll house.  Little Miss enjoyed putting all the pieces in her mouth playing with it!

Took Connor to his first brewery!

(Simmer down…it's root beer!)

Meanwhile, Grandma stayed home with Levi because he wasn't feeling so well.

Santa came on a boat!!

I did not pack any clothes for meeting Santa on our trip, so this had to do.  At least they all look happy!

Sunset from the balcony!

 Finally, when we got home from Thanksgiving, we went and picked out our Christmas tree!  We had three tired kiddos, so I didn't push too many pics!

 Oh, and just so I have it saved, here is our family Thanksgiving card.  I opted to do this instead of Christmas because I had a fall pic of all them that I loved and didn't want to risk not getting a Christmas one!!

Phew!  Sorry for the overload!


Wednesday, December 3, 2014

7 for #3!

Another month has flown by, and we are now on the downhill slope to turning one.  What?!?  This Mama is in denial!

Abby's seventh month, November, was another good one.  The biggest change for little Miss was officially becoming mobile.  She was scooting for a while, but officially started crawling the week before Thanksgiving.  She was doing it for almost a full week at daycare before we got to witness it.  It was so stinkin' sweet to see how excited Connor got for her.  Before she was crawling, she had mastered getting herself into sitting position.

Her eating hasn't changed a whole lot this month. She continues to nurse twice a day and takes two 8 oz bottles at school.  We have added more pureed solids, and she loves fruit and will tolerate some veggies.  She has also become really good at eating puffs, too.

She is still such a smiley baby and is happy 98% of the time.  She sleeps well at night, but is not the greatest napper.  She'll go some days at school sleeping less than an hour the whole time she's there!  Poor girl is pooped on those days.  We had one weekend where she totally played catch up and took a 3.5 hour nap on both Saturday and Sunday!!

We also celebrated her first Thanksgiving with a trip to Smith Mountain Lake, which his about 1.5 hours from us.  It was a low key few days, and she had fun playing with Mrs. Judy's doll house.  Oh, and she met Santa!!  She did great and just smiled like it was her job!

I missed taking her pics this weekend, so I'll post those later.  For now, we're sporting our Christmas Jammies.  (What?  You don't accessorize your PJs?!)