Wednesday, January 28, 2015


II absolutely love my one on one time with each kiddo at night before bed.  As a working mommy, I often have mom-guilt about not getting to spend enough time with my littles.  I am very lucky that most nights, Clay will cook so I can play with them from when we get home till dinner time.  Then, after baths (IF we have them…don't judge!), I put them to bed one at a time.  Youngest to oldest.  Daddy hangs out with the boys while I get Abby down, then Connor when I take Levi up.  I know they love this daddy time, too.

I have generally the same routine with all of them, but slightly tailored to what each child likes.  And, I have snugglers!  I am a snuggler myself, so I love this.  The boys both ask me to snuggle with them before I leave.  They insist I get under the covers.  Who can resist that?!  We usually talk for a few minutes…about their day or whatever is on their mind.  They love this undivided attention, and for a few minutes I forget about to-do lists and the messy house.  And because I want to remember this, my conversation with Levi tonight went a little like this:

Levi:  Mommy, I love you.
Me:  I love you, too, Buddy.
Levi:  And God loves us, too.  Because He made us.  Not because we are good and not because we are bad.

We had just read Berenstein Bears God Loves You, and that was part of the message.  I loved that this is what he wanted to talk about!  (Side note:  he knows he gets two books a night…he totally picks BB books because he knows they are long!)

Love these little blessings.  And although it's not always roses, the good definitely outweighs the bad, and good snuggles can make turn any bad day around!

And here is a glimpse into our "lately' via my phone...

Look who lost his first tooth!!  Daddy pulled it while Mommy was out of town earlier in the month!

Pneumonia again!  Poor kiddo.

Might be just  a little too short...

We are very into costumes these days!  And I hate the color of that room, but I promise, it doesn't look THAT bad in person!

Ice ice, baby!

This is how we roll…we wear our unders backwards!


Friday, January 2, 2015

Who looks like who?

Catching up on my monthly comparison pics…

 Love them.  So, what do you think?  Who looks like who?


Eight months!!

First of all, Happy New Year!!  A new month also means another month down in the books for Abby!  Eight months.  How in the world have 8 months passed already?!  Wasn't she just born yesterday?

Before writing Abby's monthly posts, I like to go back to the boys' and read theirs.  I did list format for both of them this month, so I'll do that for her, too!

-Abby's 8th month brought her first Christmas.  This was her third trip to Texas, but first one to Waco.  She confirmed this trip that she HATES the car.  It was a long trip between Waco and Conroe!
-She sprouted 2 more teeth during the trip, which brings our total to 5.  (3 on top, 2 on bottom)
-She has always been a great sleeper at night and a slacker in the nap departments.  Naps are still about the same, but she was up a couple of times during our trip.  I am hoping that it was just the traveling and we'll be back to normal now that we're home.
-She still sucks on her three middle fingers on her left hand upside down.
-She is a great eater.  She eats solids 3 times a day and has pumped bottles/nurses 4 times usually.  She has started finger foods and love them.  Avocados are a hit! 
-She is quite quick with her crawling.  She puts EVERYTHING into her mouth.  Seriously…she can find the tiniest fleck of something and she'll get it and put it straight into her mouth.  The boys were never this bad!  I have fished more little pieces of paper, etc, out of her mouth than I can count.
-She's pulling up on whatever and wherever she can.  
-She had her first ear infection this month!  I had no clue, but we found out when we took her in because her eyes were infected, too!
-She's a mama's girl just like her brothers.  If I am in the room, she wants to be with me most of the time.  She does like being with Daddy, too, which is an improvement from the boys!  (I wrote in Levi's 8 month that I felt like a human jungle gym…that has not changed, other than having one more kid playing on me! ha!)
-She loves her brothers and they are so stinkin' sweet to her.  Abby and Levi stayed with Grandma and Grandpa which Clay, Connor and I went to the Bowl Game, and apparently he was a great helper with her!
-Says dada!

We love our happy little girl more than words can describe.  I love seeing her personality developing.  

Happy 8 months, sweet baby girl!!  


December / Christmas wrap up

I am becoming a once a month blogger!  Eek!  December was packed full as usual.  It started off with sick kiddos, and we had various sickies home or in and out of the pediatrician for a couple of weeks.  Ear infections, double pink eye, mystery fevers and breathing treatments were some of our issues.  Four prescriptions later, and we were on the mend and heading to Texas for the holidays!  

First pedi visit…not the last, though!

Thankfully she was still her happy little self!

Let's make medicine for little kids white so it doesn't stain!

Interesting sleep position...

Before I talk about Christmas, we celebrated our 10th anniversary this month.  Clay took me out to a nice lunch, complete with flowers and a little gift her dropped off ahead of time.  It was sweet.  Towards the end of eating, though, we got a call to come pick up Connor from school.  (See pink eye and breathing treatments above!)  Sorry, Connor, but we finished our free dessert before leaving to get you!!  

This is what called us from our Anniversary lunch!

Another pedi visit…his chest was worse than I thought.  Sorry, bud.

His poor little eyes…too much coughing?!

Helping Mama pack!

Connor's letter to Santa.

Anyway, we headed to Texas to do our annual Houston/Waco tour!  We spent the first few days in Waco.  Clay's brother and grandparents were there, and we had a fun time playing games, visiting, and taking walks to the neighborhood park.  We also got to visit with some friends of ours who happened to move from VA to Texas and live less than a mile from Clay's parents.  Small world!  We celebrated Jesus' birthday on Christmas Eve, then had stockings on Christmas morning before heading to Conroe.

Happy sitting with Mommy on the flight.

Not so happy in the car driving to Waco.  This was even before we pulled out of the driveway.

Jackpot!  Found Daddy's old legos in the attic.  
We went to the store for one of my favorite shows on HGTV:  Fixer Upper!

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

In Conroe, we celebrated on Christmas Day with both my brothers and their families.  My Grandma also came over.  She is 96 now!!  I love that she lives in Vonroe now so we can see her when we are there.  It was definitely a bustling house with 6 kids 5 and under.  We did some fishing and the kids took golf cart rides to get kolaches and donuts.  We also met my oldest brother and his family at Black Walnut Cafe for a delicious lunch.  

With her cousin, Emily

Celebrating Grandpa's birthday early!

Visited a new brewery in Conroe!


We also took a little sub-trip during our Christmas excursion.  Clay, Connor and I flew to Memphis to cheer on the Aggies at the Liberty Bowl!  Pre-kids, Clay and I lived in Morgantown and he did his grad school work at WVU.  When we moved there, we supported the Mountaineers, but I always said I'd cheer for them as long as they weren't playing the Aggies.  Well, the time came to put that stipulation into practice!  I am not going to lie...I was REALLY a hoping for a win so I wouldn't catch grief at work!  Lol.  We had fun, but it was way colder than we expected.  I am glad we won, but I hate the actions of one of our student assistants.  Seriously makes me sick and I hate that now my Mountaineer friends think that is what A&M is all about.  That's a disgrace to a great 12th Man tradition at a great school!  {rant over}. Anyway, now that I got off my chest, even though it was a tiring trip (2:45 am wake up call!), Connor loved  his first Aggie game.  Pretty sure he loved the one on one time with us, too.  Oh, and the First Class upgrade.  We all got a little spoiled on this one-kid trip!  Levi andAbby  have been spoiled by Grandma and Grandpa I am sure, though!

We head home tomorrow (I am writing this on the way back from Memphis) and have a few days to regroup before getting back to our regular schedule.  Not going to will be hard to get back into the work mind after two weeks off!!  For now, though, I am super excited to get back to my littles!!    

{added later…}

Well, we made it home, but not without a major meltdown from Little Miss before we even took off on our flight back to Charlotte.  I was stressed that this was going to be the longest two hours of my life, but thankfully we got it under control.  And, yes, my almost 8 month old got to try Cheeseballs.  It was the only thing I could reach, but it did the trick.  

Happy now!

Free ride!

Ready to be out of the car and home!!