Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Rocky start / catching up!

This year started off a bit rocky.  My parents were supposed to go on a cruise at the beginning of January, but I got a phone call from my Dad saying they were canceling their trip and heading to Iowa instead.  My Grandpa hadn't been feeling very well, and ended up in the hospital.  Things moved fast from there, and he was diagnosed with lung cancer and went to be reunited with his wife a week later.  I have started an entry about him, but don't feel like I am doing him justice, so haven't finished it.  Maybe someday…

So, this led to a trip to Iowa for me in January.  Clay stayed home with the kids to hold the fort down here.  Miss Abby had a fever all day Saturday and was pretty much miserable.  It broke my heart to not be there snuggling her, but I also know it was good for daddy to take care of her.  From there, the sicknesses were back to back to back.  I have lost track of everything, but I know there have been at least 6 ear infections (me and Abby), Bronchitis (me), Pneumonia (Connor) and a stomach bug x 3 (all three kiddos!)  I felt like for a while there that we just couldn't catch a break.  But, we survived and I got extra snuggles from each sick kiddo out of the deal, so I'll take that!

After all the sickies got out, the snow arrived!!  Connor had not been to school since February 13!  Thank goodness daycare is often open on school days, or I'd have to train him to run some reports for me at work.   Daycare was shut down for a day and a half, as we got 8 or 9 inches one afternoon/evening.  This was probably the most fun I have had in the snow in a while.  The boys and I spent Sunday afternoon out sledding while Abby napped!  When she got up, she joined me for a ride or two.  We have a nice little hill in our front yard that works great for now.  (They will eventually think it's puny, but it's perfect now!)

Anyway, here are pictures from the last few weeks…

Enjoying a rare warm weekend.  It was FABULOUS, and apparently just a tease...

Helping Mommy clean out here car.

Walking the driveway…that's how we roll.

Watching the boys!

Oh, the pitifulness...

Her turn…"Mom, it hurts right about here…"

Poor thing couldn't keep anything down...

This is how I worked for a while.  She literally slept all day for two days straight.  I was worried we'd have some long nights, but she slept fine (with an empty tummy!)

I thought we had turned a corner…I was wrong.  )c:

Just a few minutes later...

I was scrolling through my phone and had to laugh at the pitiful camera roll.  Apparently I think my kids are still cute when sick.  That and I like to send screen shots of the weather when I want to complain about it!

After recovering from the stomach bug, Little Miss was back at school for a day and a half before they called that she had a fever!  Ugh!  She hadn't finished her antibiotics from her ear infection the week before due to the stomach bug, so I figured that was the culprit.  Mommy instincts for the win!  Oh, but I didn't think she had a fever when I picked her up, and she didn't have one at the pedi, either!  But, she still had to stay home...

Connor asked me to make Valentine's cookies for his class.  I really did not have the time to do this, but could not tell him no (Working Mom guilt here!!), so I whipped up some cookies (from a mix!), but topped them with homemade icing.  Not going to lie…they were pretty darn delicious!!

Little Miss enjoying her free stay at home day.  She has already learned how to work the system, stinker!

Out to eat with Grandma and Grandpa…being silly with pizza dough!

The boys got haircuts…I wish I had take a traditional "before" picture of Connor because he looks so stinkin' different.  It honestly took new a few days to get accustomed to his new do.  He loves it, though, and so do I!

Big boy!!  He looked so strange to me at this point...

And the snow begins…a little child labor going on!

Yeah, she's in the process of tumbling.  Mom of the year.

This is what happens when you throw a fit while mom is on a snow day conference call...

Snow day tradition…snow cream!

After snow storm #2, we decided to go our to eat when the roads cleared up.  We were all a bit stir crazy.  Mommy and Daddy enjoyed some adult beverages!

Playing on Sunday…it was a balmy 45 degrees which meant it was fun to play outside not feeling like the marshmallow man!  Levi was my little sledding buddy.  We went down that hill SEVERAL times!

Love them!!

And her…(c:

Almost done…pasta and cottage cheese.  This girl eats more than her brother!  (Levi, not Connor!)



Wednesday, February 4, 2015

9 months?!?!

How, oh how, are you 9 months already, Baby Girl!?

Abby has had another great month.  We started the month off detoxing from our long trip to Texas for Christmas.  She started waking up at night when we were there, and that lasted through about the first week of the month.  Thankfully, she got back on track and is back to her good night time sleeping.  (Minus a night or two suffering from an ear infection!)  She is still not the greatest napper, though!  Some days, she'll sleep a total of an hour during the day!

As I mentioned, she had an ear infection this month.  We went to her well check after finishing her Amoxicillin, and found out that her ear was still infected.  And, she had developed thrush from her first antibiotic!  So much for a well check!  At least she has still been her happy little self.  She weighed in at 19 lbs 2 oz (56%), 29.25 inches long (94%) and her head is 18.25 cm (96%).

Little Miss is very active.  She has gotten pretty dang fast at crawling, and she has started exploring our stairs.  (We do not live in the most kid friendly house…lots of stairs!)  She also has been doing a lot of free standing and cruises quite a bit.  She loves to have toys in both hands, and will crawl around like that.  She loves her teachers at school, but has started to get sad when we drop her off at the nursery at church.

Abby is a pretty good eater.  She has turned her nose up to purees and only wants what we are having. For the most part, she does eat the same stuff as us.  She loves avocados, sweet potatoes, and cheerios.  There aren't many things she doesn't like, but she has seemed to avoid somewhat tart fruits.  Oh, and we have six teeth now!  (Three each on top and bottom!)

Both her brothers at this age were getting into Aggie's water bowls.  Thankfully at this house, these are in a room we aren't in often, so that hasn't been a struggle for us!

Oh, and we also like to wave and clap!  Such a fun age…

Waiting at the doctor.  No shots this month!!