Monday, March 23, 2015

Weekends = happiness!

This time of year, I live for the weekends.  After being cooped up inside for what feels like months on end, the sunshine and warmth….wow.  I want to spend every waking minute outside!!  This weekend was no exception.  It started by kicking off the soccer season on Friday evening.  Connor is on a team with several of his buddies from school (actually, his daycare class!) and they had a fun time.  They dominated the game quite a bit, but no score keeping!  I had to laugh, though, because he told me that evening they scored 11 goals.  The next morning, it was 15.  It's kinda like a fishing story where the fish keeps getting bigger and bigger.

When did he start looking so dang old?! 

Saturday morning, we kicked of Levi's soccer career.  Let's just say it did not start out as glowingly.  There were lots of tears.  There was refusal to participate.  There was the "I told you this was not a good idea" look from the hubs.  Yeah, Levi is young, but he was so excited and I didn't think it'd be as bad as it was.  It was embarrassing humbling as a parent.  I had to laugh, though, in the car on the way home, he told me he was really thirsty because he "played so hard!"

Before we left the house…there was no picture taking once he actually had the uniform on!  And hello kid-unfriendly stairs…Abby loves climbing up them and we are working on getting back down!

Saturday afternoon was spent outdoors.  We did stuff around the house between playing with the kiddos, and finished the evening off grilling!  Have I mentioned I love this time of the year?  That evening, the boys and their daddy slept on the trampoline.  They had an absolute blast!!

Sunday, after church, it was a repeat of afternoon activities:  working and playing outside.  Our daffodils are in right now, and they are just beautiful!!!  It really makes me want to become a better gardener, because the flowers make me happy!

Daddy got hung up at work late one night and he was supposed to pick something up from the store on his way home, so we went instead.  This is how we roll!

This was taken approximately 10 pm.  This kid has a hard time going to bed when he naps at school!

I took Friday off and had a lunch date with the Hubs.  Mental note:  Brisket is not the brisket we know outside of Texas!!  

We went to the HS to ride bikes because our driveway has a pretty big hill.  I know Connor can so ride without training wheels, but gets frustrated easily and wants to give up.  It was hard to convince him otherwise when I had the other two with us, so he played soccer instead.  He was like a different kiddo…in such a happy place.

It's a miracle she is walking on grass…she freaks out when you try to put her near it!

Here, she wouldn't walk onto the grass from the driveway…she sat there and screamed until I came "rescued" her!

I just smile looking back on the weekend.  Was it perfect?  Absolutely not.  (See Levi's first soccer experience…lol).  But, the good definitely outweighed the bad, and that makes me happy!


Monday, March 16, 2015

Phone dump!

I always have my phone with me and am taking pictures of my loves.  When there are no major events going on, I feel like updates aren't the most exciting thing, so I'll just do pics with some captions thrown in here and there!

Is he 5.5 or 13?  Oh, and nice outfit kiddo.  Just to clarify, so he doesn't ask me some day why I dressed him this way…he picked it out himself!

Black beans are the latest beauty regimen…make your face as soft as a baby's!

Stop growing up so dang fast!

Little Miss loves some fire!

Preparing for our garden…planting seeds!

We went to Dick's to get some new shoes…Clay found some easily, but I gave up and went back alone at lunch one day!

The tooth fairy came back!

I was supposed to join Levi's class on a field trip. The school administration decided the roads were a little slick that morning, though, so the firefighters came to his class instead of them going to the fire station.  Pretty sure Levi could have cared less about anything they were showing them…he was smitten I was there!

Hopefully the last snow of the season!  (Knock on wood…)

Birthday party!  They were nice enough to allow Levi to join, too, and look at these cute Ninja Turtle shells she had for each kid!  Also, I had no idea 6 is when people start dropping their kids off at parties?!

Enjoying SUNSHINE!!

Ignore the messy garage!

Pure joy.

Abby's easter dress I made her!  Well, not her church one, but...

This kid has a great imagination and loves dressing up these days!  Thanks, Julie, for the costume several years ago!

School was closed for an inservice day, so I got to play SAHM!  We started the day with a trip to Target.

Yes, I let him wear the costume to run errands.  Choose your battles...

Levi had a snack of gold fish, and instantly had two best friends!  He was very nice to share!

Another one of my creations for her recently…and you can tell she is a drooling machine these days.  I don't think the boys drooled as much as she does.

Abby's first time in the race car!

 It was a "beautiful day" as Levi described it on Sunday….we spent the entire day outside day after church outside!  Abby has special jeans she wears outside because the black top driveway is not conducive to crawling!

Ahh…I feel better!