Friday, April 24, 2015

Busy busy!!

Wow!  We have been BUSY lately!  I accepted a new role at Mylan last month, but my new boss is due to start Maternity Leave next week, so transition has been fast!  I went to Morgantown this week, as well as two weeks ago.  We also hosted Muster this month, hosted Clay's work friend for a couple of night and had some good friends over for Easter!  This is on top of soccer (x2) and t-ball!  Oh, and Abby turns one in a week (EEEK!), and we'll have both sets of grandparents here Mother's Day weekend!  I keep saying if we make it to mid-May, we'll be good, but June is shaping up to be pretty darn busy, too!

And since I know you really just want pictures, here they are!

Happy girl waking up...

Face painting at the Easter Egg hunt.  That's a cheetah if you can't tell...!

My Easter prep helper...

The other "helper" trying to find the perfect freezer bag for me!  haha
 Finished cakes!

Perfect capture of the drool...

The best I got.  At least we have one smiley kiddo!

Her Easter dress!

Little Dude wanted his pic taken, too!

Easter tradition at our house!

Watching Connor's soccer!

Daddy left town one evening, so I got to snuggle with my two favorite little guys!

Sport #2 begins...

Cheers to lemonade on a beautiful afternoon!

Big girl wants to walk in the grocery store!

She had a couple of nights where she would shimmy out of my lap before bed, then fall asleep on the floor!

Someone hijacked Abby's new purse!


 A swich flipped.  Abby used to HATE batch, but now she loves it.  She likes playing with her big brothers!

At the dr. for a lingering diaper rash we couldn't kick...yeast as I suspected.

BFFs waiting oh so patiently!

Fine Arts night at C's school!

Her smile melts my heart!

I turned these...

Into this!

Last rice and bean covered child!  (c:

There you have it!!


Wednesday, April 1, 2015

ELEVEN months?!

EEEKS!  One month from today, our baby girl will be ONE!?  REALLY?!

Little Miss Sunshine is just that…such a sweet and happy little blessing to our family.  It's hard to remember life without her!!

Abby is walking full time these days!  She was taking steps here and there the first week of her 10th month, and I'd say she has been predominately walking since mid-month!  Slow down, baby girl!

She is a good little eater.  She loves cottage cheese, and would probably eat her weight of it if we let her.  She also loves bananas, nutri-grain bars, cheese, Taco Tuesday and water.  Just like her big brothers, she loves drinking water.  She has three bottles of pumped milk a day, and nurses in the mornings.  One evening, she finished her bottle and acted like she wanted more.  Since I didn't have anything defrosted, I made a formula sample I had received one time.  She took one sip, then looked at my like I was crazy and handed it back!  Ha!  I still rock her at bedtime, and she is sleeping better again (knock on wood!)

Other loves include her brothers (the feeling is mutual), her sister, throwing food to her sister, throwing her cup at meal time, being outside, swinging, playing on the trampoline and snuggling, but only until she is ready to go explore again!  She loves any kind of ball, and she is a collector.  She loves to walk around with a toy in each hand.

She hates grass.  It's actually pretty funny.  (Sorry, baby!)  She will stand at the edge of the driveway and beg for you to come get her.  If you try to put her down on it, she'll pull up her legs and cling to you!

She still has 7 teeth, although number 8 is right there, ready to pop through.  She is wearing mostly 9-12 month clothes and size 3 diapers.  She babbles quite a bit, says Dada, but no Mama.  We swear she says Aggie, too.  She is experimenting with the Bs and Ms, so hopefully Mama is next to come.

Sweet baby girl, we love you!