Wednesday, May 20, 2015

My loves

Things have slowed down the past week or so after a busy April and start of May.  We have enjoyed just being.  Soccer has ended now.  We only have a few tball games left, and summer officially kicks off soon.  We are enjoying spending our evenings outside, already staying up too late!

Connor's old teacher came over the other night…she knows his love for popcorn, and brought this bucket.  Apparently, once you buy it, you can get it refilled any time for less than $4.

Abby was fussy the other evening waiting on dinner.  Levi went upstairs and got this tunnel because he knows she loves it.

Love these little personalized bloomers.  She is in dresses most days!!

Crazy hair at the park!

Family hike after church this weekend!

We frequent going to the nearby HS to ride bikes these days…our driveway/street isn't suitable!

Last night, this kid decided to buzz his hair like his brother's.  (Although mom wouldn't let him go as short!!)  After that, he took a shower instead of a bath and started peeing like a big boy!  All in the course of an hour, my little guy was replaced by a big boy!

Speaking of big kids…this one got a new bike and is super proud!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

In other news...

Just a quick look into things we have been up to, other than celebrating Miss Abby's First Birthday!

I have been to a Pittsburg Pirates game in 2013 and again last month.  Both times I have been, my little ones have bumped their noggin' a school that day…no more Pirates games for me!!

Nothin' like little boys doing housework…you are welcome, future wives.  (c;

He doesn't quite fit anymore…)c:

Levi has FINALLY come around to soccer.  Each week has gotten better, but he refused to play the first week.  It was a challenge for me, as a parent, to determine how to manage him.  I knew he'd have fun if he'd go play…he was always really excited UNTIL we got to the field.  We took baby steps, and he has gotten so much better.  He's one of the babies on the team, so I am glad he has come around.

Thrilled about snacks…lol

It was Children's Church last week, so Levi came with me to big church (Clay was on security duty!) with me to watch Connor.  I snapped this while we were waiting…he was def singing his ABCs with the Hymnal open.  And he looks so dang grown up...

Teacher gifts for Teacher Appreciation Week!

Sizing up the competition...

Making the play to first...


Coming into HOME!  (c:

Look who FINALLY learned to ride his bike without training wheels.  I knew he could do it, but he gets frustrated easily and would get upset and quit.

Future soccer player?!



At the beginning of this month, our baby girl turned one.  One.  I can't believe it.  Looking back on the year just makes me smile.  I remember the boys coming to meet their sister with balloons in hands.  Little did I know how their love for her would absolutely flourish.  They both just adore her, and that makes my heart so very happy.  (Not to say they don't have their moments, but they are still pretty rare!)

Just like her brothers, Abby loves to be outside.  She isn't a fan of grass, but has gotten better about that.  She used to freak out if you'd sit her in it.  And if a ball rolled off the driveway into the grass. she'd walk to the edge and just stand there until you got it for her!  Speaking of balls, they might be her favorite toy.  She loves her blankies and drags them everywhere with her.  She is practically running these days.  She has really good balance!  She is a great eater, and loves her milk.  I am still nursing her in the mornings, but it's sippy cups otherwise.  We have a stash of breast milk we are still working through in the freezer, so her night time milk is a mix until that's gone!

She is incredibly smiley and happy.  She does tell you if she's not happy about something (all my kids have LUNGS!), but that is honestly not too often.  She is more social than her brothers were and gets over being dropped off at the church nursery quicker than they did.

Abby, baby girl, you complete our little family.  You are such a joy, and I am very blessed that I was chosen to be your mommy.  We love you more than you can imagine!!!

Love, Mommy

Now for an overload of pictures!

Pretty girl in her birthday outfit.  She has one of her blankies, and the bow didn't last long!

Birthday selfie from Bubba's soccer game!

I just love the way they are looking at her here...

Bedtime…no more bottles.  Bittersweet.

One year check up!  She was 29.75 (71%) inches and 21 lbs (49%).

With her birthday, came graduating to sleeping on a cot at school.  SERIOUSLY?!  What the heck??  (And they need cuter sheets…)

You Are My Sunshine Cake!

In other news…we have a  FREE DOG AVAILABLE.  She loves kids, but needs a house with high counters!

Apparently pants were optional for Abby's party.  And, not sure why those are on backwards, too!

The Daddies surprised the boys with water balloons!

Happy, happy, happy!

I just love the progression in the next three pics!

Not so sure...

Sunday (Mother's Day), we Dedicated Abby at church.  She wore a dress my mom smocked for me when I was little!
(When my mom first sent me that picture, I asked why Levi was wearing a dress…I swear that picture resembles him so much…ha!)